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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Kracki's Oneness Begins To Show Cracks

File under: Satscams and Gurus Clockin' Dollars

The fountain of Kracki seems to be overflowing these last few days. We imagine it’s in response to the shocking defection of Freddy and Madelaine Nielsen, longtime devotees who were very high on the totem pole and promoters of the Bhagavan Kalki's “deeksha” scam in the States for more than 13 years.

The result of the shock seems to be an uptick in Kracki-related propaganda coming from his other big time Western devotees. There’s just so much to love, folks. Let's watch the remaining Western Krackiheads try to retain those devotees at risk for bolting along with Freddy and other prominent devotees:
Dear Friends, this is not a great situation we have here. Freddy and Madelaine have been representing Deeksha, the Oneness Movement and Amma and Bhagavan all over the world. I know a LOT of people who see them as their connection into the world of deeksha. [Ed.note: Hallelujah!] What has occurred here may well undermine a great deal of the work that all of you have done over many years, as it is creating a split in a movement dedicated to Oneness. This is the first thing people comment on as the e mails are flying around now: what kind of Oneness movement is this that cannot resolve its own internal conflicts?
We render the message as: Your work is about to go down the chutes because Freddy split. He’s about to fuck things up big time, people. We’ve got to do something about this.

How about accepting the fact that people are blessed with the discrimination to see what a transparent money grab the whole thing is. The experience being sold as “oneness” is not enlightenment, it’s a trance. Deeksha is an experience container designed to foment this trance and cement it as the exclusive mode of spiritual expression in his satsang. And it comes with the idea that it originates from the supernatural power of the Kracki himself, making it the equivalent of sucking your brain out of your head with a vacuum cleaner and replacing it with Elmer’s Glue.

What does every cult do as it contracts to protect itself? Discredit the defectors, in this case with the neurobunkumry of Christian Optiz:
I specifically asked Pragyanand about the people who are making such impressive claims for their own state: permanent bliss, hundred thousand volts of electricity, hundred thousand orgasms etc. Not ONE of them fitted the criteria of the brain thresholds. In other words, this movement is, at least in the West, represented most loudly by teachers claiming to be in a state that the Oneness movement itself would say they are not in fact in. There are indeed many others who ARE, according to the Oneness University, in such a state, but who claim nothing at all.
Too bad all these states have as much to do with self-realization as our dog’s ass. We don’t even need to mention that Optiz has been debunked by a major university neuroscience researcher several weeks ago here, but we will anyway:
The most questionable aspect… is the author's claim that he has tested alterations in neurotransmitters, hormones, and receptors via electromagnetic signature testing. There is no scientific data to support that this technique is viable. There are other, well established, means of testing changes in neurotransmitters and hormones via blood and saliva testing. There are also newer techniques using magnetic resonance spectroscopy, similar to a MRI, to test alterations in neurotransmitters and receptor turn-over.
And there’s just so much more, folks. William Cooper, Ron Roth, Issac Shapiro are all on a tear to mend the breech. The Kracki just gives and gives and gives… more spiritual mumbo jumbo than a convention of witch doctors in Haiti. This one is definitely developing.


At 4/01/2006 12:13 AM, Blogger onenessunifarcity said...

In the meanwhile, the show goes on in India ...
Even if the flow of dollars slows for a while, the rupees, gold, jewellery, etc will still pour into the divine coffers.

Last year, some folks in a Sevak Training program asked a dasa why some senior Acharyas and dasas had left the cult. They were handled sternly by the young sanyaasin with a complaint sent to the dasa handling that region. Opening your mouths ain't allowed, just your checkbooks please.
All this got forgotten very soon.

Freddies flight has made no dint in India, and i doubt it will, The masses dont read livinginjoy or this site, they work hard and have just enough time to turn in their earnings to Kracki.

I still see mails coming from a pretty senior dasa asking for money. The latest is to round up some VIPs and bring them over to the ashram for a puja. The best part is that the devotee has to pay a registration fee of Rs 30K for the puja. (Please dont try converting to USD, this is a big amount by Indian standards, esp for a puja/prayer).

Thousands of spiritual aspirants have been reduced to door-to-door salesmen in this grand MLM show. btw, the website claims 1500 people enlightened.

At 4/01/2006 9:39 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

the website claims 1500 people enlightened

That's 1500 duh-nighted.

At 4/02/2006 4:15 AM, Blogger onenessunifarcity said...

FYI, Freddy's site has been down for the last day or so. The error message is 509 ("Bandwidth Limit Exceeded"), but who knows what's really going on.

Oh, i know ... Kracki musta waved his magic wand to bring the site down!
No wait, i really know... All those 30 million devotees must have heard of Freddie, and are checking the site out, so the Bandwidth is exceeded.
There's always a simple, obvious answer!

At 5/22/2006 12:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So there's nothing at all to this "Deeksha" thing? What a pity, I was about to attend a local "deeksha event" just to see if there was anything to it.

At 5/22/2006 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

April 1, Stockholm

Namaste to all (May we all see and greet God in each other) Today I got an email from a researcher where she wrote (about the current situation):

"I can imagine people can react in two different ways: either to see the

truth directly into its eyes and be prepared to take the consequences of that; or deny because one cannot bear the pain of broken dreams." Later in the same email, she thanked me for being so brave, to affirm the truth, and not hide from anyone what now is going on with me and the Oneness University.

Someone asked me why I write and share in detail. I answered that sooo many have asked me to share all the truth that I know, as it feels so painful for them not to know what is going on. It is shocking and painful to read about this situation, but even more painful not to know, many wrote. Also Spirit seems to inspire me to have an open dialogue - the truth shall set us free.
The truth knows no fear, only lies can be threatened in an open dialogue where nothing is hidden.
Obviously, I can only share what truth appears to be for me, and it will always be subjective, at least partly. It so happens that Madeleine agrees with me. Yesterday I spoke to my good friend Aliyah (considered by many as one of the most or even the most advanced and accurate psychic in former Soviet union) and she agreed with all that I did and thought in this situation, and she could see the same things about Oneness University as I have the last 8 days or so.

[By the way, we will invite her to Europe in mid-May, mainly to Stockholm to do courses, where she will help people to solve problems and see blocks to help them get freedom from all that hinders the free and full flow of Life/Love/success in their lives].

I have gotten several emails with answers to different DG (Diksha givers) from various dasas (mostly Krishnaraj and Poornima), or reports from conversations with a dasa (as in the letter below). I did not get anything from the dasas directly though. They might have their perspective, but for me, it appears to be mostly just lies or in lucky and rare cases, just grave exaggerations or very foreign interpretations.

This is what seems to be the most painful to this situation, that sheer lies have to be used in defending the position of Oneness University. Defending they have all right to do (if they need and want that), but to do it with lies greatly reduces one's trust in them and their motives, hidden agendas etc. [This is what shrewd businessmen, officers in a war, sect members etc. always had to do, truth never seemed enough for them.] If the conversation with the dasa below was written/told with humility, or at least after thorough investigations, that would be one thing. Unfortunately I do not see either of these two in the mail. I do not maintain that Oneness University is a sect, or that the DG are sectarians (DG are not - at least the vast majority of them). But the more one is close to A&B, the more sectarian one has a tendency to become (this is true in TM too, according to a Dutch investigation). I cannot say I belonged to a typical sect or cult before (until March 23), but I definitely had sectarian behaviours and thinking, probably only partly and often subtly, but I confess that I had several sectarian elements. Before, as the researcher said above, I denied because I
could not bear the pain of broken dreams. Do I regret my time with A&B? No. It gave me a lot, and I do not recommend people to throw away the baby with the bath water. GC has soooo much to offer, there is immense power, wonderful techniques, so many supersweet dasas etc. that can help people immensely. Parallelly I also see sectarian elements, especially in many dasas and the few DG who feel this is the one and only way, only A&B are the true avatars, that A&B are the only ones that can give Oneness to the masses.

This email from Laurel (who just returned from 21 days process) below have been believed by many, and if it is true, then Freddy seems to rather have been of a nuisance for them; he has been more of a burden than being helpful (for A&B, the Movement) all these years. Below I will add the second part of an email that has reached me through 2 different sources, and comment what I experience to be the truth. It is done in all humility, as it is just my personal opinion, which in itself is not so important as opinions never are that important in themselves - the only that always matters is the truth. I also felt for sharing my point of view, as silence sometimes can be same as supporting unfair ways and lies. I certainly do not feel for supporting lies, especially lies about God, people's spiritual path, - meant for the masses.

PS. If you want to read the entire email, without Freddy's comments to begin with, see the very, very bottom of this email. DS.

PS 2. Having gone through the email again, I can hardly control my laughter.

Laurel's email of the conversaion with the dasa (which of the dasas was it by the way?) cannot be more far from the truth, and I regret almost having commented seriously, as it only looks like a strange comedy now. "Hope dies last" (=Russian proverb), and I can only hope that Laurel has totally misunderstood the dasa or it is just a joke. DS 2.

From: Laurel Murphy Date: Mar 27, 2006 11:20 PM
.. ... ... Just a few minutes ago I picked up the phone on a whim and dialed our dasa's cell phone in India to send him my love and gratitude. To my utter amazement, he answered and we had an hour long call. I brought up the subject of the whole Freddy drama and thought I would pass on to you the inside story from the university's point of view since you reach so many people and so many will be talking to you about this.

The Oneness Committee, as you may know, consists of the acharyas and 100 of the senior dasas who are entrusted by Bhagavan with running the organization.

Freddy's comment (FC) """Regarding the above comment about the Commitee, I do not know if it is a lie or truth, so here I am more assuming and guessing. Keeping that in mind, I assume the following: In my 15 years with A&B, Acharyas and the dasas, I have always believed that
it has been Bhagavan who has taken important decisions, or at least given the final approval of their decisions. Minor or less important decisions have been taken by the Acharyas, maybe or maybe not helped or supported by some dasas. Maybe they use this "Oneness Commitee" more so that there can be no major person to blame or point fingers at, they are so much less
vulnerable when it is said a Commitee decided it (more impersonal). Even if there is a Commitee (whether symbolic or real), I would be surprised if the Commitee would not change its decision immediatly merely if Bhagavan, for a fraction of a second, whould hesitate or just clear his throat (a-hm-mm) when some dasa/Acharya report to him about a decision."""

Apparently Freddy has been a maverick for a very long time.
FC """Bhagavan asked me to be a local 'general' in the battlefield, as I had gotten good success by being more of a free lancer. He always encouraged me to mostly follow the guidance of him and God within me.""" They do not consider him to be enlightened (yes, that's what they said) and are dismayed that he has misrepresented his state.
FC """They have always seen how I wrote about my state, Anette's or Madde's etc. I wrote/told that we experience a sense of oneness/unity, and there is no suffering. I do not know if I ever told we were enlightened (I never liked that strange concept - and I hope I did not tell I was enlightened, as that has not been my intention). I wrote about my oneness/unity experience
in all reports and testimonials I gave to my guide during my process, and in later reports I sent to my guide, Anandagiri and Bhagavan from time to time.
I was never told to tell anything differently than what I did. 1-2 years ago Bhagavan asked all DG (=Diksha Givers) to begin the dikshas by sharing their actual state/experience as it was in the present moment, as that wouldalready be half of the diksha. Only in November, Pragyanand (confirmed later by Bhagavan) told that it is no longer necessary, and this he did not on his own initiative, it was after I asked him if we still should continue with what we were told to do before.
By the way, in the end of June, Anandagiri came to my room and said he and all dasas had been waiting for this great moment, that he was so very immensely happy that I had finally made it (gotten enlightened). Before the process in June, Bhagavan said he was going to take me into a state far beyond Ramana Maharshi in this very process. OU often described themselves as a hospital, and a doctor is not supposed to share to others about his patients, their diseases or health. So when OU gave me the 'diagnose' enlightened, and then tell something else to other people, that does not sound like doctors with integrity. It is not important for me what people or OU think about or call my state, or what state I am actually in; what was important here was truth and integrity, and the contradictions between what has been spoken in India (to me, Madde and in general) v/s what has been spoken in Laurel's email."""

For years they have been watching with some concern the course of his one man show across the globe,
FC """I always asked Bhagavan where he felt I could be most useful. And I always tried to follow his suggestions and instructions as much as possible. He was in fact the one who suggested me to go to both Africa and America. I often told Bhagavan and Anandagiri that if one day I would be doing even the slightest harm to him or the Movement, please let me know and I will retire that very hour, without even a second thought (I took for granted they would involve gratitude, dignity and humility in conveying this). It was extremely important for me to know that I did not do any kind of harm to them - I did not do courses because I needed or wanted it. It all began by Bhagavan asking me over and over again to do it. He even appointed me the very first person outside of India who could represent him, and for many years he gave me monopoly, he wanted no one but me to do it in Europe and ex-Soviet union.
They (dasas, Anandagiri, Bhagavan) often said that I was the one who had brought the highest numbers of people to the Movement outside of India, I was a real 'star', I brought them maximum breakthoughs all over the world, they were so proud of me, they encouraged me soo much, they always waited with immense excitement for my new reports by mail about my progress and success. I was always giving them the most of all exciting news, Anandagiri often told me. I did not do courses  for my own winning or satisfaction, I did it ONLY to bring people to Amma and Bhagavan, I only did courses as a way to make A&B happy (which was all that mattered to me, to make A&B happy). Nothing more. And I take for granted that tens of thousands of people from my courses have felt this.""" but they have always been able to rein him in, call him back to the university, give him some dikshas to straighten him out, etc. and then send him on his way again.

FC """They never told this to me. Bhagavan told me he would not put me into the state of a cosmic being, as I was so much needed for them to be active, get great breakthroughs, be an ice-breaker, open new countries etc. I told him that the oneness state that I was given was more than enough for me personally (they never told me not to use the word 'oneness' when describing my state). Anandagiri told me in January 2005 that no one (incl. Rani and
himself) had gotten any breakthrough in USA. No VIPs, no stars, no famous authors etc. had come to GC from there. They had seen in visions that if I go there, this will all happen pretty fast. I cancelled many months of our tour in Europe and Africa etc, in order to come to America before an important date that Bhagavan mentioned to me, I think it was Feb 23, 2005. They expected the great breakthrough to take 1-2 years for me, but after 6 months Bhagavan said I already accomplished this. Many times (from Oct 2005) he called me "James Bond 2012". I told Anandagiri in Jan 2005, that I do not wish to go to America, as Rani is there, and she is likely to be eeeeextremely upset and jealous and will not keep quiet I even exclaimed:
She will kill me if I come to USA!!! Anandagiri agreed that she would probably be upset, but that he wanted me to let him handle her; and it was so much better if I did not answer any of her emails or other complaints, I should just be in silence, and report to Anandagiri to sort these situations out. I told I was going to be immensely polite to her, and not say a word even if she would be very rude to me, and silent for more than 11 months.
Once (I think it was in July 2004) my guide told me to come back to OU as often as possible. I suggested to him that I come 4 times a year as I loved being there soooo much, as I was happy that they fine tuned and intensified my state, and to make the dikshas would flow more powerfully through us. But later (Jan 2005 I think) Anandagiri told it would be more than enough to come once a year.

This time, however, he went too far in his disputes with Rani. They see him as jealous and actively interfering with the rise of new leaders in the countries he visits.
FC """Of whom should I be jealous and of what? This I do not understand in the e-mail below. I was always sooo super happy when someone got more people to their dikshas than I did, as Anette did at times, and Rahasya had in Taiwan, Alexis in Mexico etc. I often congratulated such people and was so impressed and thankful by what they could do for A&B/Dharma. I emailed Rahasya with words of appreciation and congratulation, even though I do not know him, I never met him. My approach was always to make other DG get same or more crowd/success/growth as Madde and I got. I only wanted to be a good example for others to do even better (I loved success, not my success, it should be anyone's success, as all success with Dikshas, means success for A&B). I never understood why I was told by GC that I had the biggest crowds in this Movement, and if it was true, I only wanted to help others in achiving this. I so tenderly loved A&B and only thought about them around the clock, I worked without break for more than a decade, no holidays even. I was prepared to die for them to get millions and billions of people to join their Movement. So here one can see how the words of the "dasa in
Laurel's mail" make me look exactly the opposite as I actually was and tens of thousands are likely to have known me to be."""

They asked him to return to Oneness University to work things out in person as usual, but Freddy refused to come and used language so abusive in his emails to Anandagiri and Pragyanand that the dasas were shocked.

FC """I was not at all asked to return to OU since Madde and I visited GC/OU, October 2005. In fact, I was never asked to come back to GC/OU, it was always I who asked them if I could come now, as I needed it for myself. I wanted to talk to them, meet Bhagavan, get feedback, learn more - all to be of better and better service to A&B. On the other hand, ever since the really big conflict with Rani emerged (end of January 2006), I wrote tens of smses to Pragyanand (my guide), maybe 10 emails and I phoned much more than 40-50 times. Only 3-4 times probably, Pragyanand took the phone. Often the only message I was really given was that he was going to check with Anandagiri, and then come back to me, which he never did. I often said I needed to speak directly with Anandagiri, but my guide said A'ri was so busy with some really important and grand project, but that A'ri would definitely phone me after some days or maximum a week. March 12th I managed to finally find my guide on phone (I got no sms or emails from them the last few weeks) and I again asked him that I neeeded to speak directly to Anandagiri. The answer was an immese shock, when he said that A'ri categorically refused to speak to me over the phone. This was after I had written a very upset mail, where I expressed all my doubts and I tried to convey to them that I was deeply concerned, that if they did not change certain things with programs with Rani in California, much or even most of my success (that Bhagavan has
told was completely amazing) in USA the last year could be undermined, and could that really be good for them? (It was not 'my' success I was concerned about here, not at all!!! It was solely the breakthrough for the Movment that so happened to have come through Madde&me (with our Teams). I was very straight, used modern American terms&expressions, I was uncensored as I can be only to my closest family and friends (which was what they were to me), but ever since I met A'ri and my guide (incl. when I wrote this upset mail) I had been filled with the deepest respect and love for my guide and Anandagiri. I was acting more like a mum pulling her child back from the road (she also loves and respects her child). After the call March 12th, I tried over and over again to phone my guide, sent so many smses (text message on the mobile phone), wrote a few emails, but not even one reply, absolutely nothing! So it was 12 days of very painful silence from them. On the day of my birthday, I told Madde that I suggested that we go to GC immediately after our US tour, and she just beamed in joy when I said this. She was praying the days before my birthday that the dasas write me a nice birthday greeting, and, in the evening of my birthday at the internet cafe, I was sooo happy when I saw the first email or any other communication in 11 days from my guide. It was not a letter of friendly greetings. It was an email of my immediate dismissal. It came completely unexpected, just like a lightning from a clear blue sky, as I was totally open to discussions, explanations, for all their decisions, that made no sense to me, were all a fog and mystery to me. At once, I started to send several of smses, wrote a few emails, phoned over and over again, but again it was just silence, no answer, no sign that they had received any of messages."""

They are aware of the blowup internationally around this but don't think it would be tactful to openly publish his many indiscretions, so they are remaining quiet.
FC """I have nothing to hide, let them publish anything they like. If it was to their benefit, I guess they would publish it. They have so little to win and so much to lose by publishing this. But many people get all these mails from the dasas, and they send them to hundreds and thousands of people, so is this not already to make it public? The phone call (that is written below in an email by Laurel, and that I am commenting right now) is one example of this. It is not only made public, it does not even contain any truth whatsoever ( in Madeleine's and my eyes, of course)."""
I think he said someone named Anna has been hired to put out a statement,but I'm not quite clear about it.

FC """This sounds like a fairy tale again. No one is hired, no one is given money to support me or my views. I do not know what the dasa talk about""" They said Bhagavan is very sad about this, but allowed the committee's decision to stand.
FC """As I already commented this in the beginning, pls see my above comment."""
Freddy is always welcome to come back and work things out.
FC """I hope this is true, and if it is, this is the only truth I have seen in this email. I have gotten no answer, not even one sign of life from the dasas or A'ri or my guide. March 23, after getting the dismissal on email, I phoned my guide several times, smsed, emailed, and till today, I haven't gotten a single answer. Madde and I planned to go to GC to work all misunderstandings out after our US tour, but no one invited us from there, it was purely our own idea, and I think I even smsed this suggestion to my guide (no answer as usual). It seems to me that Bhagavan has asked all dasas not to write even a single word to me. This is of course just a good guess.

I'd be happy to speak to dasas, Pragyanand, A'ri, Bhagavan and that can be done today itself (over the phone to begin with). I do not feel it is proper if we come come to GC as long as there is not even one invitation, no warm words spoken, and all these stories and lies thrown at me from the dasas to people who phone or email them etc.
Imagine a situation with a mum who has a child. She loved him always dearly, she was living only for him, and was always happy to give her life to him. One fine day he said he knew that she never truly loved and cared for him (in an unselfish way), and often even planned to make use of him for her own sake and her own selfish desires. So he shut her completely off and left forever, and added: Whatever happens or whatever you say, I will never change my mind, I know that what I said is true, you never loved me, it was only empty and selfish words; whatever good you did or showed to me, was only for your own ulterior motives, only to fulfill your own selfishness.
What shall this mother do? How would she feel? Is it nice to be misunderstood in one's pure intentions and all good things one had done is not believed in?
Similar to what this mother must have felt (though not as bad as her, of course) is how I feel treated by the dasas and the Oneness University nowadays (mostly since since March 23)."""
That's the gist of what our dasa told me.

Just a few minutes ago I picked up the phone on a whim and dialed our dasa's cell phone in India to send him my love and gratitude. To my utter amazement, he answered and we had an hour long call. I brought up the subject of the whole Freddy drama and thought I would pass on to you the inside story from the university's point of view since you reach so many people and so many will be talking to you about this.

The Oneness Committee, as you may know, consists of the acharyas and 100 of the senior dasas who are entrusted by Bhagavan with running the organization. Apparently Freddy has been a maverick for a very long time. They do not consider him to be enlightened (yes, that's what they said) and are dismayed that he has misrepresented his state. For years they have been watching with some concern the course of his one man show across the globe, but they have always been able to rein him in, call him back to the university, give him some dikshas to straighten him out, etc. and then send him on his way again. This time, however, he went too far in his disputes with Rani. They see him as jealous and actively interfering with the rise of
new leaders in the countries he visits. They asked him to return to Oneness University to work things out in person as usual, but Freddy refused to come and used language so abusive in his emails to Anandagiri and Pragyanand that the dasas were shocked. They are aware of the blowup internationally around this but don't think it would be tactful to openly publish his many
indiscretions, so they are remaining quiet. I think he said someone named Anna has been hired to put out a statement, but I'm not quite clear about it. They said Bhagavan is very sad about this, but allowed the committee's decision to stand. Freddy is always welcome to come back and work things out.
That's the gist of what our dasa told me.

March 29, Stockholm

My God
Only You belong to me All else is passing All else time washes away Both fame, wealth and name Time, space and creation itself You are my true freedom Liberation And eternal Friend
I am carried on eternal wings into the flame of the Infinite An ocean of never ending love
The water that forever quenches Making me satisfied with everything and nothing alike
Forgive me for eyes that did not see clear Blinded by a foreign light So similar to Yours And yet so remote Forgive me for my innocent fire That pushed me to talk and to walk And setting heart afire Promising freedom Lord, tell me how How shall I repair the damaged hearts? The ones that trusted Your light in my eyes Make me Your worthiest child again Let's forget all the past and the rain Let's spread divine love without pain. Let's do it again and again.

The Presence of God is so immense, is so intense - is there anything but IT? - filling all spaces and beyond. So much liberation is pulsating within this body and the Now.

I am sitting here in the flat of my brother in Cpenhagen. I lost my passport in Los Angeles, and will get a new one tomorrow. It feels as if an entire new life has begun, the old faded away and was forgotten. Only God is left, and I am like a newborn baby, waiting for His tender call. There is sooo much beauty, and there is nothing but my bleoved, everywhere and anywhere. I wish the whole world could see this and become whole and return to the Source. I wish every child of Life and Source would get their eyes opened and enter Heaven here and now.

This Heaven is our home, and God is soon going to give this to us all, I feel. God through the Mayan calendar points this out to us, and everyone feels it is on its way. My mistake was to think it was going to be through 2 individuals, while it was just my first encounter with this new Oneness wave sweeping across the globe. God will have innumerable ways for the eyes of everybody to get opened. Let us all allow the Source to flow through us completely in this
precious time. I can see sooo many people being completely filled with God and He will let
His healing come to the masses. After some time only pure channels will be
welcomed by the people, who cannot be kept in the dark for too long. There will be nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to defend or pretend. All will be free, all will be WE, all we will see. The time of freedom has come, not only for some - for everyone. And it is also high time for me to ask for forgiveness! Innocently I believed my ex-masters had the copyright on the truth, and I thought that to follow them blindly was to respect God to the fullest. This was the source of many, many serious mistakes. Because of this, many an angel, many a precious friend I had to turn away, I had to push them away from my heart. There was jugdement and thoughts enterfering with Life and the Now. So on my knees I stand, and accept my deepest apoligies, for telling this was the truth of truths, for guaranteeing that this Path (Oneness University) was flawless as Life and as God; for assuring that nothing could go wrong, that it was a pathless path to freedom. I didn't know any better, I was blinded by my fanatical faith, and trapped I got in energies filled with hidden cultish belief.
I pray that God will protect me for falling into more temptations that shortcuts polished may offer for the senses.
Accused of so many uncommited "crimes", being painted as shallow and evil by my old bosses in the days that just passed... Shall I take it as a comedy or take is a dream? God in me is laughing so much, and asks me to come and dance with Him. Let these bosses speak and proclaim, talk and explain, while God is laughing again.
It was even tempting for a while, to explain to one and all, that it was nothing but stories [each tale (or are they tails?) more incredible than the other ;-)] that they spread wide and far while shivering in fear, shivering in the joy of cultish revenge.

I decided to let God not miss a dance with me, and take a risk that the world hate me and beleive in such empty talk, let all believe in the stories bosses enjoy spread.

Some days ago, a wise woman, deeply engaged for decades with another movement promising ("monopolly") Everything to the masses, wrote her commentary to the situation, and it is written with such depth and eloquence, that it would be appreciated by many.
Please do not forget that God is limitless love, is a blissful dance stretching His hands forwards to YOU every second that ever was. God is fully within you, never ever give away that truth, never run for Him in the outside, just realx, sink in, and allow yourself to be swallowed by all that is and ever was. Your brother dancing in and with the Source (please come and join in this unfettered dance, we want everyone to fly in Love, to become drunk with the wine of eternity)

PS The deep and eloquent reflection from this European Diksha-Giver living in USA is below. DS

..I am sure there are cultish elements and that is why it is so important we deal with all as openly as possible. Secrecy is the worst element in sects, and the resulting fear also. That is why I say that none of us deeksha givers are beholden to any committee, that was not what I signed up for! That is not to say I do not respect the dasas and the culture from which they come, but they do live in another world (universe) than most of us western householders that happen to also be deeksha givers. I am a deeksha giver, not a Oneness Movement disciple.
In the TM movement in Holland they once did an investigation to see if it was a cult. They concluded that for twice a day meditators it was not, but for those in advanced programs (the closer to Maharishi the more so) it was. I would agree with that assessment and also that the Oneness Movement is at risk for the same as in India in GC for the dasas, this certainly seems to be a religious calling. The problem being that religions/cults decree things...well I am more than sure you know all about that. I think similarly as with TM, those just receiving deeksha simply and not going to GC are not so much at risk of cultish elements unless deeksha givers become fanatics. Even most DG can stay independent from this if they do not get attached to deeksha as the one and only way and A&B as the one and only source, but both as good ways and sources at this time for those people called to this path. It is so important that more understanding comes to them of this westen world view and the scepticism here when anything reeks of yet another religious cult that can deem who of their "graduates" may or may not give deeksha or associate with this movement and A&B and also of our understanding and way of doing things. This is an opportunity to accomplish that at least to a degree. It is for the very reason that I do not want the baby to be thrown out with the bathwater that I aks you to stretch yourself and with some other respected (by Bhagavan and dasas) westerners go to India
and have a meeting of sorts so that all sides of the story can emerge and be brought into the light to be healed.
These are just my thoughts though, so take them as such and follow your own guidance.

Sunday, March 26, Stockholm
There has been a lot of people who have responded to my posting. The common question people have had were as to who decided, why and what etc. So I felt it would be proper for people to get a more complete picture by adding my "birthday surprise". This message was probably the greatest shock I have received in my life. Madde said that she could have sweared in front of God that such a thing could never happen; she could have put all she had and the
life of all her friends that such a thing could never ever happen. I would have expected and hoped for a gradual development, a dialogue where I'd have had the chance to express myself and explain it all. The truth is that I have always had the best of intentions always, only love
and deep respect and brotherly warm care for them. The last 6 weeks or so, ever since the conflict with Rani emerged, I have expressed my concern for the general development in USA. It took us (F&M and Team) 1 year to build up a tremendous momentum in USA (which the Movement tried in vain to do for more than 10 years) and I told them that I felt several things and projects they were going to support actively was, in my opinion, not at all good for
the momentum we'd managed to build up. And I reacted more like a mother who is pulling away the child from the street. It was only my love and concern, and this is what they took as a rude addressing to them. It couldn't be farther from the truth. And this I could easily have explained to them, we were even on the way to India after our USA trip (till min April) so that we could have lots of time to discuss it all and straighten out the mutual misunderstandings.
But instead of this, I got this very formal and executive email that came totally unexpectedly, as a lightning from a clear blue sky. After all, I had given my entire life and all time for them, had always trusted them, donated so much money etc. They were my great friends and closest family. Adding to the general shock was that they wrote so harsh conditions, as if I
have to get such forbiding words in order to stop doing this work. It would have sufficed to even hint at it, and I would have stopped. A number of times I have told them sincerely: "Please let me know if I ever cause any harm to this Movement, and I will stop associating with you and doing this work immediately".

Below follow the message from The Oneness Committee on the 23rd of March:
Thursday, March 23, 2006 10:09 AM

From The Oneness Committee
Dear Freddyji;
I wish to bring to your attention the views expressed by the commitee at the Oneness University in view of the recent disturbances caused in the movement.We recognize the services rendered by you ( Freddy Nielson ) to the Oneness Movement in the last 15 years or so.
We appreciate your good work that has benefited so many individuals and families and are much grateful for the same. But over the last few weeks things are not quite the same. It appears you are not adhering to the fundamental principle of the movement namely oneness. Your activities seem to create conflict, confusion, doubts and questions in the minds of many
individuals. Well wishers of the movement have expressed serious concerns over your conduct. Moreover your language and utterances in relating to the senior members of the university has been rather surprising . After a serious consideration of the situation, the commitee at the Oneness University is compelled to make certain decisions in view of the general good of the growing oneness family. The decision made is not dependent on the opinions expressed by one or few inudividuals but after considerable observation of your activities over a period of time.
We sincerely believe whatever decision made is in the best interest of the movement and yourself and should not be taken personally. The commitee thus, has decided the following:
a . You are asked to discontinue forthwith from conducting or participating inany of the dikshas or diksha related activities.

b . You are asked not to claim any association with the oneness university or the oneness movement or it's founders.

c. You are asked to observe the following untill the situation has changed and the committee has revised it's opinion.
Ever at the service of Sri Amma and Bhagavan;

Yours Sincerely; Pragyanand

----Original Message Follows----

To: "'Freddy Nielsen'"

Subject: SV: Marios answer to: Freddy's farewell... Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 00:26:11 +0200

Yes, I have read your posting on the website. It gave me some clear picture of what happened.
I have also received some mails from 21 daysies but not yet from Pragyanand.
Here, I have pasted some of them: Namaste Mario!

I would like to ask you if you want me to give you feed back on the situation and my humble opinion about what I see and feel.
I want you to know that I understand your situation and when I was in one
similar to yours, I hoped some one from outside could give me support to
overcome the "blindness" that such surprise causes.
If you, Freddy and Madde would like, Karen and I can listen to you and give
you time for debriefing with much love from our part. Please keep in touch and when you are near Gothenburg please come to our place, it will be a pleasure to do something for you.
Love and Oneness

Mario Ps. No one has a copy of this mail.

"Truth is the same regardless of the book that presents it or the teacher who proclaims it." "If we would find Truth, we must rise above our own weakness and dare to face the Truth wherever it may be found or whatever its discovery may do to the narrow confines of our own beliefs
and speculations."

Dear and beloved Friends, I'm still in shock and I know that all I say here may not be totally clear and wise. But something in my heart tells me that the situation is strange and serious
and I have to react and write to you. The GC committee has told Freddy "to stop working for this organisation" and Freddy has stopped. It sounds strange for me. Why is the divine putting us on this path? And how can we act to see the truth and keep the way of oneness. I don't know right now. My mind is willing to take me into the labyrinth of stories and judgements that only give me more confusion. That is why my heart tells me to keep calm and not to jump to conclusions. The situation affects many people in and outside the "movement", we function together and if Freddy is asked to stop, many of us will be stopped by that or at least disturbed in our work. It could be good to know why it happened, and I have already asked the dasas Pragyanandji, Srinivasji and Aravindji to give me an answer.
But is the answer what my heart is looking for? NO, the answer is what the mind is looking for.

My heart says I want Oneness; I want to show the world that the truth overcomes dominion, that honesty and compassion opens the door to Grace and light. The fact is that it has happened and it is what it is, we can't change that. We can only face it. There is surely a meaning in it.
We can't know it now for sure.
The best thing to do is maybe to stop judging, stop trying to foresee the future, stop letting our imagination run wild. Because there is not such a power that dictates what we should do or not do, but only the Divine will.
Actually no one has the "power" to tell Freddy to stop working, but himself through the Divine.
I hope that Grace is with us and will soon show each of us what to do to work for the Oneness we believe in.
I think I know Freddy and I trust his acting for helping Oneness on Earth. So I wish the truth can light my way soon so I can keep leading the people that trust me on the right path. Love and compassion
Yours, Mario

I hope you all are feeling the ever present presence of God (even better is living or even drowning in it). For 15 years I have been on this Oneness Path, and it has been an amazing
time. Yesterday was my 39th birthday, that my angelic beloved divine Madeleine and I spent in New York.When Bhagavan asked me (13 years ago) to become a teacher and one of leaders in this movement (I was even made Acharya), I refused, telling I was the wrong person.
I never ever wished to have big courses or be some kind of a leader. I have seen so many beautiful teachings fall from the heart into the mind when it grew bigger and became more institutionalized.
I always preferred death than to become lifeless and stop listening to my heart. I always had to ONLY follow my heart completely. That was my "religion" and path, the path of the heart.
I never thought I was going to meet with success in my courses. My tremendous gratitude to Amma and Bhagavan made me go against my thoughts that I should not become a teacher, and I went on travelling the world and spread about their Grace for 13 years without breaks. Another reason I continued was that I saw I was needed, people seemed to love it, so many
came to the courses etc.
I was so happy that the purity and childlike innocent joy was kept in this Movement, for these energies are the only ones I can possibly work with. I sometimes wondered if this Movement was going to be the first flawless in history. My hope in this was kept alive for many many years.
I have always felt nauseated by fanaticism and unauthentic, false & non-genuine things.
So here I am, after 1,5 decades of constant working for Oneness University
(in fact I always felt I worked for Amma and Bhagavan only, not for an institution, Movement etc.). In January 2006, a person that I deeply respect, I even feel she is one of the purest and wisest one can imagine, told me she felt much has become cold and more like an impersonal institution in Golden City. She has been to GC a number of times and always been in love with it all. In Jan. she was shocked to see the sudden contrast. This was exactly what I had started to feel since some time.
My heart began to really doubt my being an active part in this Movement, for he first time in 15 years. I can only recommend and spread something that I believe in on all levels and with 100% of my being. I am a 0% or 100% person. What I love and am passionate about, I am prepared to live and die for. If I feel that the heart is dying and mind takes over in what I support, I'll always drop it like a hot potato. I always believed in Bhagavan and that He has the power to give Oneness to
mankind. But the more and more structurized team of people around him makes it impossible for my heart to survive in an ever growing cold and boring atmosphere. I always knew I was going to be a follower and admirer of Bhagavan, but to be part of an organisation is an entirely different thing. I knew A&B were true and genuine, but organisations are often not.

My heart repeatedly asked me to go for Freedom, and my time to take leave of this Movement has come. I thank YOU all beyond all words who helped and supported me, sometimes so much I would cry. I have been soooo touched by all amazing and loving people I have met all over the world, not least the Russian speaking countries where the sweet people often broke all records that one could imagine.
By serving and supporting A&B with all my heart for so many years, putting all my life and heart into it; hopefully I have been able to repay all the immense miraculous transformations Amma and Bhagavan have given to me over the last 15 years. My gratitude to Them was always genuine, and I was sooo very moved by the miracles that A&B gave to me and sooooo many others. 14 months ago I was sent to USA by Anandagiriji as some dasas had seen
visions that if I go there, it would "crack open" and become a huge thing there. It sort of happened during the year Madde and I were here. I also guessed some people in position in USA would be likely to be jealous of our success, as not so much had happened in USA with the Diksha Movement for the past 10 years. Unfortunately I was right, and we had very unpleasant attacks from Rani. Recently I wrote to Golden City and explained that I feel so much
falsehood and inauthenticity from Rani, that I cannot be working in the same Movement as her. And as they seemed to support behaviors like hers, I took this as the final drops that made the glass spill over. So to all the organisers all over the world, who have invited us, I must tell I am sorry we cannot come. We have to cancel all our long tour (we have a full booked schedule untill New Year, incl 5 countires in South America).

I do not know what Madde and I are going to do from now onwards. What I know for sure is that I will not give dikshas or represent the Oneness University anymore. I will always pray that Amma's and Bhagavan's beautiful plan will be fulfilled. I will also pray that the purity will come back to the management part of this Movement, as I am sooo sad it has changed recently.

I honestly believed and hoped it would be full of only heart, at least as long as A&B were physically alive. I might once again add, that I do not regret anything in the last 15 years, I have been soooo happy to have introduced hundreds of thousdands to Amma and Bhagavan. If I have been of help to them, I am the most happy in the world. I believe that with or without my active help, ther grand mission will succeed. My personal relationship filled with love and gratitude to A&B is unchanged of course. The only change is that I am leaving the organisation around A&B, who even seems to be hostile to my recent ways. I knew I was going to stop doing dikshas etc. if they went on continuing their new (Cold - according to me) ways (incl. handling the situation with Rani etc.). So the final drop of drops came yesterday as my "birthday
present", when a Oneness commitee in GC asked me to stop working for this organisation.

I wish all of you to reach the supreme union with God, whatever path you choose to walk on.
It is with tears in my eyes that I have to take leave of you all!
With love Freddy Nielsen
PS I do not know what to do with this LIJ website that I have created. Maybe
it is a good idea that all our dear visitors start to go to instead as we might redo LIJ soon, and maybe have it as my personal website, and not something for the Movement that my heart whispered me to leave behind. DS

PS2. As I have been a seen person in this Movement, I felt there were certain things that could help people a lot, but some of them I did not

hare as I did not want these controversal systems to be linked with A&B divine work. It was difficult for me to keep quit as I always wanted to spread things that really could help others. If you are interested, you could go to a great site, . It is an amazing site, anmy favorite system mentioned is Shivambu, that took away all my diseases and
made my body full of energy. One of our African friends said they became free of Aids using the same method. Madde's and my diet is now raw food and coupled with Shivambu, my body is in heaven (Shivambu already made it semi-heaven), and I have a feeling that this will keep me ever healthy, and I guess the same might happen to others if they tried. DS

"Truth is the same regardless of the book that presents it or the teacher who proclaims it."

"If we would find Truth, we must rise above our own weakness and dare to face the Truth wherever it may be found or whatever its discovery may do to the narrow confines of our own beliefsand speculations."

Baird t. Spalding

At 5/24/2006 3:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, is Freddy enlightened and God realized , after all???

At 5/24/2006 9:22 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

So, is Freddy enlightened and God realized , after all???

The whole concept of "God-realization" is a sham employed by Kalki and other fauxvatars to excuse their obvious attachments to name, fame and the benefits of being rich.

At 10/03/2006 10:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this seems to be the most dumbest website i have ever seen, i dont know anything about cults but it seems quite certain that the webmaster for this site should be a lonely, lusty being, tumbling down, he needs some love, let us all care for him. it doesnt matter if this is published, but this will pinch him for a while.

At 10/03/2006 10:39 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

but this will pinch him for a while.

Nah. I don't need you to tell me I'm a loser. ;)

At 10/17/2006 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can enlightenment be sold for money? which is what is happening at kalki/kracki ashram. I had been to deeksha to experiment and it was pure waste of time and money. I asked the dasa there if kracki could give enlightenment why didnt buddha give?... Then the dasa started claiming that buddha attained enlightenment by accident! and kracki is many times powerful than the buddha so he could give enlightenment! I think the kracki group has no idea about what enlightenment means "Or we have to specifically ask them what do they mean by enlightenment"?
I'hv even heard about a person being asked to confess again and again till she sees the kracki's form, finally she had to accept that she 'saw', though she did not. The whole session was videotaped and later it was used for blackmailing, to fetch money from her rich dad! Its pure bullshit happening there. All the claims about their enlightenment is false.

I have been contemplating, meditating and have spent years in going from this ashram to that. Talked to many cult leaders, the bagawans runing big organizations are mostly behind money, power and politics.

From my understanding of enlightenment, if at all it happens it should happen in its own way and the way and path differs from person to person. The shaktipath or the transmission happens one to one, and according to few masters whom i met personally, it is predestined and based on some karmic law(which i dont know anything about), besides that the master would have energy to transmit successfully to either one or two worthy disciples only.

All spiritual experiences are purely personal that we can share and not impose or expect the same results with others!

Please save ur save ur earnings.

At 6/11/2009 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oneness university ( Amma Bhagavan ):

Close associates from the inner circle have provided this information.
After using all mind altering techniques and when they find individual weakness they actually video tape them and TRAP them to keep under their control. They say that these techniques are used on the rich and big personalities who are invited to visit. It seems that they have installed cameras in secret places for this purpose. They will use and they will throw after extracting all the juice! Please do not put your lives in trouble.

At 11/23/2009 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latest news: vijay kumar and krisha goes seperate ways along with some monks.\
Can anyone believe this. Well the wise will not but the dumb is believing this story.
There are live videos (google you tube or facebook) of vijay aka bhagavan talking to people all over the world.


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