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Monday, March 20, 2006

Coming This Summer: Clash Of The Living Devis

File under: Amma-All-Over-The-Planet

There are two monster mothers headed to North America this summer. Will the landmass be able to withstand the weight of two incarnations of the Divine Mommy between its shores?

Mother Meera is going to be in the country from August 16 - September 4. She's currently slated to visit Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Raleigh/Durham and New York City. We found an interesting darshan review to help you decide whether to make a pilgramage:
Mother gives darshan in silence. One kneels in front of her (pranam) at which time she helps the soul, then looks into her eyes (darshan) which helps the personal life. Neither my friend nor I saw or felt anything unusual after attending seven darshans, nor did we notice any effects in the following weeks or months (as some devotees suggested we would). Perhaps we are spiritually dense.
Hey! Us too!

Probably most famous in the U.S. for rejecting devotee Andrew Harvey when he came out to her as gay, we don't think Meera will get much traction outside of the hardcore satsang junkies. But she may be able to pull some crowds in the cities she's visiting.

But regardless of the crowds she pulls in the places she goes, Meera just can't hold a candle to that Grand Dame of Guruessness, the woman who claims everyone in the world as her own child, the gives-tsunamis-the-beatdown hugging champeen of all time: MATA AMRITANANDAMAYI!!!

She's already warming up in her native land in preparation for her 2006 North American Tour, June 1 - July 26. A good deal longer than Meera–and perhaps fortunately for the entire population of North America–not at the same time.

We have to admit to warming to Amma after a year's worth of dealing with the likes of Sri Sri, the Babaster and especially the Kracki. While we still expect her satsangs to be an orgy of fantasy Devi projection... and a storm of occluding expectations about self-realization (all encouraged by her own organization), we found it extremely heartening to find this statement on Amma's home page:
Within you, there is a wellspring of love. Tap that source in the right way and the shakthi (energy) of divine love will fill your heart, expanding endlessly within you.
We like it, Amma. Put it all on the devotees... where it belongs, the real source of any power you have... [Ed.note: We've obviously come under the influence of Amma's mind-controlling astral milk. We will return after a thorough decontamination.]


At 3/21/2006 6:37 AM, Blogger ontheotherhand said...

Haha Jody,

Clash of the living Devi's indeed. I was told once that Ammachi had said about Mother Meera that she was nice, like a "little girl". I wondered if that was a subtle competitive put-down, but was reluctant to ask the gushing Amma devotee who told me. (I assumed it, since I was telling her that I had just come from Germany, and had visited Mother Meera).

Mother Meera's satsang is strange. There is this nazi-like woman (Indian) who directs incoming traffic as they prepare you to wait for MM. She tells you firmly (very firmly) that you must not make any sounds. If you have a cold and might make a coughing sound you must sit at the back of the room. You will NOT make noise! You get "welcomed" by some very stiff looking guys who appear to be runaways from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Purusha program for "celibate" men (MMY's main place in Holland is a quick drive from MM's place in Germany).

You sit, ABSOLUTELY SILENTLY PLEASE, while MM comes in and sits in a chair and you SILENTLY take your place in a chair near her, then, as you posted, kneel in front of her and she looks into your eyes and holds your head, etc. and so forth.

I found the meditation in her presence to be quite powerful, and it sure was quiet! :-)) A donation is strongly suggested, and I gave it willingly, since it was a hall built onto her home, afterall.

I also didn't notice much in the way of anything special after seeing her, except an inner silence and then I got sick for a few days (I didn't blame her, I promise). She seems nice, if a bit strict and stern.

You have softened towards Ammachi! Yay Jody! I love the lady. She is so easy to be around if you just ignore the organization totally, and refuse to do anything with them. (If you do volunteer, you can just leave your task when they get weird) The party she hosts is loose and coming and going as I please suits me fine. I love her hugs and her instruction to sit by her (even though the evil eye darts of the White Dress Mafia sitting there say 'stay away. Don't sit here. She'll make me move away. I NEEEEED to be here. You are not in a WHITE DRESS! You are not her REAL Devotee! Then they move. Haha.)

Ammachi's program seems to be stuck in Indian village motif. What she presents is what they understand. So in the west it's pretty weird. Sometimes I imagine that she even thinks it's weird to parade around in a crown. But whatever she does, I really love to see her. I've actually had an acquaintance who had ridiculed me and badmouthed me (for leaving our former Guru, duh) come up to me, having 'found' Ammachi, and say "I was so wrong. I was so unloving. I was mean and horrible.....Please forgive me." It was awesome! She affects even the cruelest of hearts with the narrowest of minds, imo.

So bring on the Mothers I say!

Jai Ma

At 3/21/2006 1:18 PM, Blogger bobby said...

I, for one, would never reject Andrew Harvey for being gay. I would reject him for being immature, self-promoting, and narcissistic ;-)

At 3/21/2006 5:58 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Have you seen Andrew Harvey in action, Bobby?

At 3/22/2006 4:37 PM, Blogger CHUCK said...

Yea, Bobby, Andrew Harvey's writing reminds me a bit of OTOH. They are both elitist crybabies. By the way, Ammachi was also condescending to Shree Maa of the Devi Mandir in Napa. I have seen a photo of Maa cringing as Ammachi tried to hug her.

Ammachi doesn't want her devotees going to see other teachers. Many of them are afraid to be seen in other satsangs.

At 3/23/2006 5:20 PM, Blogger ontheotherhand said...

Gee Chuck,

I don't remember ever writing anything about being an angry gay man who the guru had rejected. That is the gist of Andrew's Harvey complaints as I heard it. You seem really confused about alot of what I've written.

At 3/24/2006 8:09 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

That you are angry and whine a lot is the similarity. There's no confusion about that. Ask any honest person that you know and they will say the same.

At 3/24/2006 9:20 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

About whether you are a gay man, I couldn't say. But it was you who brought up the idea that Sri Sri has a thing for men. Is that something else you know from close personal experience? As for being angry, let anyone disagree with you and see how fast you start to gut rumble. Maybe Rita was wrong about you. Maybe you're not an attack pekinese, maybe you're an attack poodle!

At 3/27/2006 4:11 PM, Blogger ontheotherhand said...


You become more and charming as the days pass!

Are you always this upset about people criticising gurus they've met?

You certainly do a lot of whining and crying about other's exposing the faults of gurus.

Maybe you are a pet of Sri Sri's and want people reading these posts to doubt my words? I wouldn't doubt it.

I will not respond by calling you a dog. I leave that lofty territory for people like you and Rita.

Rant on, Chuck.


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