Guruphiliac: TM™s Supreme Leader Curses U.K.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

TM™s Supreme Leader Curses U.K.

File under: Wackadoo Gurus

The Maharishi has spoken with venom against the entire country of the United Kingdom, calling England "a scorpian nation" and withdrawing his graciously-given divine blessings:
Last week, the Maharishi... called upon his followers in Britain to stop teaching meditation and levitation, the yogic effect or flying to a higher plane.

“The good effects of transcendental meditation — increased creativity and long life — should not be given to a dangerous country that is constantly busy destroying the world,” the guru advised.
And he adds:
“TM™ is a gift from me to those who want to create peace and harmony in the world.”
And there you have it. Another psychotically grandiose guru who has fallen by his own hype and is now ensnared in the maya of being "divine." And one who is obviously beginning to lose his marbles as well.

We believe the recent failure of his "love pod" experiment may be a factor in the Maharishi's bitterness toward English folk. We heard he spent a fortune trying to recreate his time as master of the Beatles (and their groupies), but all he really got out of it was the massive bill for all the bling and tchotchkies the kids demanded to play "groupie" for him.


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