Guruphiliac: Ramesh Blows His Wad And Loses Satsang

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ramesh Blows His Wad And Loses Satsang

File under: Hands Where They Don't Belong and Gurus Clockin' Dollars

Ramesh Balsekar has been highly regarded in the world of Advaita Vedanta. A devotee of the famous Nisargadatta Maharaj and guru to the semi-famous guru Wayne Liquorman, Balsekar had a sweet little gig as a teacher of nonduality.

But he just couldn't keep it in his pants. Wayne tried to cover for him, sort of, but that didn't stem the wave of discontent that has swept over the satsang-junkie community. Now Ramesh is pretty much off the card.

We feel bad for ol' Ramesh. He made the mistake of depending on a manufactured reputation as a guru, rather than allowing folks to see he was just an ordinary guy with ordinary desires. Unfortunately, that doesn't sell to the junkies one bit. It's got to have the pizzazz that only a real, true-to-life divine being can generate. Thus, gurus like Balsekar are forced to conform to those expectations. And we all know that God would never fuck.


At 7/19/2005 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh Jody, it's not that I don't think God would perform certain actions that you so colorfully describe, but rather that I'd prefer my guidance to come from someone who wouldn't hide behind "I am not the doer" when in fact he just does whatever he wants to without regard for others' feelings. I wouldn't care what Ramesh does, except that I can't help but think of how his wife must feel, knowing there was some young man outside their house holding a sign that greeted all passersby with "beware the dirtly old sage". Now tell me, Jody, don't you think that Ramesh was at least intelligent enough to know this could happen and how much it would confuse and hurt his family? Even if he didn't give a damn about the girls involved, or their husbands or boyfriends' feelings, at least could he have thought of his poor old wife? What a cad. I don't want my advice coming from someone I don't want to be like. Sorry. That's just me. And so what? Aren't we allowed to choose our advisors in all areas? Why should I trust the most important aspect of my life (my spiritual development) to some fool who can't control his genitals or won't and doesn't care about others?


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