Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SF Says No To Deepak

File under: The Siddhi of PR

The City has spoken:
Deepak is another phony. He should follow his own rule #1. What's funny is he tries to use his psychobabble to rationalize Obama acting more like a king than a president. But, Chopra is a foreigner, so he has no idea what values and beliefs made this country great.

"I'm conflicted. Deepak has introduced me to much spiritual truth over the years. There are few thinkers from who I've gained so much. But his foray into political philosophy is quite juvenile and uninformed." Oh has the world changed or have YOU changed? (Morrisey & The Smiths)

Whose the audience Mr. Chopra trying to reach out to? Like if I'm a self identified close minded person I'll be so glad to have found Mr. Chopra's "A self-help kit for closed minds" and I will heel to his advice to open up my mind!? If those people are really close minded in first place why would they bother with this??

If DC's eastern philisophical ideas are so wonderful then how come India has so much crushing, inhumane proverty, a racist cast system, sexism and a hatered of Pakistan?

Oh shut the pie hole. So tired of hearing how liberal democrats are the ones with open minds: Only if you agree with them! Most "liberals" I know, and I know many, are nano-second in-your-face if your should so much as reveal a divergent view from their own. And they have a dirth of humor.

Why is this Charlatan on the Chron ? To sell more books ? Of course. Get a real job Chopra and stop taking money from weak minded people...

So Chopra "... is the author of over 50 books..." Wouldn't you think that, if he had something important to say, he would have already said it by now?

OM (and stuff).

I don't know who this guy is but looking at his picture I wouldn't let him within 20 yards of my kids let alone my closed mind.
We guess the City of the Summer of Love isn't buying what Deepak Chopra is selling these days.


  1. Deepak should stick to wooing women with his Barry White imitation:


  2. Appreciate your fantastic website..
    Have you done any research on another popular youtube guru, Acharya Shree Yogeesh.. He seems to be kinda sincere in his messages, but you never know...

  3. Appreciate your fantastic website..
    Have you done any research on another popular youtube guru, Acharya Shree Yogeesh.. He seems to be kinda sincere in his messages, but you never know...

    :: Popular ? this nincompoop used to be a big joke around osho circle till some years ago. One of many pseudo rajneesh talk alikes. Staring in the eye and pronouncing wrong in some cheap studio settings does not make this nut get anywhere close to acharya sri rajneesh..

  4. woo, is he a rock star?
    no, why does he act like one?
    and if he isnt a rock star
    why do these holy women throw
    themselves at him?

    and if these women are holy,
    why do they throw themselves at him?

    seems like the next big thing to do.
    forget being a rock star
    i'm gonna don a orange robe
    with a thick moustache
    and have one hellava orgy.

    any drummers out there who want to join my band?

    if this doesnt make sense, dont worry, i have no idea what i'm writing.

    what should i call my band?

    the 'wholly unwholly holy unholy f##ckers'

  5. "#$: Don't color every issue with morality. Right and wrong are generally useless when it comes to finding creative solutions."

    Nice one.

    Here's a creative idea how to get out of the small financial crisis of my own: i'll come to Chopra's house, break in, steal his valuables, rape his wife to relieve some stress (and thus get more 'calm, centered and flexible'), and then kill them all to get rid of witnesses. How's that for a creative idea unburdened with morality, right, wrong and all the other un-necessary draw-backs?

  6. go for it,
    the god's are at it
    you'll probably be thanked
    and respected for it,
    by the way things are going!