Guruphiliac: God Wears A Diaper: The Return Of AUM

Friday, November 25, 2005

God Wears A Diaper: The Return Of AUM

File under: Wackadoo Gurus

Japan's Public Security Intelligence Agency is requesting permission to extend its watch over the Aleph religious organization for another three years. The Alephs are the reincarnation of the AUM Supreme Truth cult, that subway gassing clique of religious murderers led by the diaper-wearing mumbler known as Shoko Asahara.

Apparently, the Alephs believe Asahara to be the "absolute presence" once again. They'd previously backed off this claim in an attempt to establish themselves as a more legitimate religious organization. Meanwhile, their fear-inducing leader is fighting his own battle in court in an attempt to avoid his execution by pulling a Vincent "The Chin" Giagante, or an end-around his punishment by faking his own insanity.

We don't believe that needs much faking from what Japan and the rest of the world has already seen. We're generally in agreement with the fact that anyone who thinks they can take over the world is mad. We mean, come on! That's been in every single James Bond movie ever produced.


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