Guruphiliac: Where In The World Is Rick Ross?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where In The World Is Rick Ross?

File under: Gurubusting

If this blog had a Godfather, it could only be Rick Ross. Easily the world's number one gurubuster, Rick has maintained the world's most comprehensive, web-accessible database on all things cult-related... until now.

For reasons unknown to us, his and sites are not showing up in our browser anymore. This is after he allegedly had moved the sites to another server back at the beginning of March. They were down for a week or so, came back online (at least did), and now they've been out of commission for over a week again.

It has us wondering if some lawyer-enabled cult has got the better of him in court. We've yet to see any news of this in the weboblogs, but his lack of presence is saying something... loudly. We're just not sure exactly what, yet.

If anyone out there has any information, please pass it along. We've linked to so much of his material that if he stays offline for very much longer, most of our utility as an information resource will be severely compromised.

Update: As of this morning on Friday, April 13, is back up, thank God. However, the invaluable does not appear to have been restored yet. Let's hope that changes soon.