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Saturday, May 03, 2008

This Summer's Real "Love" Guru

File under: Gurus Doin' Time and Hands Where They Don't Belong

Forget Mike Myers and his "Pitka" character, the real "love" guru this summer is going to be Austin, Texas' Swami PrakasakaBoomBoom Saraswati, (young ladies, you'll know those "booms" when you find his hand down the front of your dress):
Saraswati, or "Shree Swamiji" as his devotees call him, gave the teaching just hours after his followers paid $1 million to bail him out of the Hays County jail.

The 79-year-old Saraswati teaches seminars in New York, but in Austin, 20 counts of child sexual abuse await his return.
Of course, the dupes are staying dumb down in Texas:
"We are deeply saddened by these accusations. They are completely not true," Barsana Dham spokesperson Prabhakari Devi said after learning of Saraswati's arrest.
The JKP sure knows how to pick 'em for their pie-in-the-sky, mindless devotion and head-in-the-sand oblivion to some blindingly obvious traits in their gurus. But Texas ain't no Trinidad-Togago, so there will be no buying their way out of this one.

Update: A sharp-eyed reader provides a few more links about the affair.

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At 5/03/2008 12:45 PM, Blogger Peggy Burgess said...

well if this guy epitomizes Radha Krishnin Love, I wanna kill myself. I've never seen self aggrandizement quite on this level! He makes the Hare Krishnas look downright humble. Generally I'm pretty attuned to this type of devotion , but i didn't get one iota of transcendence off his Website. however there is a do it yourself Arrati page that i found very amusing and fun. anyway it's sad, to make such a mockery of this beautiful tradition.

At 5/03/2008 1:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly! Texas ain't Trinidad. That doesn't mean they won't try like hell to find a loophole, technical glitch, or other shady deal. They know every corruption trick in the book. It's a pity they also know how to play all the angles and put on such a holier-than-thou public front. MANY good people have been used and abused.

Someone said they purposely picked Radha Krishn to hide behind -- because they could twist the stories of the loving form of Krishn to say: "Hey Krishn's here now. Come one, come all, and get fondled and worse by the gurus!"

Interesting thing about the "lust" (not really love) side of him, he is a very angry guy and yells at his peeps 24-7. Man just try to talk logic around the guy, he will ream you up one side and down the other. Did you see his mug shot? It looks like he wants to kill the guy taking the photo. Man that was sweet!

At 5/03/2008 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be sure to read some the other insights (aka horror stories) being shared about this shady fellow (the Statesman has his mug shot):

At 5/14/2008 6:27 PM, Blogger Dushyant said...

My several visit to barsanadham Ashram in Austin,guru Prakashananda seem to pry upon his female devotee regardless of age,race,and marital background. After Confirming my observation we stop visiting his ashram.


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