Guruphiliac: Gurucopia: Bapu, Madharishi, Killer Swami And Funny Water

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gurucopia: Bapu, Madharishi, Killer Swami And Funny Water

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• Gurus and airport security just don't jibe in India. Guru Asaram Bapu had to endure the apparent indignity of a secondary inspection at Ahmedabad Airport, prompting an angry protest from his devotees and India's conservative Bharatiya Janata Party. At least they didn't riot this time.

• Guru to the stars Deepak Chopra used his platform as a guest editor of the Times of India to reveal that the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi wasn't dumped by the Beatles for macking on Mia Farrow. Instead, Chopra claims the apparently increasingly senile Madharishi dumped the Beatles for their drug use at the time. With the poor old man not long for this world, we wonder if Chopra isn't making a savvy political move with his recent declaration. If he's getting paid for it, we just hope it's in something other than the Maharishi's mad money.

• The death sentence of Swami Shradhananda was stayed this week by India's Supreme Court. The swami has been charged and convicted of drugging and then murdering "Shakereh, the granddaughter of Sir Mirza Ismail, the former diwan of Mysore, with a view to grabbing her property." We guess you just can't count on what that vow of poverty will get you these days.

• Just when you thought you survived the advent of Kabbalah water comes the world debut of H2Om. Pouring out of the tradition of flimflamming NewAge™ quacks and snake oil schemes, claims are being made for this water's magical ability to hold and transmit intention by way of some good old NewAge™ bunkum. All the same hydration with all the same fantastic claims of magical healing properties, at probably twice the price.


At 2/20/2006 9:24 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

We used to call Depak Chopra, "Deep Throat Choke-ya". He told a fellow I know, "I am the most famous Indian in America."

But that was a long time ago. Looks like Sri Sri is coming up strong.

At 6/29/2006 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Asaram Bapu is a fraud, Forger & Criminal.
He has made millions of followers because he is a freaking good communicator and has lot of slaves
working for him for free whm he has brainwhased.
H.H Aasaramji bapu.there are millions of followers of H.H Asaramji Bapu
the world over becuase some Indians will pray even if i lay a stone in the middle of the road.
Due to media getting ready to expose culprits like him we saw number of stories of people in india who were bigger than him lie Amarnath Shrine board.
I just can't wait to see what else brings for asaram.
He has made multi million dollars of empire by ruining peope life , just ask in vilage of any nearby ashram.

He has number of cases against him in Delhi High court.
He has manipulated number of people from wealthy families to eave their homes and live in his Ahmedbad ashram.
People who leave there family are made to pray to him as a god.
His son Narayan swami is a womaniser, who also now calls himself as god.
He spent 9 crores of rupees in his daughters marriage.
His links with a Jeweller are well publicized with income tax raids on jeweler in Delhi.
He has brainwashed lot of people and has grabbed their properties.
He is same like DIDI who got murdered Trivedi and he also speaks like Swadhyay parivar.
His inner circle says he said same thing like did you can kill anyone for the asaram bapu trust.
He will be next in the news soon, Becuase he has ruined numerous lifes, and has number of eople wrking for him as slaves and treating as god becuase they are hypntized by him.

At 11/09/2006 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 1/08/2010 11:45 PM, Blogger Servant of the servant said...

What Anonymous said in the Year 2006 is coming true in year 2009-10. Your predictions come too have the potential to become a BIG guru.


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