Guruphiliac: Wackadoos On Wall Street

Monday, July 02, 2007

Wackadoos On Wall Street

File under: Gurus Clockin' Dollars and The Siddhi of PR

TM™ers have invaded Wall Street, occupying a building they bought in May 2004, mostly because it's one of the few buildings in New York City that faces east.

If that senile old coot in Holland could have his obsessive-compulsive dreams brought to life, every building in every town in every country would face east. And according to him, we'd all be enlightened and rich because of it.

And because the world is full of folks just dying to drink some guru's Kool-Aid, there are seemingly intelligent people by the bushel who believe in this ridiculous nonsense:
"The pursuit of money hasn't really brought real happiness, real fulfillment," he said. "We hope to be able to rebuild the whole world to be fortune-oriented buildings, to be heaven on earth."
Apparently, the pursuit of sanity isn't on their to-do list.

Bonus blind item: Which wacky auteur is paying $1,000,000 just to meditate in the same room with the brain cell-losing leader of TM™? It seems like a another in a long-line of TM™ ripoff schemes, as said leader will be sitting behind a screen the whole time.

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