Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chi-Ting Takes It Up A Notch

File under: Gurubusting

Our pal Sri Sri Kevinanda just caused us to take off the turban, put it out on the back fence, and blow it away with the Beretta:

Kevinandaji has set the bar quite high now for gurubusters with blogs. It's definitely set some wheels a' turning over here.


  1. I shall be following his blog with interest, the well poisoning horse thief.

  2. This here Kevinanda has some beautiful horse flesh under him and a set of chompers like a shiny new bob wire fence! I also like that the bloke knew this here Myra Hindley whose photo I well remember from the mid 60's when I first saw her face in Life magazine while sittin on the pot! I remember thinkin how could such a pretty gal could do such awful stuff!

  3. elementary penguins singing hare Krishna, yes this prophecy has come to pass, Is chi-ting the Eggman?

    that first leader guy looks like Klaus Kinski, who is he?

  4. It is the late Klaus Kinski, he just looks the part, so we couldn't resist putting his face in with all the other nasties....

  5. Natassia Kinski.....drool, dribble.