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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ammachi Thinks You're A Bug

File under: Amma-All-Over-The-Planet and The Siddhi of PR

There's a great article in Rolling Stone about Ammachi. As it turns out, if you don't care to believe she is God, she thinks you're a mosquito or beetle:
"A mosquito will never get milk from the udder of a cow, only blood. The bee draws honey from the flower, but the beetle only drubs through the dirt."
Cult psych-ops, in our opinion, right out of the cow's (or flower's) mouth.

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At 8/21/2012 11:38 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Please note: it doesn't have to be intentional psych-ops to have the effect of psych-ops.

At 8/22/2012 2:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vedas are for ALL.Are Divine REVELATIONS. Same as Christians' "I AM THAT I AM " & MUSLIMS "UNAAL HAQUE ". These MahaVakyas have been UNEQUIVOCALLY highlighted by Ramana Bhagavan Himself as people were always fighting bloody wars over religion.

They are not some compositions made for & by hindus (aarrrgh I wince & recoil violently when I hear their self congratulatory anointing with this noun is it abstract noun ..out of touch with Wren & Martin our hinduism our indooism no wonder when their grotesque anomalies shock & perplex the rest the clueless sanctimonious hindus say hinduism is a way of life.

Aadi Shankara is His Excellent Pithy *Sadhana Panchakam* gives the BEST counsel on eating habits which to my knowledge I discovered only Americans stumbling upon themselves through their commonsene & sane intellect. No , they did not invade indiaa, snatched & plagiarised & thus came to know ---this is the kind of spiel Indians love to believe in.

Whereas even among most compassionless but full of pedantry Vedic Pundits I was appalled to find this elemenatry counsel of Aadi Shankara violated with gusto.

Among Indooism gloating hindoos also this basic counsel is not followed. They force & force telling " after the final curd rice wolfing down & confirmed satiety, paayasam ( kheer) ladles of paayasam SHOULD be relished with gusto. Only then you will be born a Monarch of some kingdom in next birth". And have been doing this with such conviction for aeons & preach to the world hoohaa we are the Vedanta peddlers youknowyouknow.

At 8/22/2012 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jody ,

While dwelling on topic of food , an extremely interesting fact came to my mind. That alone is enough to BUST this aolSSSSSRS's ( born reciting slokas , swing stood in mid air yadayada manufactured birth details) well busted by you credentials further burnishing "guru busting Genius"'s skills further.

Incidentally two potently influential braaahmins I had relentlessly argued with became so angry because me the non bifurcated saree ( nine yards) clad alleged "bipolar" effortlessly wrote him (SSSSRS)off they at once resorted to some quotations telling such charlatanism is very much required to cater to various hues of wannabe bakthas & to serve the "needs of the time". Needs of the TIME ?? When the same Bhagavath Geetha preachers & scientists had established time itself mithya ??

One of them even asked me to be totally apathetic to "rapes" any abuses telling "let the victim decide why you bother" again bolstered by hitherto unheard of some anecdote in MahaBharatham wantonly pattered through in Sanskrit as he knew I knew no Sanskrit to argue further. The most potent asthram wielded ONLY then by miserly brahmins is :-

" Here drink this coffee & kesari pongal , murukku ".

That brings selective instant amnesia of these serious doubts & womenfolk take the lead in sharing "secret recipes" of those murukkus etc to change the topic of discussion.

At 8/22/2012 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Continuing :-

This SSSSRS glided into the scene as some apostle sent to bring peace between hindus & muslims blahblah.
That he had nothing but contempt along with a superhollow intellect was revealed when one of SSSSRS's staunchly ardent footsoldiers (was it a she devotee ?)wrote an elaborate piece ( it was in churmuri)wherin , in a private cosy converastion this vegetarian braahmin well versed very very controlled eater of few morsels of food ( no bulimia no anorexia nervosa)"took a tiny piece of soft idli , touching it upon milagapodi with ONLY just a speck of oil buried therein & said softly:-

......these muslims have not inherited the vedantha that we the hindus ONNNLy have had. So we should take pity on them , explain reform all requires lots of patience...".

It had something to do with some noisy noisy ( I support Muslims completely in this noise related issue ) dolothsav held in their vicinity leading to quarrels.

At 8/23/2012 4:08 PM, Anonymous "Hugging Saint" Amma's Lyings, Beatings and Cheatings said...

"Just before Amma's closest and oldest Western devotee, Gayatri, revealed the true horror of life with Amma, in Rolling Stone magazine, another Amma cover up was being planned. Amma's devotees, including high representative Elizabeth Sidon, wife of Rob Sidon, the former Disney employee who now heads up Amma's PR team infiltrated Ex-Amma to destroy Gail Tredwell's (Gayatri's) reputation."

At 8/28/2012 2:40 PM, Anonymous Ammabot Rampage said...

Ammabots Fight For Holy Mother Ammachi

Ammabots are going crazy trying to field criticism at Amma Rolling Stone magazine

At 8/30/2012 3:53 PM, Anonymous Kudi Magan said...

" Here drink this coffee & kesari pongal , murukku ".

That shit turned me on. Maami, I can smell and tell the mylapore and RA Puram right away. What do you have to say about Suddhananda's latest ? That should be interesting to hear from your maami's point of view. I am sure you are a victim of that circle too. You must be brushing shoulders with entire Vedanta club of alwarpet.

Thanks Maami.

At 8/31/2012 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only visited one "session" and that was enough.. the writing was really on the wall for those who have eyes to see.

At 9/02/2012 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Kudi Magan,

Lousy sleuthing there.

My mother tongue is Tamil.I am a Brahmin. But has never lived in Tamil Nadu. Fortunately my paternal grandparents & my father introduced me to Kaanchi MahaPeriyavar , Lord Muruga , Thiruppugazh , Periya Puranam & Vallimalai Satchitanandha Swamigal & Ramana Bhagavan at a very impressionable age.

Interestingly there are very good genuine Gurus with scintillating credentials in Tamil Nadu.

Sri.Omkarananda of Theni ( Swami Chidbhavananda Ashramam)

Sri.Paramarthananda Swamigal teaching in Chennai proper.

Sri.Dayananda Saraswathi of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam.

Sri.Nochur Venkatraman.

The above mentioned are well versed in Vedic Dharma Shastrams that is extremely imperative.

I benefitted immensely from Swami Omkarananda's elucidation of Kaivalya Navaneetham.

At 9/09/2012 3:58 PM, Anonymous Kudi Magan said...

Interestingly there are very good genuine Gurus with scintillating credentials in Tamil Nadu.

True ! I have a great deal about the list of gurus you mentioned but that also narrows down my search about you :) . Iam not a stalker anyhow, but i am excited. I have similar back ground I should say and I am not around there too like you. So its like I can identify with you well.

Tell me, is it traditional to take a stand against Chinmaya group ? what is your personal opinion about the CM and their mission etc ?
I kind of dahsed in and out of CM briefly and have my own little stories :)

bye Maami :)

At 9/11/2012 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never had the desire to be part of any institution be it Chinmaya Mission or Bala Vihar.

I am a normal person very much interested in romantic songs of Kannadasan ( TMS Susheela duets etc).
My father was also EXACTLY like me.
Someone who had absolutely no problem admiring Gregory Peck , Cary Grant as much as Sivaji Ganesan , A.P.Nagarajan , Mohammed Rafi & Pithukuli Murugadas.

But rest of the people including my mother were so hypocritical & full of double speak.

At such a young age ( in my teens) while going through intensely emotional trauma some tambram friends who were attending Chinmaya classes in Calcutta (kolkata) run by one Keralite Nathan tried their best to make me a member. This was what they said:-

" You are interested in desires of the flesh...not in astral matters... we are all going to remain come & join Chinmaya classes ".

The most unkindest cut of them came from one Seethalakshmi ( she did her English Lit in Lady Brabourne & later post grad in Jadavpur Univ) who knew everything about my trauma. She & her sisters were that jubilant they had absolutely no qualms about going to the smae house of my rapist cousin A.Chandrashekar ( 36/1 Jatindas Rd ) etching elaborate kolams ( floral decoration) prior to his marriage.

Later she also married & produced more than one child.

At 9/11/2012 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much before coming across the genuine Swamijis my emotional healing was actually set in motion by some unknown American. And many Hollywood movies. That touching GENUINE letter written by that American stranger ( married with children served in American Army also ) written from His Very Heart with so much warmth rescued me from total demoralization.

When hurt I became interested in anything BUT God & Spirituality.
It is Ramana Bhagavan's Who Am I , Yoga Vasishtam , Tripura Rahasyam & Jody's blog that TRULY salvaged me further.

At 9/24/2012 3:33 PM, Anonymous Kudi Magan said...

Namaskaram Maami !

I understand what you say quite easily.
The missions have to push their stuff
down the throats of people in the name
of god and goodness is nauseating.
Chinmaya schools are a classic example
where kids and the teachers too revolt against
everything the management does under
the guise of spirituality.

But then each one has different
parameters to judge the same thing

So Maami ! roughly how old are you?
it may be personal question but
i dont want to sound disrespectful
thinking you are some hot young gal (wink)

Joke apart, if you visited this blog here
and liked it, its because you were
somewhere a victim or know someone
close to you who was victimized at the hands
of some ignoramus guru. Besides, you should
be secretly liking the ribald and raunchy
and porno graphical remarks from
Jody about gurus.

I am a brahmin boy too but let me tell you
you have a very subtle unseen brahminical
bias over the gurus of your choice whom
you call genuine, Just my observation.
TamBrahms are known to be suckers' of the
western society as they are denied much
opportunity in India to work based
on merit as most opportunities are grabbed
by the non meritorious in the name of
quota system. So no wonder you are
a great fan Gregory Peck (McKenna's Gold?)
But even before the oppression,
brahmins were known to be suckers of the
East India company when they landed
for a party time on Indian shores.
these are some of the facts I hate
to admit myself. However
i dont take away the due credit
to western society for being more
if not complete, justifiably honset
in their conduct and confessing
their misconduct (which is absolutely
rare in India). Mayhaps thats what
bible did to western world while
india learned to blame it on karma
and continued the misconduct.

Cheers !
Peace Out

At 10/09/2012 12:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Kudi Magan,

" ...i dont take away the due credit
to western society for being more
if not complete, justifiably honset
in their conduct and confessing
their misconduct (which is absolutely
rare in India). Mayhaps thats what
bible did to western world while
india learned to blame it on karma
and continued the misconduct".

Absolutely agree with you.

It so happens the Gurus I have mentioned above happen to be brahmins. But I have never seen them in person or been to their Ashrams except Sri.Dayananda of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam.

The reason I mention their names is because of the CDs on Upanishads' exposition by them.

But one thing is for sure.AFTER coming across Ramana Bhagavan's lucid Teachings I started listening to these CDs.
Without Ramana Bhagavan I would never have been able to make sense of anyone's pravachans.

Sri.Nochur Venkatraman I would rate as the BEST today. Reason?
Sri.Nochur Venkatraman alone had the courage & conviction to expose the fraudulent aol SSSSRavishankar publicly.He also decries the obsession with hatha yoga & pranayama as Aadi Shankara Himself does.

Whereas Omkarananda & Dayananda DO hobnob with SSSRavishankar as the latter makes a grand show of running Veda & Agama Patashalas.Plus they defend Ammachis & Ravishankars as they prevent people from getting "converted" to churchianity. I am just unable to accept such specious arguments.

Regarding the meaning of the word brahmin Ramana Bhagavan clarifies
" One who is ever anchored in Brahman is a Brahmin ".

I assert without a trace of doubt & very very emphatically Ramana Bhagavan's Who Am I the most potently effective Teaching alone busted a lot of cobwebs.

The Westerner I personally feel is more quick on the uptake than an average Indian. This is my personal observation. Not only in Spirituality but mundane matters also.

I am 53 years old. Born in 1959.


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