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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Louie's Lament(able)

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Louix Dor Dempriey, or as we like to call him, Louie the Avatard, is in deep ca-ca. He's ostensibly being blamed for the death of his step-son on this message board. It's 44 pages deep at this point and shows no signs of letting up.

Most interesting is this account from a former disciple of the pathological narcissist. Not surprisingly, it's a story of hands being put where they don't belong (and aren't at all welcome):
I must tell my story as I experienced it. I must come forward and be 100% accountable because in the past I was not. I buried my head in the sand and refused to look at or 'judge' as it was viewed at the time. These incidents took place in my city of Vancouver Canada in June 1999 and in March/April 1998. I was asked by Louie to host him giving a 'retreat' here in June 1999. He had previously given a retreat the year before which I had attended. I was to co-host with another woman but she dropped out because her male partner had been sexually accosted by Louie and she could not reconcile with that fact. It disturbed her and well it should have. She told me why she had dropped out years later.

As the time was drawing nearer for the retreat, I began getting calls from people that were telling me that Louie had been sexually assaulting young men here the previous year and it was not a good idea to have him come here. As a matter of fact, they had even gone to the police here. They had spread the word within our community and as a result we had a very low turnout despite all the work and money I put out. The first night of the retreat was open to all and three people (two men and a woman) came and wished to speak of the abuse that had taken place the year before. They tried to but were basically shut down by Louie. We all stood by. I stood by and did not say anything. We even had body guards to protect Louie. At the end of the retreat, Louie instructed myself and my other co-host (who, incidentally is still a follower) to go to the two men who were accusing him and tell them who Louie was....specifically an Avatar and the Messiah and that it was senseless to continue to press charges. He said to do this as soon as he left the city. This I did, even though the men did not buy it. Why did I do this when I know that sexual abuse is so wrong? Because Louie was already indoctrinating me to not judge anything I saw. "Nothing is outside of self. It is all me" and other such nonsense he spews. I witnessed this and I said nothing. I knew he slept with other young men after that. That was part of who he was. A year later Louie called me to say that he had gotten married to one of his followers, Katrina. (He changed her name to Cosibella). He said that now the 'tongues would stop wagging'. He was now in a respectable relationship with a ready made family.
This former disciple goes on to intimate that Louie's alleged penchant for molesting the young dudes is what put his step-son Jasha six feet under. Read it and weep, folks. This is the result of the runaway grandiosity of the self-proclaimed "divine" and the deluded dipwads who are capable of believing in them.

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At 4/15/2007 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the guy had been castrated at birth or castrated upon becoming a messiah none of this would have happened! Too bad there's not a reliable oracle to tell when these avatars are going to be born, then they could be quickly snipped in the bud. Or one of the socially demanded acts of an avatar would be voluntary castration. At this point there's nothing left to do but rope drag him through cactus, give him a purple mohawk haircut, put him into bib overalls dyed pink and let him go back to telling people he's God!

At 4/18/2007 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad that I didn't get involved with Louie; I visited the website a bit, got the low-down on Ariel..figured that we were all lucky to have a God actually incarnating in the flesh. I have since asked someone about Louie and Ariel..this was before Jasha's unfortunate demise..and the person I asked is EXTREMELY clairvoyant (no really...this person is the REAL DEAL)and said that Louie was not protected like you think an avatar would be..and he's running all kinds of negative programs (on an etheric level) besides and he frequency was a scant 170..Ariel? She was 190. (Anything less than 200 is not good.)
I really like this forum alot; you're helping to shed Light on the Truth. It's just too bad that such a bright young man is gone.

At 4/18/2007 5:50 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Anything less than 200 is not good.

I'm glad you are liking the blog, but please understand that we don't buy that Hawkins calibration snake-oil around here. Your friend is deluded, I'm afraid. Besides, you don't need that bunkum to know that Louie is a classic case of narcissistic character disorder.


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