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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Guru Of Darkness

File under: Backroom Gurudom and Gurubusting

Hitler was his hero and his cult is thriving in Bharat. Meet the guru of India's version of the Ku Klux Klan:
[The RSS] became a mass organisation under the leadership of M.S Golwalker. M.S Golwalker is seen as the spiritual master of this organisation and is referred to as Guru, he is worshipped and presumed as a god. Golwalker was a sympathiser of Hitler and said that Hindus can learn a lesson from Hitler and his pure race ideology. In support of this Golwalker said violence should be used a surgeon’s knife to kill society. Even he goes on to say that the one who do not accept Hindutva as the main religion and culture of India is merely a disease which need treatment. To kill them is merely like using medicine to cure a disease. Now we are talking about a person who thinks that humans with different beliefs should be wiped out, he takes this logic directly from Hitler.
No wonder Narendra Modi was able to get away with genocide in the Indian state of Gujurat while its Prime Minister.

Pay attention, devotees: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Ammachi, Swami Ramdev and many other Hindu religious leaders all get support from the RSS, albeit not always openly. It's like Pat Robertson getting caught at a cross-burning in the States. These are the people some of you believe to be God. Often, it turns out, many who follow them may find you to be little more than vermin to be exterminated.

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At 11/07/2007 4:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


It may be of interest to know that RSS ideologue Golwalkar was popularly known as "Guru" Golwalkar. However, whatever his other shortcomings maybe, unlike modern day right wing gurus, he cannot be accused of hiding his intentions of converting India into a "Hindu Rashtra".

Savour his gems from "We or our nation defined" (Nagpur, Bharat Prakashan, pp 55-56):

"The non-Hindu population of Hindustan (India) must either adopt Hindu culture and language, must learn and respect and hold in reverence the Hindu religion, must entertain no idea but of those of glorification of the Hindu race and a word they must cease to be foreigners, or may stay in the country, wholly subordinated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment - not even citizen's rights."

At 11/08/2007 1:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That website you link is run by Pakistani fanatics and is hardly objective. The only thing worse than Hinduist fanatics is deluded Pakistani 'Kashmirists'. And they are utterly fake, there is not the slightest legal or moral justification for the Pakistani annexation of part of Kashmir. The Pakistanis demonstrated their dis-ingenuousness by committing genocide themselves against their own Bangladeshi 'brothers' in 1971. They do not deserve to win Kashmir which, by the very terms of Partition and Pakistan's own creation, legally belongs to (secular democratic) India (where 100 million Muslims still prefer to live, compared to the 90 million who live in the present Pakistan).

Jody, the Tehelka revelations are shocking, Modi is evil, and you did right to draw attention to SSRS's hypocrisy and confusion. But once you get into historical issues like the RSS and its founder, you are in a contextual minefield.

The Palestinians support Hitler right now, and name their children after him. Arafat's uncle the Mufti was an adviser to Hitler. If you did a survey in India right now you might find a huge number of present Indians who think 'Hitler was a great man', I've heard this nonsense too often.

I'd advise you to stick to the Gurus where you have been doing a great service, and don't get sidetracked by Indian political history.

At 11/08/2007 5:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Freefall,
What is so great about the Hindu religion. Its only a high class male dominated chauvanist hierachial religion of power, fame and glory to those in that status. Its extreamely controlling, for instance no where in the world these men assert power and control of their women by enforcing only control over people with a billion rules which are not applicable to the men folk. If one should clearly examine the religion, its purely a bunch of tribal rules to downgrade and keep women and the poor dumb and afraid of the beast just like the muslim religion. Those in power then take full advantage of the poor and helpless, by keeping them silent. The truth only comes to light in Hinduism when such people are shamed or caught in public otherwise not. That I am afraid is total hypocracy. Have you ever heard the saying "love of God is lawless" its only the Beast or man has rules to bully others into submission. Just take a look at the world and you can see the BEAST in action.

At 11/08/2007 6:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All you have to do is once see the RSS "drilling" in rows anywhere in India. The RSS Youth are dressed in brownshirts (like Hitler's Youth) and do their drilling just like any other military group. I'm glad to see that people from the west are finally seeing through this phenomenon of Hindutva. It helps no one in India, except the corrupt politicians who gain from it's (usually poor) members when they are grown and fully brainwashed. Then they (think Shiv Sena, Bal Thackery) put a gun in their hands and say "know power! Kill Muslims". I'm a devout Hindu and find the whole thing disgusting. It is not Hinduism at all, but, rather, racism against anyone not Hindu in India. It is wrong.

At 11/08/2007 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reply to Satya: I agree with you that the RSS is the lesser of two evils when it comes to Islamic radicals.

However, that doesn't make them NOT evil. The RSS itself was allied with Hitler, just as the Muslim Brotherhood was allied with Hitler.

It is not that complicated, the RSS is a fascist party and is currently exploiting the legitimate fear of Islam among Hindus. That fear is real, the threat of Pakistan is real, but the RSS is not the solution.

At 11/08/2007 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ammachi is the biggest supporter of the RSS there is. I wouldn't be surprised if her ashram was training them in an underground bunker somewhere. All of those Western kidneys stolen at her AIMS hospital? Yeah, the RSS has nothing to do with that. Ammachi hates Westerners. They come here and work the Westerners into the ground, take all their money and laugh all the way to the bank. If that's not a sign that Amma IS the RSS I don't know what is.

At 11/09/2007 4:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,

I congrat you on your website and think you are doing a great job, so keep up the good work. Why? because many Indians around the world are brainwashed by Indian religious leaders to be Saintlier than God, when many of them are just Wicked BEASTS. They have no HUMBILITY. They parade around like LITTLE BABIES and constantly seek fame, fortune and power from their followers by the hook or crook. They don't have a minute touch of godliness. So its high time that they are exposed to the public and those innocent followers can WAKE UP.They are not just a bunch of HYPOCRITES, but COLD HEARTED ANIMALS FROM HELL. They are women haters and are extreamely perverts, eg: smile while they murder, rob and rape at random. The Indian people are trained that they are saints and should be accepted without any discrimination, so just "Swallow and follow". Its high time these people wake up and see that they apply tribalism and ancient customs to brain wash people about God. Just like they use "culture" which just means to control people.

At 11/09/2007 7:56 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

anonymous said...They are women haters and are extreamely perverts, eg: smile while they murder, rob and rape at random.


This all makes yours truly very glad that Da Free Jack really is a animal and has no thumbs and fingers to do this kind of dirty work with. The only way he could get this kind of job done is to have a somewhat human to help him. The only voice the mule has to speak with is real phlegmy and often clogged with okra and/or Red Man, which makes me wonder if I am the human this mule is after tryin to brainwash! Maybe I have done terrible things and don't even know it??

At 11/10/2007 10:01 PM, Blogger taman said...

To whoever said, Hinduism is total hypocrisy.
Please stop saying that. You will find good people and bad people in every religion. That does not make one religion bad and the other good.
Btw, I am not a Hindu and I see that. It's high time you did too.

At 11/11/2007 8:29 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

I would have to agree with taman here. It aint that Hinduism is badder than other religions, it's just that all of em should be mule kicked into the next county, especially Islam and Jehova Witnesses! I'd say more on this topic but I have to get bathed and dressed for church, me bein not only a subprime deacon in the Dime Box First Baptist Church but also an usher and donation collector!

At 11/12/2007 4:40 PM, Blogger taman said...

"it's just that all of em should be mule kicked into the next county"

At least you don't differenttiate between religions.
Kick 'em all! ;-)


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