Guruphiliac: Get Kracked For 11 Grand

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Get Kracked For 11 Grand

File under: The Bhagocon Kracki, Satscams and Gurus Clockin' Dollars

Got an extra 11 large and a desire to waste it mercilessly? Then get yourself to that horrendous monument to psychotic grandiosity, Oneness University in India, where for about 11 Gs you can touch the feet of the Kracki himself!
Sri Bhagawan on His behalf to show His gratitude give us an opportunity to meet Him, Speak with Him and blesses the family in a ceremony called “PADA POOJA”. Till now the minimum contribution for Pada Pooja had been Rs. 100,000. Coming March it would be increased to Rs. 500,000.
We are SOOOOO graced to be able to give the Kracki over 11 grand to touch his feet and receive his "blessing"! Just think of the all the ego-aggrandizement that will be stacking up in his brain. What a joy to contribute to!

This pada pooja is destined to make devotee bank accounts pretty much full of nada, and all for a few seconds audience with the worst evil to hit self-realization since Helene Blavatsky figured out how to grab fame and money with her radically ignorant interpretation of the Vedas.

The true tragedy here is that people are attempting to buy their way into heaven by way of some con man's smelly feet. It highlights just how sick and greedy the Kracki and his dupli-Amma 'ho really are, making these fauxvatars the most craven and manipulative of gurus in action today.


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