Guruphiliac: Guru To Winning F1 Driver Retires

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Guru To Winning F1 Driver Retires

File under: Gurus to the Stars

Formula One racing's winningest driver ever—Michael Schumacher, has been dealt a serious blow by the retirement of his physiotherapist and guru, Balbir Singh.

Credited in part for his astounding success on the circuit, Singh's departure was termed "regrettable" by Schumacher. Indeed... especially if it impacts his performance on the course. Because if Schumacher isn't winning, the sponsors won't be grinning and the bank account will not be brimming.

We wish Schumacher the best of luck and hope he's been able to absorb enough of his preceptor's lessons to stay on the podium. If not, we suggest that Singh present Michael with a magic amulet to contain all of Singh's guru powers. That is, as long it's not a lucky swastika. Folks may get the wrong idea, Michael being German and all. We're just sayin'.


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