Guruphiliac: MUM Student Stabber's Murder Trial

Sunday, June 05, 2005

MUM Student Stabber's Murder Trial

File under: Deranged Devotees

Maharishi University of Management student Shuvender Sem is about to stand trial for the murder of Levi Butler, who was dispatched with a paring knife in an MUM dining hall. It was Sem's second attack that day. He had earlier lacerated student John Killian's face with a ball point pen. Instead of calling the police after the first attack, the school's dean of men took Sem to his apartment to make arrangements to send him home. Sem left the apartment and went back to the school where he stabbed Butler, who died of his wounds at a Fairfield, Iowa hospital.

The next victim in all this is probably going to be the Maharishi's bank account. We're not lawyers, but we watch a lot of Law and Order, and we see a big fat lawsuit bearing down after Sem's criminal trial.

Sem is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. Anti-TM™ organization Trancenet has been saying that TM™ leads to insanity for years now. We bet they're dancing on table tops over this one.

And what about the Maharishi? He could be facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit complete with a public relations horror story. And with TM™ little more than an obscure but prohibitively expensive meditation course that has folks opting for more economical courses at local yoga studios, TM™'s branding efforts would appear to have failed as well.

We imagine this has the Maharishi thinking more and more about those halcyon days of the late 60s when he was young Hollywood's hottest guru. We hear he's hired a Fab Four cover band—complete with groupies and a young Mia Farrow impersonator—to hang around his ashram and recreate that simpler time, back when it was mostly about whispering sweet wisdoms into the ears of comely lads and ladies high on drugs. Ah... the good old days...


At 10/27/2014 11:03 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Its easy to put down great people, way better than you, over such a tragedy as that isnt it ! Any coward can do that ! But lets see you go out and help millions of people like Maharishi did ! What a slanderous loser you are ! Do you even have the courage to post this comment or will you hide it like you hide behind a computer while you spew your venom and hatred and cowardice and insanity and stupidity all over this pathetic and idiotic site ? ! ! !

At 10/27/2014 11:09 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

The Maharishi took in millions of dollars for a basic meditation practice that was free for thousands of years before he came along. While it's apparent that you've idolized him, what isn't apparent is that it's done anything for you.

At 10/27/2014 11:28 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

By the way, the only reason its "obscure" is because your trivial mass media and propaganda machine, as well as your mainstream, lamestream establishment doesnt promote anything except lies, propaganda, trivialty, nonsense, crass materialism, bullshit, brainwashing, mind control, exploitation, etc. Obviously your one of its brainwashing, dumbing down, mind control victims ! You are obviously a false guru trying to brainwash people into your cult of mindless crass materialism and consumerism ! Your a wanna be cult leader ! A very satanic one at that ! ! ! You just dont want people to break free of the chains of your crass materialism and consumerism and mind control and slavery, and be truly happy and free or develop beyond the least, most superficial level of human possibility ! ! ! You are very brainwashed and mind controlled by your cult of materialism and consumerism ! Why dont you just live out your trivial, meaningless, superficial and boring "life" and let others have a more meaningful, developemental, happier, more peaceful and freer life, without you trying to cause trouble, drag people down to your extremely low level, and being divisive, and spewing your slander and negativity around you ? ! ! Why dont you grow up and spread peace, harmony, love and joy around you instead of hate, negativity, slander and stupidity ? ! !


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