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Friday, February 29, 2008

Space-Daddy Live On Five

File under: Gurubusting and The Siddhi of PR

A wants-it-so-bad-he-put-out-a-press-release wannabe space-daddy is gonna bless us all on March 5th, the night of the Hindu holy day, Sivaratri:
In order to help end suffering and increase the thought consciousness of humanity, Dattatreya Siva Baba will transmit spiritual energy (darshan) and give special teaching throughout the world via a global telephone conference call on March 5 at 10:00pm EST. This special event will take advantage of the energy of Sivaratri, "Night of Siva", a very favorable astronomical time for getting in touch with God, transcending the mind, and becoming enlightened.
But will the Baba get enough of an ego-boost from this publicity stunt to keep his gigantic sense of grandiosity inflated? We guess that miracle is going to be up to Shiva himself.

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At 3/01/2008 11:08 AM, Blogger Steven Sashen said...

Hey, don't knock Shivaratri!

Around here, there are some people who are so into it that they serve free Indian food and have singing and dancing all night long.

For those philosophically/mathematically inclined:

I love free food. I love Indian food. Therefore, I love Shivaratri.

QED and Jai Shiva!

At 3/01/2008 11:27 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

don't knock Shivaratri!

Oops! I wasn't trying to knock Sivaratri, Stevenji. In fact, swamis from my lineage like to partake of the bhang on that occasion, which makes it both thumbs up in my book.

But this guy is leeching off the concept to acquire fame for himself. If he really just wanted to help the world with his bogus 'transmission', he could have just done so quietly with his people. He sure didn't need the global press, except for the fact he desires to be a bit more big-time.

At 3/11/2008 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can listen to his free phone call recording at and it has an energy transmission from him on it. I found him on YouTube last year and he cured me of my longterm intractable nerve pain. I threw the pain pills away the day he talked to me by phone so I know he is for real. He's free on YouTube too and he gives aways lots of cool meditations and I've tried them all. I've been following him for not quite a year and I'm glad he's helping us. so don't knock him if you haven't tried his techniques. they help me a great deal.

At 8/12/2013 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all of you who condem Sai Maa I pray that you one day understad the big picture. Maybe not in this life it will be attained but someday you will understand. Just babies you are in this cycle of life. So you are forgiven.

At 8/12/2013 10:38 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

The big picture is that Hindu superstition is going away.


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