Guruphiliac: China Lambasts Dalai Lama For Supporting AUM

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

China Lambasts Dalai Lama For Supporting AUM

File under: The Siddhi of PR

The People's Republic of China hates them some Dalai Lama, mostly because they covet his overwhelming popularity in Tibet even though he hasn't been there since 1959. Thus, they feel they have to come up with these propaganda missives against the guy:
The Dalai Lama supported Shoko Asahara and his Aum Shinrikyo cult, who carried out a sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995 which killed 12 and made thousands sick, Xinhua said, in a piece signed by somebody calling themselves Shi Shan.

"It was the support and connivance of the 14th Dalai Lama who took the foe for his friend that made Asahara feel secure in the knowledge that he had strong backing," Xinhua said, in typically strong language.
We imagine the poor D.L. was just being a nice guy when he backed the AUM loonies and their death row guru. He probably gives the same recognition to many spiritual organizations out of a general courtesy rather than a specific endorsement of their ideas or leadership.

Since the D.L. is no psychologist or psychiatrist, he couldn't have known just how out there the AUM folk were about to go. So, nice try, China, but no lollipop for you this time.



At 10/11/2007 10:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should anyone be surprised that the Dalai Liar (Lama) should support the Tokyo poisoner, Shoko Asahara? Shoko paid him over a million bucks. Besides, Dalai Lama has been chummy with convicted Nazi war criminals such as Dr. Bruno Beger for years. And don't forget Heinrich Harrer, life long Nazi thug and life long friend of the Dalai Lama.

At 10/22/2007 5:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, just read this blog and noticed you aren't so anti-DL after all!

Also realised you moderate posts and I accidently posted the same thing thrice to you guys!

Peace y'all



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