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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sergeant Gurdjieff

File under: Gurutainment

Making the world safe for enlightenment (and prostitutes,) it's GI Gurdjieff!

Thanks to Pete for the link.


At 4/07/2005 11:24 PM, Anonymous Bill said...

Pretty Funny.

I was wondering how much material of worth you would grant to any of these gurus...

Take Gurdjieff, as an example. Clearly an asshole who admits to being a criminal, but he does at least have a semi-original and unique body of ideas, of 'writing', if you will.

Is any of this stuff worth anything?

At 4/08/2005 9:34 AM, Blogger jody said...

Hey Bill.

Self-realizationn exists independently from patterns of behavior. While I don't know that much about Gurdjieff, I can believe he spoke from experiential understanding despite the fact that he was an asshole. There is a long, hallowed tradition of assholes teaching self-realization. Gurdjieff is just one more of these.


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