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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Chinmoy's Complainant

File under: The Siddhi of PR and Hands Where They Don't Belong

Gary Falk is the unrepentant class clown of the Guruphiliac discussion list. But just underneath his humor lurks a serious student of the nondual truth. He's been around the block a few times, once with Sri Chinmoy, the weight-lifting braggart who's also been caught with his hands in the cookie jar, so to speak.

Here Gary uses the False Guru Test to come to the conclusion that he wronged his former guru. It turns out Chinmoy isn't quite as bad as Gary thought he was:
For Immediate Release: An Open Letter To All Sincere Seekers


Dear Sincere Seekers of America and Beyond,

When I first discovered the list below, I hurriedly scanned the categories depicting classic characteristics of phony gurus and false Avatars, to see just how many my old guru, Sri Chinmoy, had developed in his unbridled quest for spiritual "name and fame", not to mention, "woman and gold."

Because of the knowledge gained during my relatively close association with His Holiness Sri Chinmoy for 10 years, I almost immediately assumed he had at least 20 of the 26 Characteristic of the Phony Guru that are described below. I immediately and excitedly wrote to many of you and said that Maestro Sri Chinmoy, based on my deeply intimate personal connection with the Indian Spiritual Master and Spiritual Leader of the United Nations, had developed, over the course of the 10 years in which I was a disciple of Sri Chinmoy who claimed in my presence that he IS INDEED the promised and final incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu,i.e., the Kalki Avatar His very Self, as many as 18 of the traits and tendencies of the Classic Spiritual Charlatan and Phony Guru.

Well, Lo & Behold! Or, as they say, "Upon further review," I can see now, merely by scanning the full list, that the World's Strongest Yogi, Sri Chinmoy, and world record holder of the most weight ever lifted by one Avatar of the Age, 7,000 lbs. and there is even a video tape in Sri Chinmoy's possession that "proves" it, probably has less than 15 of the personal habits of your garden variety Spiritual Scam Artist.

In subsequent press releases, when I have time, I will go down the list one by one, and JUST IN CASE you're interested, and describe my OWN and not ANYBODY ELSE's, experience of living in close association with a man who not only claims Enlightenment, God-Realization, Self-Realization, and every other kind of Realization anyone could POSSIBLY have, but that HIS "Transcendental" brand of Divine Consciousness is far BEYOND anything that has gone before it, and the likes of which will not be Gracing the planet for another 500,000 years at least. And YES, folks, that is a quote, you can't bet the ranch on it.

Oh I almost forgot: The Alo-Devi Story, or How The Mother of the Universe lost both Her Divine Realization and position as co-head of Sri Chinmoy Centre Church, Incorporated, a non-tax-paying "religious and educational" organization, in ONE FELL SWOOP!

But enough for now. I see it's getting rather late.

Thanks for the rant. I always enjoy setting the Record straight. To the best of my ability of course, allowing a LOT of wiggle-room for the fact that ALL things are filtered through the mind of an apparent entity and therefore are both totally, if necessarily, subjective.

Let me just throw in one more thing, just in case you're still guru shopping. I have found, in my 35 years or so as an off-and-on seeker, that ABSOLUTELY the GREATEST GURU that I have EVER met, is the one that's right inside my mind.
The guru within is what this blog is all about, folks. If your guru isn't helping you to find yours, dump the clown and move on. It might be the best thing you ever do for yourself.


At 2/27/2021 10:48 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I was initiated by Sant Rajinder Singh, and haven't found any negatives about him. Anyone else?


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