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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Kalki Debunkavan

File under: Satscams

Have you seen the new "OM" site? Pretty clever: Oneness Movement. Hard to assail on the name alone. Too bad it's the equivalent of a large city's annual sewage output worth of occluding, ridiculous nonsense about enlightenment.

One of the Kracki's Western pushers, Kiara Windrider, sums it all up for us:
In a nutshell, Sri Bhagavan teaches that:

•There is only one Mind – the Ancient Mind. It is conditioned by separation and duality.
•Your mind is not your mind, but an extension of this Ancient Mind.
•Similarly, your thoughts are not your own thoughts, but downloaded from the ‘thoughtsphere’ associated with this Ancient Mind.
The contents of the mind are shaped by our conditioning and the conditions we encounter in life. They aren't our thoughts at all, ever. But these thoughts are produced by the neurobiological activity of what we call our brain, so in that sense they are our thoughts rather than that of an imagined "Ancient Mind," which seems like a convenient excuse to get folks into a dissociative state and thus make them more permeable to the flood of nonsense about "oneness," "enlightenment" and the Kracki's powers of spiritual transformation.
•The sense of a separate self is generated by the neurobiological structure of the human brain.
•This ‘self’, in experiencing itself as separate, generates cravings, aversions, comparisons and judgments, which are the core of suffering.
•When the self disappears, suffering ends. When cravings drop away, including the craving for enlightenment, you are enlightened.
That explains all the "success" they claim they're having. Push someone to believe they've lost all craving as the result of deeksha... and bingo! Another "enlightened" Krack(i)head has been minted.

We'll be fair and give the Kracki that the ahamkara is neurobiologically generated and that suffering depends on the idea of there being a sufferer. But self-realization does not obliterate the sense of being a person in the world. That's an outgrowth of evolution, not delusion. In order to keep going, it helps to know there are things that might eat you so you can watch out for them. Self-realization shows us that's not who we are, but that doesn't stop that sense of being an "us" from continuing.

Note that "comparisions and judgements" are on the list of delusions mentioned above. That's perfect cover for a Kracki pusher. There is nothing to question or doubt! That's just your suffering doing the talking. You don't want to be your suffering, do you?
•When the ‘deeksha’ is given, a neurobiological process begins, which leads to the dissolution of the sense of a separate, or fixed, self.
Any "neurobiological process" is entirely self-generated by way of the placebo effect, in its incarnation as faith healing. These claims have already been debunked on these pages. But it does provide a scent of authenticity as a transformational practice, despite the fact you don't have to do a damn thing except pay them to lay their hands on your head.
•When the fixed self disappears, you experience yourself as simply a dance of personalities continually arising and passing away.
This is dangerous nonsense and seems to be proof that the Kracki attempts to foster a dissociative state in his devotees and then tell them it's enlightenment. What he is describing here is much closer to abject psychosis.
•Your body is not your body. When the self disappears, your sense of ownership of the body disappears, and you experience it as a vehicle for the divine dance of consciousness. Eventually, all creation becomes your body.
More ludicrous nonsense designed to foster an "enlightenment" that is nothing more than a psychopathology.
•The mind, based in duality, cannot be enlightened.
•The self, which is an illusion, cannot be enlightened. The self is only a concept.
•Enlightenment is the realization that there is no self to become enlightened!
Enlightenment is the result of a life lived in self-realization. It's a process more than a discreet condition. Self-realization could be described as a condition, but that condition has nothing at all to do with anything experienced, including the ridiculous claims of billions of orgasms, visiting lokas, etc.

In short, the Kracki's crap about enlightenment appears to be nothing more than an attempt to replace his devotees' personalities by fostering a dissociative state and then dropping in his ideas about being enlightened and what that means. It's a mind control play, folks, whether or not anyone involved is able to admit that to themselves.

The Oneness Movement is the single worst source point of occluding ideas about self-realization in existence, and it does more to preserve ignorance about the nature of reality than every red light district around the world combined. It's a hulking monster of delusion made up to look sweet and helpful. God help the Kracki and those who fall for his nonsense. May they see through the manipulation and come to recognize that their own truth is a diamond, stuck for a moment in the dung that is the teachings of the Kalki Bhagavan.


At 6/04/2006 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i do think that the K-man himself believes in what he preaches; its not possible to convince others so completely unless he himself buys into it. i.e. this is not an elaborate plan hatched to fool people deliberately.

At 6/04/2006 8:52 AM, Blogger jody said...

Kalki actually believing his own nonsense renders him unfit to be anybody's guru, but it does not absolve him of the sin of passing his ignorance on to others.

If Kalki has a gun pointed at your head and pulls the trigger before he knows whether it's loaded, would he be any less guilty of murder?

At 6/04/2006 7:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God help u too, buddy in recognising truths for urself rather than seeking it in deriding others...

At 6/04/2006 7:25 PM, Blogger jody said...

God help u too, buddy in recognising truths for urself rather than seeking it in deriding others...

Perhaps the truth has already been recognized, and maybe that's why the deficiencies of Kalki Bhagavan's teachings on enlightenment stand as if they were a vandal's graffiti sprayed all over the Mona Lisa.

At 6/04/2006 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"perhaps"..ahhh...therein lies a lot of possibilities...

At 6/04/2006 7:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

vandals, graffiti, mona lisa....all valuations emerging in perceptions...concepts like any other...and giving rise to positionalities, which is hardly liberating...God Bless..take care...

At 6/04/2006 7:51 PM, Blogger jody said...

therein lies a lot of possibilities..

Or a sure and certain truth that is inexpressible except by the contrast of what is not true, like the wildly occluding teachings of Kalki Bhagavan.

At 6/04/2006 8:00 PM, Blogger jody said...

concepts like any other

Including your concepts regarding the value of "positionalities." Is that Kalkispeak designed to foster the false state of oneness posited to result from the Kalki's idea of "enlightenment?"

At 6/04/2006 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

let us all wait and watch , buddy...our own lives as they many people so many approaches.....until the ladders fall off....reading maps is never the same as visiting a place...locations in consciousness have their own revelations...God Bless...

At 6/04/2006 9:30 PM, Blogger jody said...

as many people so many approaches

But there is only one kind of self-realization, and it's not what the Kracki is teaching.

.....until the ladders fall off....reading maps is never the same as visiting a place...locations in consciousness have their own revelations...God Bless...

Wow! A recitation of New Ageisms™ straight out of What the Bleep Do We Know?!

What I know is that self-realization is not a thought, feeling, sensation or combination of these. What Kalki describes is a whole new set of thoughts, feelings and sensations that are posited to indicate enlightenment when all they show is how easily folks are duped into magical thinking.

At 6/10/2006 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the hordes of people spending $5500 to take the 21-day "enlightenment course" in india. many people save up and work several jobs to get the dough. i wish i kew how to get people to give me their money with such fervor!


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