Guruphiliac: Shoko To Go Down The Chute

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shoko To Go Down The Chute

File under: Gurus Doin' Time and Wackadoo Gurus

Subway-gassing AUM guru Shoko Asahara has lost his bid to avoid the death sentence. This despite his crazy act in prison, which included diaper-wearing and public self-stimulating. Even with all that going for him, the Tokyo High Court was just not convinced he'd lost his marbles and threw out his appeal.

He's got one more court to appeal to, but we doubt he's going to have any luck there. The sheer horror of the man's mass-murdering ways has still got most of Japan freaked out, with the remnants of his cult under more watchful eyes than a Pakistani on a United Airlines flight deck.

Update: Further analysis of the Asahara defense team's failure to obtain the wackadoo get-out-of-execution-but-not-be-free card.


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