Guruphiliac: Two More Old Scammijis In the News: Kreepalu and PrakashakaBOOM

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two More Old Scammijis In the News: Kreepalu and PrakashakaBOOM

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[Ed.note: We fear this fine effort by our Barsana Dham correspondent about yet another two gurus in trouble with the law, Kripalu Maharaj and Prakashanand Saraswati, might get lost in the haze of exploded guru mist floating over India right now.]

By a former resident of Barsana Dham

Is it karma, or kaliyug, or simply the tipping point of a growing intolerance for the overabundance of fake Hindu gurus?

My bet — and hope — is that it is the tipping point: And that the intelligent people of the world will rise up and kick these fake holy men to the curb — that is if the cowards don’t run into hiding first, as is the case with the dastardly duo: Kripalu Maharaj and Prakashanand Saraswati.

Along with all the other intriguing scammiji scandals making the headlines these days, it’s interesting to find that these two partners in crime hit the news within hours of each other (Kreepalu in a BIG way). We’ll start with Prakasha-boom.

Prakasha-Boom Gets Criminal Trial in Texas Delayed — Again
It was never a question of IF Prakashanand would pull a last-minute health crisis to evade justice for 20 counts of indecency with children in Texas: It was always a question of WHICH “health crisis” he would choose. Now we know. “Back surgery.” As reported by the Austin American-Stateman, a “doctor” in India claims that Prakashanand “shouldn’t sit for more than a half-hour at a time.”

As such, his lawyers asked the Hays criminal court for a delay, which was granted Wed.

Awwwwww. Poor guy. Darn the luck. And all he’s ever wanted was his day in court.

But, seriously, I don’t understand the problem. It’s not like he ever SAT for very long anyway. He does most of his work lying down (if you get my drift). Also, the guy flies first-class. I never have, but I’ve seen photos. Don’t you like get a bed and five-star treatment in first-class? Sounds pretty comfortable to me. Also, I’m sure the Hays County Court would have no problem bringing a bed into the courtroom. I’m just saying, there are ways around this “health problem” if you just think outside the box a little.

Curiously, for 20 years Prakashanand received the vast majority of his medical care in the United States — from dental care to neck surgery. Call me skeptical, but it just seems a tad strange that now, at this time, he would receive such major medical care in India. I mean, his “doctor” didn’t even have the wherewithal to say it was “emergency” surgery. Hmmmmmmm.

The fact is, this guy is never coming back to U.S. soil. I know it. You know it. He knows it. So let’s just end the farce: Let the Hays county court collect its $10 million bond, let Prakashanand be labeled a fugitive from justice, and let the world know he’s a lying coward.

Kripalu Shows the World His True Colors — He’s an Orange-Bellied Coward, Too
Speaking of cowards, they must run in packs: Because Kripalu showed himself to be the jagadguru of pathetic cowards.

This is actually a very sad story. If you haven’t heard, approximately 65 people died and dozens more were injured in Kripalu’s main ashram in Mangarh India this past week. They were all women and children who had gone to receive free food and handouts. The ashram had announced the event to all villagers in the surrounding area. The turnout was huge, as expected. News reports conflict a bit, but the bottomline is that Kripalu and his people did not plan for proper crowd control. Something happened to scare the crowd (either the gate collapsed or an electrical wire fell), creating a stampede. Dozens of people were crushed and some killed.

While the world’s heart was breaking for the innocent victims, Kripalu and his organization, Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP), were blaming the victims.

JKP-Barana Dham in Austin Texas released a statement on Friday saying: “unruly crowd causes injuries and death.” One word: Pathetic!

Interestingly, Kripalu went into hiding two hours after the disaster, according to several news reports: “Kripalu Maharaj, whose ashram witnessed a stampede killing 63 people, fled from the complex two hours after the tragedy and is untraceable, a district official said today.”

In a telephone statement from an “undisclosed location” (who is he Vice President Cheney?), Kripalu tried to say that he never invited any of the people to his ashram. Which is, of course, ludicrous.

The ashram has claimed it is going to give some money to the victims: But it’s a pittance compared to how much they spend on cars, homes, food, and other luxuries for their own comfort and desires. It’s a disgrace that they have the nerve to call themselves a charitable organization.

The local police are hoping to lodge an FIR against Kripalu or his organization under Section 304 (A) of the IPC that covers charges of causing death due to negligence.

In a press conference yesterday Kripalu finally appeared, but said nothing: “Claiming he was ill, Maharaj appeared before mediapersons but did not answer questions fielded by them.” This is a man who normally will not shut up.

Meanwhile, his ashram spokesperson admitted Kripalu was guilty: “The spokesman of the hospital at the ashram, K.P. Singh, said God was responsible for the deaths.” Ummm, hello … Kripalu says that he himself is God!

All I can say is that the real God will bless the poor women and children — who are only the latest, and most visible, victims of this particular fake Hindu holy man. And now, at least, the world is seeing Kripalu’s true colors.

[Ed.note: Our sincere thanks to our correspondent for taking the time to put this hard-edged piece together. It's just the way we like it.]

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At 3/10/2010 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In handling of these indians with such a lot of promiscuous tantrachakrasex I feel Arabs version of Islam alone works.

Though shrewd ssrs by donning white & calling it all stress management has made his trillions by fleecing the Arabs also is food for thought.

Thank God they strictly forbid ashram activities. If need be they can in an instant crack down , deport with no court cases but one word UNISLAMIC . And I like that. Indians could do with a potent dose of Islamic ruthless strikes.

Because of Islam , one does not find bludgeoned ashgourds smeared with kumkum lying scattered on the roads ( indooos way of warding of evileye)that many two wheelers skid on causing accidents ; no noise pollution with indoos overzealous screamings called bhajans blaring anywhere , everywhere.

Without the presence of oversexed hindugodmen , quality of life is far far superior in certain Gulf countries.

I can confidently guess why kripalu was seized by this bout of free saree , meals distribution. To " bribe God" , wipe out karma of all unholy acts done. This is EXACTLY how idiotindoos think & act.

At 3/11/2010 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a senior dermatology consultant based in Delhi and have been regularly visiting Maharajji’s hospitals in Barsana and Mangarh to provide free skin services to the poor of the region since the past many years. Maharajji has been quietly doing exemplary work for the upliftment of the downtrodden since the past many years. He has constructed primary, undergraduate and postgraduate schools and colleges for girls in the villages. His hospitals have been providing free medicines and operation facilities for the poor since past many years. God bless him for such humanitarian activities. Blaming a person like him for this very unfortunate incidence is shameful and can be done only by people who have never associated with him. Media is quick to harp upon any unfortunate incidents but never brings forth the good work being done by that individual since the past decades. All this for gaining TRP mileage, at the cost of maligning the image of a Spiritual Master.

At 3/11/2010 2:44 AM, Anonymous atlantic blue said...

In handling of these indians with such a lot of promiscuous tantrachakrasex I feel Arabs version of Islam alone works.

=========you tire me out friend. Why do you whine so much instead of some plain English writing here? Why dont you start a blog. You can have proper ventilation that way..

At 3/11/2010 6:01 AM, Anonymous Former BD Resident said...

The Kreepalu story is still developing -- let's hope it ends with full and complete exposure of his 50-year raping and pillaging scam (including his lil buddy, Prakashanand). Here is the latest on the stampede at his ashram:
Mar 10 In Uttar Pradesh three office bearers of Jagatguru Kripalu Parishad have been arrested this after noon at Bhakti Dham Ashram Mangarh in Pratapgarh where on 4th of this month in a tragic stampede 63 people mostly women and children were killed and over 70 others critically injured. The Divisional Commissioner Allahabad Mr. Ajay Kumar Upadhyay has held responsible Ashram Management for the stampede in his preliminary inquiry report. Several senior leaders of different political including National President of Congress Mr. Rahul Gandhi and former national president of BJP Mr. Rajnath Singh have already visited the villages and incident site to console the victims.

At 3/11/2010 6:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reposting my comments from nithyanandablogspot:-

I have also contributed to Dayananada of arsha vidya anaikkatti all with good intentions. Agreed , he teaches Vedanta there & all those schools , colleges , Veda Pathashalas etc.I really looked upon him with a lot of respect once upon a time.


I asked myself that question when I saw him felicitating crook SSRavishankar on his ultraopulent silver jubilee bash in bangalore. I was shocked.

Then saw him felicitating late hatha yoga teacher pattabhi jois who had both his hands on female ( Whites) genitals. Yuck I felt((

Recently , Dayananda had come to the buiding where I live. Thank God , (as has been my idiotic autopiloting wont all these years) DID NOT go to see him at all. No cheque for a heavy amount sitting atop a plate full of fruits & falling at his feet with that craven swamiji aasirvadam pannungo....booohooo. HA Ha .

I felt so defiant that I languidly drank my coffee before brushing my teeth , got up pretty late in the morning.

I am sick of all their preachings & constant whipping up of indooismisindanger.

Forever begging for money for saving this enigmatic indoooism. Why can't he take money from SSRS , kalki avatard , nithy blahblah...Start mutual funding among you avatards.

As if you Swamijis are the Creators sustaining this Universe ??? Stop playing GOD.

At 3/11/2010 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A really fine article that brilliantly sums up the situation regarding these 2 evil men! Cowards indeed!

I agree that Swamiji is unlikely to return to the U.S., after all what's $10 million to an organisation who have been stealing from vulnerable people for so many decades.

Kreepalu will not loose any sleep over a few dead 'peasants'. He is not interested in the poor or the weak. He is only interested in furnishing his luxurious lifestyle. These cowards are the opposite to God; they shop in the most expensive shops when they come to Europe and on his last trip to London Kreepalu was charging £1000 for a hug. Unfortunately some people fell for this nonsense. These men who call themselves God have no shame, no dignity. But all those who have walked away from these con men can hold their heads up high. Unfortunately the 60+ people who were crushed outside Kreepalu's ashram will never have the chance to walk away.

At 3/11/2010 10:26 AM, Anonymous Former BD Resident said...

That "dermatologist" pops up every time kripalu is in trouble.

At 3/11/2010 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"... but never brings forth the good work being done by that individual since the past decades..."

Comment above.

Now that you have lugubriously catalogued maharajji's philanthrophic exploits go eat lots of prasad wallowing in ananda.

At 3/11/2010 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To above commenter Dr. Mahesh Khanchandani: Your name has been plastered all over the internet in many places before doing this kind of :service" coverup work for Kripalu since 2007 or earlier in news comment blogs where outraged and disgusted ex devotees (ex insiders) can speak up and expose sex abuse and other truths of corruption in this JKP organization which runs rampant worldwide. Its very typical of JKP to use professionals with “Dr.” in front of their name (many are devotees) who go public on their behalf. JKP even uses people in much higher places such as ambassadors and politicians they suck up to, and use as official letter writers and news spokespersons in their conspiracy to conceal and pull the wool over not only the public's eyes but also their own flock— to prevent a mass exodus of devotees whom are the sources of all their charitable funds which enables these con-men to do the charity work for which only they take the credit. The “charity” comes from all the devotees you are trying to deceive--like in your comment above, which JKP boasts about. A true spiritual master is humble; dosent have so many ostentatious temples; and doesnt boast about all the charity, nor capitalize on boasting about charity at a time of a mass tragedy.

What’s all this intimidating talk about “maligning the image of a spiritual master” when these masters and preachers engage themselves in maligning their hundreds of victims—even those who served them selflessly for decades and were horribly abused. You’re talking to one right now, so I know sadly by first hand experience how JKP works . Not to mention Kripalu himself misrepresenting the truth and blaming the poor villagers for their own deaths, and then capitalizing on a tragedy to boast how JKP gives out charity—as if that is sufficient as an excuse not to accept responsibility and apologize.

What’s the matter with this “god” Kripalu? He cant stoop so low as to apologize and take the blame and admit his wrong doings like good god-faring people are supposed to confess? Is that the teachings of this organization--to be deceptive?—as well as show all these intimidation tactics to people whom JKP want to “control” and to the very victims and other devotees who know and condone how the inside con-organization works. You are a party to enabling criminals and silence those victims who dare to utilize their freedom, and freedom of speech—even if you dont like the truth which come out?

At 3/11/2010 12:42 PM, Blogger Vijay Mehta M.D. said...

It is truly sad that the blind followers are willing to look the other way when there are so many red signals. The victims are too scared to come forward and tell their story. What Praksh or Krupalu did with ladies was no secret at all. What was everyone thinking - Swamijee behind the close doors with a woman - some of them too young to defend. Close circuit cameras all over the premises. ATM machine on the premise so your donation can be in cash and out of the books.

Is getting the free food in a good looking place so important to these blind followers that they do not recognize that by simply going there you are promoting and becoming an accomplice to the scam?

I hope the tipping point is reached sooner rather than later. There needs to be outrage by the victims - they need to picket in front of the gate - they need to post on blogs - they need to talk to the attorney in charge of the case.

They have a powerful spin machine at work to make it look like everything is fine. However those who have been victims know first hand what the real story is.

At 3/11/2010 12:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once chinmayananda wanted to clarify a lot of doubts about God , world , its problems etc.

Stood before Ramana Bhagavan waiting for the other few devotees to leave. So as to engage Him alone with all his pedantic bluster.

When Bhagavan also got up to leave towards the Dining Hall matter of factly , chinmayananda announced grandly :-

" I am here alone ".

Bhagavan replied:-

" Let that I also leave " .

And then he too followed the rest towards Dining Hall.

At 3/11/2010 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" That "dermatologist" pops up every time kripalu is in trouble".

Former BD Resident , that is a good one:) thanks for that comic relief.

At 3/12/2010 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recall I had written earlier an old man in eighties chanting 1008 Gayatri Mantras & Purusha Suktham daily , for decades callously told me while talking about SSRS :

" Even if a devotee is raped ( he spat out the word raped with so much emphasis twice ) you should not enquire or tell anyone. Let the devotee decide....".

What kind of counsel is this from such so called pious normal people ?

Other acquaintances too are blissfully apathetic blaming everything on kaliyuga.

Are they all already dead as this gorement of india ?

Many of them have puttaparthi ssrs & such babasters framed photos along with other icons , photos in their haloed puja room.

Even symbolic gestures like jettisoning those filthy photos , they are not doing.

If so why clamour for a ban on this video ?

At 5/31/2011 1:05 PM, Blogger Luis Aparicio said...

It seems there is a conspiration against Indian holy people. Behind this may be christian fanatics or western intelligence agencies. Very negative forces.

At 5/31/2011 1:49 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

It seems there is a conspiration against Indian holy people.

AND, some so-called "holy people" are nothing more than lust-driven power-mongers. Prakashanand and Kripalu fit this bill precisely.

At 9/06/2011 8:16 AM, Anonymous interval training said...

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