Guruphiliac: Tug-Of-War With Terrorist Guru

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tug-Of-War With Terrorist Guru

File under: The Siddhi of PR, Wackadoo Gurus and Gurus Doin' Time

Fumihiro Joyu has got his work cut out for him. He is attempting to rehabilitate the notorious AUM Shinrikyo "doomsday cult" while weaning the remaining members of their space-daddy addiction to one of the world's all-time wackadoo gurus, the subway-gassing Shoko Asahara.

The fact that Asahara is skedded to hang may not rid Joyu of the object of the cult's veneration. Like so many others who have succumbed to the effects of their space-daddy gene, these folks are dumber than paint:
Members routinely gather in front of the facility in Tokyo's Kosuge district to offer prayers to the man who masterminded the March 20, 1995, sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway system that left 12 dead and thousands sickened.
Asahara will become another of the millions of gurus worshiped after their death. A space-daddy in life, a space-daddy forever.

Joyu seems confident that without a space-daddy to lead them, his movement will do fine nonetheless. He's banking on the tried-and-true delusion of supernatural power to keep folks on the hook:
"There still are innovative aspects in Aum discipline which can help people to experience supernatural power. It will be a carrot to attract new followers."
Too bad that "power" renders its wielders blithering idiots.


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