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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Prem's Wikiprop Pushers

File under: Satscams and The Siddhi of PR

Prem Rawat makes a really nice living for himself, flying his own 40-million dollar private jet to distant locales, where he endeavors to take money from people in the name of peace. He even gives a little back... sometimes. In order to keep this sweet little scam going, public image control and propaganda dispersal is a mission-critical enterprise:
As you will know, or surmised, some key followers (aka foot kissing cult heads) of Rawat engage heavily in the Wikipedia article on Prem Rawat, making sure that nothing seriously negative is reported on their lord and master. There are some followers who, it would appear, spend close to 100% of their non-sleep time sitting on the Wikipedia article. One key follower and editor of the Rawat Wiki article is an Administrator for Wikipedia and as such it is difficult for the Prem Rawat wikipedia article to gain a semblance of balance.
It always helps to have an inside man.

For the counter-spin on the Prem Rawat wikiprop, go here.

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At 12/14/2007 7:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting! I seem to remember I met this young chap by accident in the early 70s when he was known only as Guru Maharaji of the Divine Light Mission.

I don't remember being at all impressed by him or his followers. In fact I found the whole affair rather amusing.

At 12/14/2007 9:28 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

yogi boinksettea said...I don't remember being at all impressed by him...

Me neither but I was impressed by the young women who got sent to the Houston Hare Krishna temple to dance real sexy in front of the repressed shave heads while a van with loud speakers mounted on top drove up and down the street broadcastin "Guru Maharaji is God!" And I was impressed by his even younger brother who dressed up like Porter Wagoner in a silver sequined suit and was the leader of a big band that played in Herman Park for believers and non believers alike!

What a cool scene for a redneck to watch!


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