Guruphiliac: Shoeless Guru Shows How It's Done

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Shoeless Guru Shows How It's Done

File under: Real True Gurus

In this world of bigtime gurus spinning out satsang circuses full of thick clouds of occluding ideology about self-realization, we are always very heartened when we discover the real thing. It is a great honor and privilege to bring your attention to a true guru.

Guru Gulshan Singh, or Guru Ji, is eschewing shoes in solidarity with the homeless at the command of our Mother Kali. Guru Ji is a householder with a wife and kids, and most importantly, with no pedestal being built under him by devotees who are blinded by their desire for the "guru's" love and ultimately, their own self-acceptance.

We applaud and commend Sri Guru Ji for showing us that a true guru is always going to be a normal person, even when they go to extraordinary lengths to insure the comfort of their fellow man.


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