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Monday, August 27, 2012

Reasons To Leave Ammachi

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These are the reasons Gail Tredwell, Amritananda Mayi's (Ammachi's) closest personal assistant for 20 years, felt she needed to escape the ashram:
  1. Loss of faith
  2. Not happy for years
  3. No harmony amongst seniors
  4. No manners from the seniors
  5. Too much politics between the seniors
  6. No love between the seniors
  7. I felt extremely unloved
  8. And unsupported
  9. And untrusted
  10. Absolutely worn out on every level
  11. Too much stress
  12. Routine too gruelling
  13. Never any concern given for physical well being nor emotions which are also a very important part of spirituality
  14. Partiality shown between the men and women, east and west, rich and poor
  15. Swamis arrogance, back stabbing, cruelty, hatred, power struggles.
  16. Amma's obvious favouritism towards them
  17. Giving too much money and gold to her family members and at the same time denied Suneeti private hospitalisation.
  18. Too many secret things going on.
  19. Too much scheming, plotting, planning and suspicion
  20. No sweet spiritual feeling of love or compassion from amma behind the scenes only anger, gossip, criticism, revenge, suspicion, business, violence or secret meetings with the swamis.
  21. Terrorism - in a subtle sense not with guns or anything.
  22. Violence (mental, emotional, psychological and physical.
  23. Horrible yelling and shrieking like a demon
  24. Constant accusing me of being a good for nothing and always angry at me which always would make my guts cringe and constantly putting me down.
  25. Not allowed to feel happy, if you do you should be guilty
  26. Guilt if you rest, laugh, take care of your body
  27. Money, money, money that is the main aim and you are good if you try and make as much as you can for the ashram even if you squeeze. Amma used to praise people for this
  28. Lying, cheating
  29. Copying from other writers and books then using amma's name on them and calling it her teachings. Also none of the speeches which were made at U.N. or Chicago were her own, they were Swamijis from some books or possibly his head that I don't know.
  30. Having to tell untrue miracles in talks, she herself would make them up for us.
  31. Worn out from heat and crowds and the culture of India, also the jail like lifestyle in the Indian ashram
  32. Suppressed and oppress and even hit and abused constantly by the swamis.
  33. Too many institutions and projects but not enough capable people to run them, therefore endless problems which would then fall on my head.
  34. Never been understood, or acknowledges for any participation which I had in the ashram. Never been considered in any major decisions to be made even if it was which girls should get yellow. Even that swamiji would try and decide, until I would put my foot down.
  35. Not enough protection given to girls sent to branches. Just go! Whether they have a place to stay or not no problem, whether they are by themselves in a huge school overnight, no problem.
  36. No questions allowed. Just shut your mouth or you will be considered for treason, betrayal and a cheat, you are unloyal to amma and the ashram.
  37. Scandalous the way the flats have been built, so much money charged, no maintenance even though the people pay the same. D block has been built right in the face of A and B. The buildings were not even finished properly with cracks everywhere and sloppy cement everywhere. Plumbing stinks and leaks all over the steps. Try and maintain and keep clean the existing ones before starting more skyscrapers.
  38. The residents i.e. Indian are not fed properly. They are also overworked. Even amma would criticize that some girls were drinking milk, she would tell to sell all the fruit and not to give the residents. I would still give it now and then. They all look so anemic.
  39. Amma's obvious revenge and hatred towards anybody who has left the ashram. Getting even with them, not allowing them to move on or get a job `let them suffer for a while' her famous quote. Where is understanding and forgiveness, compassion that she teaches so strongly about. Okay, yes she doesn't want to encourage anybody to leave but is keeping them in the ashram by fear of the future or the consequences healthy.
  40. Only Hinduism is any good, narrow minded attitude of the swamis against Christianity. Only your guru (Ammachi) is any good.
As some of you may suspect, we are not surprised by any of this. The org could not have grown as much as it has without a ruthless monster at its head.

Ammachi is no Kali, she is Godzilla.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ammachi Thinks You're A Bug

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There's a great article in Rolling Stone about Ammachi. As it turns out, if you don't care to believe she is God, she thinks you're a mosquito or beetle:
"A mosquito will never get milk from the udder of a cow, only blood. The bee draws honey from the flower, but the beetle only drubs through the dirt."
Cult psych-ops, in our opinion, right out of the cow's (or flower's) mouth.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Mckayla Does Not Approve

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