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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Da Punks Out

File under: Gurubusting, The Siddhi of PR and Wackadoo Gurus

It looks like The Beloated Adi Da Samraj has punked out of his scheduled art exhibition at the Westfield Center for the Arts in Northern California. Perhaps it had something to do with the less than stellar reception the news was enjoying with the locals.

We're not at all surprised. If there's one thing a bloated, preening narcissist has a hard time dealing with, it's finding out that he's a bloated, preening narcissist with no talent.

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At 4/16/2007 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Adidam publicity is a stealth method of getting money and attention for Adi Da through subliminal message art designed to attract the suggestible by minimizing Adi Da's guru history. Adi Da practices the chaos school of sorcery, has been since the 60s when he took up automatic writing and doodling, occultism, and got a familiar, Robert the Cat, whose ashes are enshrined and worshipped. His art is created in the same way, and reflects his dark, disturbed mind. About the Adidam pattern of grandious publicity that falls through. There is a practice in Adidam called the prayer of changes. It is a type of invocatory sorcery where one or more ritually visualize what they like to have happen as if it were already so while invoking forces associated with Adidam, and then put lots of stealth time into making it happen without (hopefully) outsiders figuring out what is going on. Chris Tong, PhD, Adidam devotee and renowned website marketizer specializing in subliminal manipulation,, plays a big role in this. Tong, who is trying to build his own career as spiritual pundit based in Adidam dogma, likes making grand claims for Adi Da on multiple internet sites trying to create a bigger impression to the naïve, and to hook the suggestible in the hopes something will take. Shining light on Da and who he really is is the best way to bring this game to a halt.

At 9/26/2011 11:38 PM, Blogger HeartDisciple said...

There's no game here. Adi Da is actually for real. The ideas of money and all that are really false and un-inspected cut downs. I have had profound experiences in relation to Adi Da. Experiences of profound love, joy, and a sense of "perfect satisfaction", to name a few, of which words cannot truly touch! I too had doubts of Adi Da. But when one freely and truly reads and understands the root teachings of Adi Da, allowing the possibility of Real Divine to be manifested here, it is eventually made obvious that Adi Da is no human ego. The blissful experiences I have felt and realized because of Him, have been so profound that it is obvious that no conditional happiness or consolation even comes close. Adi Da is truly Divine. I invite you to wipe the slate, and really discover for yourself who Adi Da Is, without any kind of pre-meditated judgements or pre-disopsitions.


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