Guruphiliac: The Madharishi: Losing His Marbles While Bouncing On His Ass

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Madharishi: Losing His Marbles While Bouncing On His Ass

File under: Wackadoo Gurus and The Siddhi of PR

The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his hare-brained Global Country for World Peace org seem to be continuously losing the strands of the thread. This time they've got 400 yogic "flyers" jumping up and down on their asses in an effort to make the Netherlands invincible. Too bad they're about 60 years too late to help Holland against the Nazis, back when they actually could have used a bit of invincibility.

According to the TM™ers, everything good happening in Holland at the moment is the direct result of these folks and their bruised buttocks, including an army base closing, reduced drug use among children, lower fuel prices and a TM™ insider's miraculously improved company operations:
There is more softness in society, more tolerance. Company problems are solved more smoothly. Everything is easier, teamwork is better, and we are more successful. I am astonished about the co-operation and positivity, and the ease with which everything happens. It is so remarkable and persistent that it really stands out. People show things of themselves, which they have never shown before. It looks as if blockades in the brain are eliminated. This is just beginning as something small. But I think that the change will be unprecedented.
Pretty soon they'll be taking credit for safe bus trips and easier bowel movements in addition to these other astonishing developments.

It's just a small sample of the miracles to be wrought by world peace-making. So get to bouncing on that booty, folks. Daddy wants a brand new Porsche.


At 6/11/2007 2:43 AM, Blogger SpIrItUaL SaTsAnG said...


"Start believing and will start happening" is an old proverb. Maharishi and Co are now proving it day by day.He is far more best than the existing Amma, Nithyanda and so he is teaching a simple method. He is not hugging and kissing like others do as an act of love and gratitude. He is teaching a worth and traditional method as precribed by traditional yogi's. I have read some of his books which worth while reading than just talking senseless, unknown and mystical teachings. His biography by paulmason shows that his intention was not to make money at the beginning, but later due to the oraganizational requirements he had to compromise. Unlike so called swami's today pump money by giving a pose of blessing or hugging with love. As long as we believe that "seeing is believing" then people like Amma. Nithyananda, SriSriRavishankar will always have deep impact. Only if our logic sleeps and awareness enlightens,only then we could enliven our inner centres to connect deep with reality.Till then we might percieve only at the marbles and ass's. Dissappointed to read such unnecessary comments.


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