Guruphiliac: He Wants A Nobel Peace Prize For This?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

He Wants A Nobel Peace Prize For This?

File under: Gurubusting and The Siddhi of PR

In his usual fashion, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar paid some lip-service to peacemaking today. He issued a press release and made a couple of phone calls:
“The (Jammu and Kashmir) government committed a big mistake by transferring the land to the Sri Amarnath Shrine Board and then revoking the same later in the face of protests,” Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living Foundation said in a press statement issued from Bad Antogast in Germany...

Ravi Shankar has had a telephonic conversation with Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Jammu and Kashmir Governor N.N. Vohra over the issue, said the statement.
If Sri Sri wins the Peace Prize, it's likely to be the first time the award has been garnered by a media manipulation campaign managed most of the time from the comfort of the manipulator's office.

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At 8/05/2008 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idiots,I mean the ' devotees ' of ssrs ought to confront him at least NOW.
yasin malik of JKLF, a terrorist showed his jihadist colours during Amarnath Yatra.How come his embrace and his breathing techniques proved to be mighty useless in taming him??

All the mayhem wrought by Gujjars were " forgiven & buried " simply because ssrs intervened with the same trite formula like modern day masochistic gandhi. This excessively politically correct coward called ssrs only serves to endanger peace spawning forth more dhimmis.

At 8/06/2008 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jody....SSRS has NOT asked for a nomination- not as yet. Are you not jumping the gun?

At 8/06/2008 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to write to the committee about his scams. Chopra got a Nobel Prize for Physics. What a joke!

At 3/28/2009 12:15 AM, Blogger palerider said...

I was involved with SSRS for about 11 years.
He has been nominated three times for the Nobel, but has never received it.
I was in the ashram in Bangalore a few times. This last time I was escorted out he gates by guards.
I was supposed to be a valuable devotee.
This man really is a scam. Please Please don't listen to anything he says, which is very little.
I tried the Sudarshan Kriya for ten years, and NOTHING Happened.


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