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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When Bad Gurus Are Good

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Today we decided to catch up with one of our fellow anti-Kracki blogs, Sunyata, only now it's called Nothingness, Everythingness and it's not anti-Kracki anymore. Apparently, the author seems to have undergone some kind of major transformation. We're not exactly sure what to think of the results, but we're very happy this person seems to get the idea of occlusion created by gurus:
So a lot of false or immature seekers are attracted to gurus who promote the occluding ideas they already believe in. These gurus fuel these ideas. Imagine this idea being a balloon which the guru is blowing up. For a few sincere seekers who landed up with these ‘occluding’ gurus, a day will come when this balloon blows up on their face, their occluding ideas are destroyed, and now their real ’satguru’ appears, and they are able to imbibe his directions, since the shit has been cleared off.

Had the satguru come in earlier the occluding ideas would never have allowed the seeker to appreciate and follow the right path to realization. The occluding guru however, performed the task of cleaning up the garbage, not by showing the aspirant that it was garbage, but by promoting it, expanding it, to a point where the aspirant could see that it was garbage. In some people it could take a few months for the person to see the light, I personally know of one (very notable in the West) person who took fifteen years to have his head cleared by one such ‘occluding’ guru. So it's up to the person whether he will ever come out of his ideas, and how much time he will take.
It's wonderful to see through a fauxvatar's fog of nonsense, but we're afraid it's not quite as common as the optimistic writer seems to think.

Hence, where he has declared:
It is our belief that all happens by God’s will alone, and all is God Himself. Thus, there is really no need to carry on a struggle against Him in any of his forms.
We're still going to lug around this sword of discrimination that Kali gave us and go at whatever nonsense we can find for as long as we have arms to lift it.


At 10/11/2006 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jody-ji,
thank you for giving attention to my unworthy blog (sunyata).
I would like to clarify that no major transformation has happened to me, just a healing of the resentment and ill-feeling to K and Company. i believe i have explained that in detail somewhere on the blog.

It took many months for that healing to happen, and when i say 'no need to carry on a struggle' i mean the mental struggle that went on all that time which finally cleared off leaving behind peace.

In no way does that contradict what work you do on your blog, i greatly appreciate the questioning it constantly forces me to do regarding what i believe and what i accept.

love and bhakti to all.


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