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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Worthy Of The Wall

File under: Notable Quotes

Esteemed commenter Chuck defends the divine Twinkie:
The Twinkie is a symbol of--nay a manifestation of the pure knowledge of Divinity within the Human Heart which has been sufficiently softened by the trials and tribulations of Life!
A more beautiful simile for the truth of the heart (not to mention, Twinkies) has not ever been written.



At 8/20/2007 7:45 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

Once again, Jody, I stand gobstopped and blushing from your kind attention and acknowledgment!

Since nobodyelse will likely respond to my declaration, except your own good self, and perhaps the wise fool known as semblance or the Dark Lady known as Betty,( and I often fear I drive the more noble of your readers away), I stand here mute feeling the bubbling bliss comingle with the bubbling crude!

I am complete! As Pete Townsend said, "I don't need to be forgiven..."

At 8/22/2007 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Twinkie is an edible Shiva lingam.

The rest of us can ponder the esoteric meaning of devouring that Twinkie...

Fast Food Tantra in America.

At 8/22/2007 1:19 PM, Blogger Peggy Burgess said...

i kind of think of the twinkie as a metaphor of the forces of the universe baked into one great snack/ lingam/yoni the whole deal..hey that's a mighty fine mule sir.

At 8/22/2007 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The revelation of the Divine Twinkie has filled me with remorse for my erstwhile low opinion and ill treatment of said treat. Once, when coralled onstage as the audience dupe in a Blue Man Group performance, I was presented with a twinkie and three cobalt visages full of quizical hope that I'd show them the way. Sadly, I postponed the moment of truth by methodically cutting up the item into as many small pieces as I could manage. The innocent blue men followed suit. I realize now that I set them a terrible example. Nonetheless, there's a ray of hope. The true caliber of their spirit shone through in their evidently unprejudiced appreciation for what to me unhappily remains an as yet unacquired taste.

At 8/23/2007 8:14 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

yomamma said...hey that's a mighty fine mule sir.

If, yomamma, you are referrin to my blog photo, I must shamefully admit that the mule pictured is neither myself nor Da Free Jack, my mule. My own face has got so swole that I don't have a lens wide enough to take it all in at onst! Da Free Jack refuses to have his photo taken at all, always swingin around at the last moment to show his puckered ringus!

It's really a shame about what's become of the Twinkie! They used to be so much bigger when they only cost a dime! The present generation just comin to the knowledge of the Twinkie has no idea how much good has already fled this earth of ours! What we have left is a Walt Disneyfried facade of what the Twinkie once was!

So it goes...

At 8/23/2007 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Years ago in San Francisco, a performance artist conducted an exercise in Food Tantra/Shiva lingam veneration.

She came onstage, in a 'strap on' with burrito in the strap-on.

She invited audience members to come forward, those who dared, kneel down and bite her burrito...

We may ponder the esoteric meaning of spiling the beans.

At 8/23/2007 6:50 PM, Blogger Global Purple Orchestra said...

Chuckji said...Since nobodyelse will likely respond to my declaration, except your own good self, and perhaps the wise fool known as semblance or the Dark Lady known as Betty,

Yea chuck ! But certainly my wisdumb is not great enough to know the imports of your words, worthy of the GP wall. You should know how clueless i should be, to look for some goodies here at GP. What i miss yet is a darshan of AdiDa Free jack. Does he give and darshan or carshan, cartshan on a daily basis?

In the 'heat' of those moments, how does Da Free Jack handle himself chuck? Considering he is single and his hands dont have such deep hollow. This has been one nagging question on my mind always. Does he celebate
(or celebrate)?

Dunno if chuckji admits if the image on his blog is a mule or a
donkey ??

At 8/24/2007 7:37 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

jpevgtsemblance said...Dunno if chuckji admits if the image on his blog is a mule or a
donkey ??


Semblance, a donkey is a humble creature, capable of treachery but less likely to badly hurt a man than the noble mule. The question of Da Free Jack giving darshan has ris before, the answer bein Yes!-- but it can be dangerous! I have told you of the incident with the cockapoo! DFJ is as likely to give darshan by swinging around and dropping a steaming pile at your feet as he is by looking into your eyes. BUT the mule's specialty is to give darshan and instruction through the ethers. If you--like Father Yod--have developed this inner sensitivity, my mule is an open book! In fact, my mule is your own gamey smellin self!

The question of DFJ's celibate status is that in the open fields, he has been known to get frisky with my neighbor's mare and--perhaps due to poor eye sight-- tried to mount a milk cow! In any case, since he is firing blanks, nobody much cares what he gets up too...

Should you come to Dime Box, know in advance that there is no ashram--as such--built around DFJ at this time. Nevertheless, there is an Indian motel in the vicinity. Funny how 99% of all motels are owned and run by your countrymen!

At 8/24/2007 2:47 PM, Blogger Peggy Burgess said...

Well then i guess i truly don't know Jack.

At 8/24/2007 5:40 PM, Blogger CHUCK said...

Semblance and yomamma,

I had written a lot of senceless stuff in reply tou your questions but I must have shit canned it by accident of by Divine Planning. You can judge which. I talked about Da Free Jack tryin to mount my buck toothed neighbor's muley cow and how if you came for darshan he might just as likely let go a steaming pile at your feet as he would look into your eyes and transmit the knowledge of the infinite. Da free Jack is quirky. Why he has chose to speak to and through yours truly, I cannot say!

Semblance asks how the mule handles hisself. Well in the sense that you handle your own self night and day, he doesn't! But there is little that Da will not try to mount, be it cow, mare or fence post, he may be shootin blanks but he is willing!


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