Guruphiliac: Chile's Child-Abusing Nazi Shame

Friday, February 02, 2007

Chile's Child-Abusing Nazi Shame

File under: Hands Where They Don't Belong

Today we came across a fairly exhaustive article about our favorite Nazi nurse, kid-diddling Paul Schaeffer of Colonia Dignidad fame. Some new information comes to light in this piece, like how Frau Paul got his start as a nurse for the Nazis in WWII:
Paul Schaeffer was born in Germany on Dec. 4, 1921 and from an early age he became notorious for his hatred of women. At age 11, Schaeffer lost his right eye during a fight with a classmate. At the height of the Nazi regime, Schaeffer became a proud member of the "Hitler Youth," but due to his defective vision was rejected entry into the German Army. Instead Schaeffer was posted as a nurse on the western front, where he became an expert in the use of drugs and tranquilizers, a skill that would prove very helpful for him later on.
The shame of not making the grade would get passed on to his young charges after the war:
After the end of World War II, Schaeffer returned to Germany, where he was employed by an evangelical organization that took care of orphaned children. In 1952 Schaeffer was expelled from the organization since he was accused of sexual abuse by several of the children.
And it all goes downhill from there, for a very long time, finally ending with Schaeffer in a Chilean prison, working his Nazi nurse drag for a few smokes and protection from the other prisoners. He's a bit long in the tooth for it, but we hear the Frau can still shake it like a booty dancer when he has to.

You go, you sexy, sexy baby.



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