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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lord Datta The 'Lion'

File under: Wackadoo Gurus

And right back we go into a gurudom populated by the psychotically grandiose... in numbers worth cutting yourself over. The Swami Lord Datta cries out for attention at Sarlo's GuruRatings list:
Therefore, follow Satguru who is the ocean in a drop
If you follow another drop what is the use?
You are a rabbit and If you see the Lion
You will vanish on the spot with fear.

Therefore, the Lion came as a rabbit
Remember, the Lion is covered by the skin of rabbit
It is not at all a rabbit, it speaks "I am Lion"
You rabbit! Don't imitate that rabbit like Lion.

Recognize and serve that rabbit like Lion with love
Because it looks like a rabbit, it is your friend only
There is no need of fear since the Lion is not exposed
It behaves like a rabbit in all its activities.

A human incarnation also behaves like a man
With all the qualities of nature only
This will generate love and nearness in your heart
For you to approach and love, this technique is adopted.

When your service that is the proof of your love is full
Then the Lion enters your body as a shadow for sometime
Through His Maya to give you His experience
The Lion can not enter you unless you die.

Death does not mean the physical death of the body
By which the egoism of the soul is not lost
Spiritual death is crossing `I' for ever
`I' disappears only in the selfless service

The service should be to the drop containing the ocean
You can never approach that mightiest ocean directly
Therefore, the ocean and the drop is the only alternative
When `I' is removed, `My' also gets removed.

If `My' is lost all the desires are lost
The desires are the branches of `My'
`My' is the trunk and `I' is the root
Removal of trunk with branches is the spiritual death.

If you remove the root also along with the trunk
You have become just the inert skin of rabbit
The Lion can wear this shirt of rabbit skin
Of course, the Lion should also wish to accept that shirt

Therefore, your effort should not be only for spiritual death
You should also try to please the Lion always
The Lion can never enter the living rabbit
What is the use of this? You have become inert.
It's the Lion's world, and we're just rabbits living in it.

Lord Datta "The Lion" is apparently some kind of professor at a university in India, so he must have at least some intact mental function. But you wouldn't know it from that ode to his pathological need for self-glorification. The poor guy is simply gagging to be seen as the world's greatest guru, and that's a sure sign he ain't. We've known a couple of guys like him. We imagine it's a pretty big boat to portage, believing oneself to be a world-changing satguru and yet having no devotees to speak of.


At 11/13/2005 7:34 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

You mean, I didn't have to poke my eyes out with pickle forks after all?


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