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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Know Your Deeksha Mongerers: Alexis

File under: Satscams

A reader recently alerted us about the existence, the website of a single-named deeksha distributor known as Alexis. All the usual nonsense about deeksha being an "energy transfer" and the Kracki's brand of "oneness" can be found there, although Alexis seems to be playing down her connection to Bhagavan Kalki himself, possibly to prevent potential marks from being scared off. Either that or she desires more of the adulation for herself.

What's interesting about Alexis is her very specific attempt to transform uniformed authorities into Krack(i)heads:
She is... focusing on traveling the world with a specific goal of reaching out to very large groups of men & women in uniform as in all levels of Federal, State, Immigration & Municipal Police and FBI, Airport Custom Officials, Airport Immigration Officials, Airport Police and ALL Airport Employees as they receive the Oneness State they will in turn affect millions of people passing thru and using that medium of mobility. Alexis is also focusing on the Political realm on all levels from Presidents, Embassy Officials & Ambassadors, Mayors, and all top Government Officials, as well as all of their Government Employees. And then of course there is lots of time & energy going to the Military beginning with the Army Generals, their Officials and all Soldiers as well as the Navy Admirals, their Officials and all Marines.
Can you imagine a Krack(i)head cop? Or worse yet, a commander on the war on terror?

While we don't agree with the policies of the present administration in the U.S., we sure don't want a bunch of mush-minded Krack(i)heads trying to solve the difficult problems of the world either. If they fell for the nonsense known as deeksha, they would prove themselves to be just as knuckle-headed as the neocons already in power. It would be a difficult choice between the two: rabid, right-wing war profiteers or vapid new age nincompoops. As much as we detest the global war on terror as it is presently being prosecuted, putting Krack(i)heads in charge would be like asking bunny-rabbits to hunt Cape buffalo. Let's all pray for an intermediate solution, like the election of normal folks without the theocratic agendas of the neocons or the Krack(i)heads.


At 5/22/2006 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen her foto in her web? How can someone modify and retouch her own foto putting light in the background so obviously? Does she want to look "illuminate"?. It's a real shame.

At 5/23/2006 7:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!
I heard about this Woman!, my God!!!
Is so ridiculous!
Read some of her stories...
She definetly is putting herself on a role of an illuminated saint...
See how she writes about how much people love her!!!
She is a good friend of Freddy, who told her when he first met her that she was already enlightened, and had to go to get the initiation in India to go around the world and save it!!! They both got into a kind of competition to see who could give more dikshas... I read some of her writings in her beginings in livinginjoy...
She is so funny, isn't she? with her white aura...!


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