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Saturday, November 22, 2008

UPDATE: Nithyananda's Lingam Isn't That Big

File under: Gurubusting and The Siddhi of PR

The Peacock Guru's devotees are out in full force now, consigning us to hell for dissing their "Master." While we have no qualms whatsoever about where we'll end up after we die, we thought it would be fair to communicate that it appears that Nithyananda isn't going to be building a 108-foot lingam underground:
There were never plans for 108 feet Shivalingam, the plan for 21 feet lingam is fast approaching and to energize the whole place navapashanam medicines for that lingam are getting ready for the lingam.
We've taken down the original post about Nithyananda's ashram near Arunachala mountain after considering the lack of verification of the claims made by the tipster. We apologize for going with the claims without making an effort to verify them ourselves.

That all said, Nithyananda is still the Peacock Guru, grooming himself to be the next Ramana as he yokes ignorance to metaphor about enlightenment, just like any other common big-time guru.

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At 11/23/2008 1:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well all so glossy and rosy with the perfect hair do of Krishna, those beloved ones who yet see him (Nithyanada)as a the glorifying krishna really are longing for their promising Saviour, well it has been that the land has surely been procured illegally as even it was published in the papers a few months ago regarding people dear Nithyanada send to remove the boulders at the base of the Mountain not caring for anything else, the news regarding the 108ft lingam is true and it has been bottled up by none other than the ashram, because there are a few court cases pending on them filed by some interested localites, since the lingam which he so wanted to create for his financial vanity could not go above the ground is not being shoved under the ground, it is better to get the facts straight as no organisation would really want such a news to move out of their circle not especially into a guru busting circle, or shall we give them more, how about the so called brahmacharis of nityananda who use the perks that the devotees provide for them abroad? Another land grab vulture, in the making, there is a saying when there is blood on the streets, its time to grab property aint it so true?

At 11/24/2008 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

his lingam is not that big.....ROFLOL

At 11/25/2008 6:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha Ha...LOL. good one Prakster

At 12/16/2008 2:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nityananda's lingam is surely bigger than Jaggi Vasudev's Lingam (Dhyanalingam - the lingam which is silent and still). Sri Sri has a phallic shaped six storeyed building - Vishalakshi Mantap. Its a game of My lingam bigger than your lingam.

At 1/05/2009 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a coincidence that you have mentioned the BIG 3 and their Lingams :) In Sri Sri, Nithyananda and Jaggi's Lingam the size does not matter. What matters is the energy space that they are consecrated as Lingam itself is just a scaffolding. I am not sure if Guruphiliac is a Lingam worshipper or not !

At 1/05/2009 9:08 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

I am not sure if Guruphiliac is a Lingam worshipper or not !

Any stone I pick up on the ground can be worshipped as a lingam, and if I have the right frame of mind about it, it will be just as powerful as a 1001-foot-tall one.

At 3/19/2009 1:43 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

According to the stone inscription in the Arunachala temple Shiva has promised to be in three forms always. One as the Mountain, the other as the shiva linga in the Arunachala temple and the third in the form of a Master from that town. This is the person who is supposed to raise the flag in the temple' annual festivals. Seshadri Swamigal did it when he was in the body, followed by Ramana Maharishi, followed by Yogi Ram Surat Kumar. Now the entire Tiruvannamalai town has accepted Nithyananda as the Master. As it has been proven again and again it is not that he is telling everyone that he is great, everyone who experience him call him a guru.

At 7/07/2009 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw few of his videos in you tube and just watched how he approached subject, his hand movement, his eyes, his correlations, orignality, etc, etc beyond any doubt I declare this guy is fooling not only himself but also everyone.......... Nithyananda get out of the rut...become a real saint...not a fake one like this.. I believe everyone is divine, even Nithyananda too, if only he knows himself.


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