Guruphiliac: Amma's Invasion—Stage Five: The Movie

Monday, May 16, 2005

Amma's Invasion—Stage Five: The Movie

File under: Amma All-Over-The-Planet

We were not surprised to find the Cannes Film Festival to be the next launching point for another stage of Amma's march toward complete global domination. Darshan - The Embrace is a documentary extracted from the astral milk-soaked brain of filmmaker Jan Kounen. Kounen began his film during Amma's 50th birthday celebration—and obviously flipped from exposure to the mind-destroying properties of her ABM—he continued to film Amma and her mother-mongering Ammabots as they seek to turn the entire population of the planet into infantile members of her 'family.'

We're always impressed by the thoroughness of the Ammabots. They are spreading out into the mediasphere like lice at a refuge camp. The crescendo is building for the final push of the North American Tour, where Amma is expected to turn the corner and capture the minds of millions more.

Guruphiliac associates attempting to counter Amma's attack have been unable to recover the mystical box of ancient mantras found in the Antarctic ice pack. It seems one of the Russian research crew who had recovered the box was already Ammaified and managed to jump overboard with the box in hand. Both have been lost at the bottom of an ocean canyon, and all deep sea exploration vehicles are presently unavailable for a salvage operation. All we have to work with now is our wits, the lysergic acid and whatever mantras we can develop on our own.

With just weeks to go before she makes her landing, it's not looking good for adults wishing to preserve their status as all grown up in the U.S. In a related development, it appears that sales of pacifiers have risen 38% over the last two weeks. The beginning of the summer rave season only accounts for 3% of the increase, so this is probably another harbinger of the impending loss of all adult maturity in North America with Amma's arrival.


At 7/15/2005 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that all the negative comments about Amma in this blog are by Jody. Who is Jody, and why does he/she feel compelled to spread cynicism about Amma throughout the land? If Jody doesn't want darshan, why doesn't Jody just not get darshan? What evidence can Jody provide that Amma is not a divine being who can benefit humanity?

At 2/22/2006 3:11 PM, Blogger Sriram said...


Your blog tries to be funny but misses the mark. IMHO, at least in two cases you are really struggling to find any dirt. It is somewhat amusing.

I myself dont have any direct experience of Ammachi.. but I do have direct experience with sri sri.

Sure, Even Einstein has to poop. So does Sri Sri and others. that is not the point. They are humans. But they are also special. As are so many humans, in different areas.

The point is the overall effect they have on others.. the notion that the divine is omnipresent, as a felt experience. This has a lot of side effects, such as enhancing the capacity to empathize with others, being centered etc.

Being in samadhi does not mean that one has answers to all questions. It is just that they can trigger glimpses of self in others. Thats why gurus have a role.

Sri Sri travels in any available transportation. He is extraordinarily available to all comers. He even had a public debate with an islamic demagogue and has inspired his followers to setup shop in inhospitable places like Iraq. AOL is a very loose organization and faces keep changing. Almost everyone does stuff without compensation. People willingly volunteer for what that enhances them. Is this so hard to fathom?

He does not have a very fanciful lifestyle at all. It is incredibly rigorous, with enormous traveling, and I am amazed he stays healthy and cheerful. Yes, people make so many demands on him.. This is like a rock star phenomenon, except it is for years on end, every day, and with very limited privacy. Somehow he can handle it and remain child like. I dont think there are many people who would trade their lives for his regimen.

Most importantly, you should judge (if that term is appropriate) a guru by the character of the followers. By and large AOL folks are ordinary people and have a good sense of humor and volunteer their time on social projects.


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