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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Knocking Boots With Nome

File under: The Siddhi of PR and Satscams

Our old pal Sarlo showed up on the Guruphiliac Yahoo! group with a few choice tidbits this morning, one of which chronicles the saga of Nome and his former satsang partner (and now revealed to be biological brother) Russell Smith. It's a nondual family feud:
Numerous times I heard Russell object to the unethical things Nome was doing and what was going on at SAT. Russell functioned as a guest meditation teacher at SAT until 2003. I have heard that Russell left SAT because he disagreed with Nome's abuse of disciples in many ways. Helga, Russell's wife, left SAT because she also did not agree with either the teaching there or Nome's ethics.
We've never much trusted that Nome was anything close to a good guru, mostly on the basis of his taking a name which means "no me". But not too surprisingly, that non-existent me sure loves him some nookie:
Now as for the women who came to SAT, there was one casualty after another. Throughout my years at SAT I saw many women be flirted with, manipulated, and sexually used by Nome. He enticed women by giving them the message that to be in some form of relationship with him meant that their chances for Enlightenment were greatly increased or guaranteed.
Classically creepy guru antics. We notice Nome has removed most mentions of himself from his website, making the claim that "he places no emphasis on himself, but keeps the focus of the instruction entirely upon the Truth..."

Apparently, this "Truth" is found about 4 inches below Nome's navel if you're female.


At 4/19/2008 12:44 PM, Blogger ΒΆ aNu said...

>"Apparently, this "Truth" is found about 4 inches below Nome's navel if you're female."
So it's the same tired old story all over again. :-(
no me in deed

At 12/15/2008 5:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Russell Smith did not leave SAT due to any 'child abuse.' He was asked to leave after the local police found that he was planting listening devices in Nome's office and bedroom.

These were used in one of Mr. Smith's letter writing campaigns (and posting of the same kind of materials on the internet) intended to damage Nome's reputation and take over the SAT Temple.

That this story is belived without any supporting facts shows just how effective that Russell's campaign has been.

At the end of Mr.s Smith's relationship with SAT he sued them, claiming they owed him and his wife, Helga life time financial support and full medical coverage. Mr. Smith lost on all issues.

At 12/16/2008 6:12 PM, Blogger RichardArunachala said...

Russell Smith's claim that he quit SAT is just another of his false stories where he is trying to smear Nome and SAT by making the most outrageous charges he can think of. At the time SAT demanded that Russell Smith resign (and for years before) there were NO children as SAT. So how can there be any idea of 'child abuse?'

This claim of child abuse is, I think, intended both to smear Nome and also as a way for Russell Smith to divert negative attention from his own behavior.

This is just one of many lies that has been spread by Mr. Smith and his cronies for amny years. Russell Smith can be a persuasive person. Certainly there are those who believe his stories and lies and take them as the truth.

This lie about 'child abuse' is a clear case where there is no doubt of the lie. How can there be child abuse when there are no children? This is a perfect example of the kind of terrible stories that Russell Smith has been spreading for many years now.

Russell Smith was, I think, motivated by greed and jealousy. At the end of his days at SAT Russell Smith has a big house on acres of land overlooking Monterey bay worth much more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Nome lived in a rented house. Whose pockets were being lined by SAT?

At 11/13/2019 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at SAT for a while. Russell was viewed to be an enlightened disciple of Nome. Russel married a lady named Lane, and she was supposedly an enlightened disciple of Nome. Lane passed away, Russel married Helga, who was also thought of as an enlightened disciple of Nome.

Nome and Russ used to say that an enlightened person is able to recognize another enlightened person. So it is no small thing that Nome allowed Russ, Lane and Helga play the role of his enlightened disciples.

Nome and Russ would speak as if an enlightened disciple would feel much reverence and gratitude towards such disciple's Guru.

So what happened? Nome and Russ had their falling out, Russ and Helga started their own group, Russ claimed that Nippo Syaku was his teacher, and that he (Russ) was Helga's teacher.

So, do the math.

At 1/04/2023 5:59 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

There was no 'falling out'...the *entirety* of their animosity and supposed 'falling out' was a well orchestrated ruse. www dot integrityintruth dot come


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