Guruphiliac: Psychic "Debunks" Prophet Yahweh

Friday, June 03, 2005

Psychic "Debunks" Prophet Yahweh

File under: Wackadoo Gurus

In a battle between crackpots, Prophet Yahweh, the Las Vegas-based UFO conjurer credited with an unexplained UFO sighting caught by a local TV news department, is under attack in the media (and quite possibly the ethereal) sphere. Radio talk show hosts Aaron C. Donahue and his sister Jennifer Sharpe Sunday claim that PY is being used by "very powerful Christians" in a hoax designed to discredit their spiritual organization, the Luciferians.

Hmmm... we better don our tinfoil hat for this one.

Not unexpectedly, Aaron and Jennifer made their determination by the usual means:
Donahue and Sharpe both used their skills as advanced remote viewers to examine the strange jumping light in the sky as it appeared on the [local newscast]. They said they found that the image was no more than a projected image from three separate beams, all coming from the ground.
All that psychic virtuosity yet they can only come up with a mere physical explanation? Quite disappointing if you asked us. We've looked at that newscast ourselves, and we're convinced that Prophet Yahweh is excreting those UFOs transdimensionally. It would seem that PY's got a case of astral indigestion, and he's letting off some real "stinkers" on that plane. The result is visible in this one, the astral odor being so strong that it gets stepped up into rushing lights when it hits the earth plane.

Update: Looks like PY's having a bit of trouble already.


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