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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sweet Teen Rescue Is On!

File under: Hands Where They Don't Belong

That freaky-deaky drunky monkey Amadon Amadon is now threatened with the possible loss of his sweet teen bride. U.S. Immigration officials raided the Living Love Fellowship office and hauled Diane McMillan away, only to release her after a visit from the LLF's lawyer.

Diane's mother and sister arrived in the U.S. hoping to take Diane home, but when Amadon's crude attempts to make peace with her family were rebuffed, he began punishing them by preventing all further meetings until he gets an apology:
[Diane] pleaded with Laurie to apologise to Amadon so that she (Diane) could see her mother and sister again. "She had been hoping to go to dinner with us that night, but we refused to apologise to Amadon. Diane told us, 'This won't work'. Then she hung up the phone, and that was the last time we spoke to her."
It would seem that poor Diane's own sense of self is completely subsumed into that of the exceedingly creepy megalomaniac she married.

Since the LLF lawyer had such easy success getting Diane sprung, it looks like Amadon may have won this round. But with Diane's family hanging around hoping to talk her into coming home, it doesn't appear to be over yet. We pray she comes to her senses and sees the true purpose of her sham marriage, the satisfaction of a lowlife's lust at the expense of all that is good in her life.


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