Guruphiliac: Sikhs Still Gunning For Baba

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sikhs Still Gunning For Baba

File under: The Siddhi of PR

Baba Gurmit Singh Ram Rahim of the Dera Sacha Sauda blew it when he dressed up like the 10th Patriarch of Sikhism, Guru Gobind Singh. The whole Indian state of Punjab quickly exploded into violence over it. You best not mess with the Sikhs where their religion is concerned.

The Baba had been expected to offer an apology, and he did... eventually. However, the Sikhs in charge are not satisfied with the contrition by press release:
Lashing out at the sect for their "indirect apology" over the row surrounding 10th Sikh guru Guru Gobind Singh, the Akal Takht said the Dera head was an "egoistic and shrewd person" to apologise through a press release.
But hey... we all sure know who Baba Gurmit Singh Ram Rahim and the Dera Sacha Sauda are now, which may have been his primary intention all along. Perhaps he was seeking to step himself up to Swam Ramdev, Sri Sri and Kracki levels of notoriety. If so, he got his wish. Too bad for him it's turned out to be more or less a death wish.



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