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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Junkyard Full Of Gold

File under: Real True Gurus

The Moksha Junkyard is a gold mine. Finally, a clear-thinking, straight-talking presentation of the spiritual truths of India by an authentic realizer to his student. We are extremely heartened by the presence of Swami Akshara's words on the blogowebs. It makes our efforts here all the more worthwhile to be able to direct your attention to them:
Master : Let me start with indications, which are NOT the signs a of man in bliss.
he is NOT seen sitting and prattling meaningless words,
he is NOT drifting around without clothes,
he is NOT always grinning and chuckling
he is NOT muttering some god's name endlessly,
he is NOT watching ants biting his body,
he is NOT blessing every one passing by,
he is NOT performing miracles or magic,
he is NOT giving free ideas to everyone even unasked,
he is NOT claiming to be the savior of this world,
he is NOT promising heaven or liberation,
he is NOT always walking on the wooden sandals,
he is NOT always seen in the ochre robes...etc,
In other words, just another fool like you and we, and NOT any of the fame farmers otherwise known as the big-time guru.

We like this swami, but weren't able to find much about him on the Googles. The only blemish we detected was this website, which he's definitely got to lose quick. It simply stinks of the same hero manufacturing all the other BTGs inflict on us and stands to destroy all the good works he's projected by keeping it real.

The Swami's poor marketing choices aside, we'll leave you with this bit of wisdom, one coming directly from the mouth of a guru, and one that shows this guru to be as real as they come:
The formal initiation by a guru into seeking does not make a disciple more special in any manner than those who walk the path without a guru.
Like we said last night, it's horizontal now. Gurus may surely help, but only when they direct the student to their own divinity, rather than getting them hooked on the idea of the guru's.



At 10/09/2007 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since many so called holymen are finding their pot of gold in America and other western rich nations, there is no end to this type of holy shit. Thank God I don't buy into such beasts of backsides. As India becomes prosperous as is presently happening, that too will give rise to "The beasts of holyshits. SO I suppose many Indians have to take precaution as well.

At 10/09/2007 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jodie, I think its high time that all these holycrap get the birch full blast on their asses to help them see straight again. That's the real lacking of this modern world, its too kind to these holycraps, who have taken it too far.

At 10/10/2007 6:08 PM, Anonymous anjum kothari said...

what anonoymous talking is not understood. in any case i have seen and heard swami akshara and have met him too. when i met him i asked him " please give me ur grace" for that he said " no body owns any grace, its for everyone, just like open sky.Whether you are available to it or not is the question. If you were available you will not be coming here asking" and again i happened to see him for the second time in a airport, he was walking alone with civilian clothes very swiftly. When i offered to carry his bag, he refused and said "dont treat me like a helpless child, each one should carry their own load " and he laughed. he was charming and he appeared very much familiar to the ground reality.
after having seen his programs with big crowds, i never expected him to be so humane. My brother too got impressed with his blunt methods of talking. For his command over the language, Im only surprised to learn that he is not popular in US. he seem to be talking a lot better than more popular gurus. Who knows he will also change like others after coming to america? hopefully he remains always as what he is today. thank you.

At 10/10/2007 8:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To last anonymous,
Don't you as yet understand these Gurus, initially, show some good behaviour in order to get followers. After they have attained their large followers GOLD, FAME, POWER is achieved they then turn into "MONSTERS" or I call it the "FERMENTING STAGES"by practicing wickedness. As I said before if you all want a genuine Guru, then go to INDIA and get one of those who just wears a loin cloth, has a water pot and lives simply by eating and sleeping very little. Such gurus then develop Sidhic power which they would never give up to come to satisfy any material selfishness. Why? because the happiness that their soul receives from the power of Divinity is FAR SUPERIOR THAN THE WESTERN GURUS MATERIAL TEMPORARY AND FLEETING FAN FARES ETC. Such gurus live in seclusion and meditate on God without wanting fame, money etc. Such gurus are humble, happy, and accept their life just in the service of God. So please get one of those Gurus.

At 10/10/2007 8:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10/11/2007 8:00 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

anonymush said...The beasts of holyshits...these holycraps...


My Mule, Da Free Jack, is saying that this anonymush has a big axe to grind and maybe could give this last fellow, swami akshara, at least a chance to muck up his stall before she starts stickn a pitch fork in his ass.

Sayin "these hoy craps" is just like sayin, "these westerners" or "these Indians".

I'm old and i've been fooled a few times by false gurus, whores, and used car salesmen but I still want to give a man a chance...

That's what Da Free Jack had to say...

At 10/11/2007 4:06 PM, Blogger semblance s and orchestra said...

CHUCK said....I'm old and i've been fooled a few times by false gurus, whores, and used car salesmen

:::Chuckji ! when will you stop this whining? DFJ is righ as ever ! This swami is a cool dude in my li'l observation. Keeps the media away and was seen without a crowd hangin' round ! Real stuff, so never known much outside.

chuckji ! on some auspcious moment you should narrate to us your ho' stories and keep us amuzed ! How much cheating is possible dime box finally? and why the 'annoying mouses' appear legal and lethal in their comments??

At 10/11/2007 9:27 PM, Blogger yomamma said...

I don't know I kinda like his website, I like watching his chubby visage arrive in stages. it's pretty entertaining actually , nice eyes.

At 10/12/2007 3:03 AM, Anonymous francoz gangsta said...

yomamma said...
I don't know I kinda like his website, I like watching his chubby visage arrive in stages. it's pretty entertaining actually , nice eyes.

-Agreed ! something strangely familiar about it.

At 10/12/2007 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be a good thing to examine the "Guru Disciple" relationship: the tradition (scriptural), the history, the culture from which it arose, the way it is commonly practiced in India ( inherited family "guru" who offers wordly advice, spiritual teacher/guru: a much less usual relationship). I think it would be difficult for a "Real True" guru to exist here in the West and it seems to be increasingly rare in India as well...why? because there is no place for and no precedent for and no support for a "Real True Guru" OR a "Real True Disciple"'s a relationship. Have YOU ever heard of a guru here with 12 or 13 students, all living at his home, being taught everything for a specific period of time, offering "dakshina" and service in return for the teaching? I haven't. What I've seen is the building up of a "fan base" (Westerners and transplanted Indians), the huge crowds eventually thronging the airports, the big ashrams, the deification of the mask, etc. etc. Look at Karunamayi as an example. I remember when she first came here...small meetings in houses or schoolrooms, very little pretension. Then I watched as she built her organizations (here and in India)...more "disciples" (read "devotees"..there IS a difference), bigger crowds, more rules and regs, more titles added to her name. Now she comes and sits in the Hindu temples and is worshipped at Saraswati..but LITERALLY, for heaven's sake!
And we, in the West, have to accept our "complicity" in the relationship! As long as we look outside ourselves for somebody else to wave a magic wand over our heads and "enlighten" us, we will be susceptible to scam artists. I think it rarely starts off that way actually...someone coming here DELIBERATELY trying to f**k people's just the pull of the money and fame and sex...eventually it seems to get to virtually all of them.
As to the idea that Indians are somehow "immune" to the scammers...uh, I don't think so...either here or in can see as many Indians scrambling for the bathwater as there are Westerners.

been through it before.

At 10/12/2007 9:26 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

semblance s and orchestra said...
:::Chuckji ! when will you stop this whining?

Who's whining?! I was not whining I was standing up for the Swami who if he keeps eating as much as he seems to now will someday be as fat as I am! As for the Dime Box whores, mayhaps I have exaggerated somewhat! But I did hear a long winded joke story one time that ended with the punchline, "Mister, you just killed the only whore in Dime Box, Texas!"

At 10/12/2007 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

: Not much truth in this, the gurus from india can find your list of goodies as hot freebies in India itself and in plenty, IT IS NOT RIGHT TO THINK THAT GURUS MAKE MORE MONEY IN AMERICA THAN IN INDIA. Indians have always been charitable to religious and spiritual causes. You talk like you have 'shipped' a few tonnes of dollars just yesterday to some anonymous guru in india. The gurus whoever came here to america would have come for more than one reason, mostly because of the understanding in India, 'western seekers are more sincere in seeking' besides, westerners are less emotional and detachment comes to them easy than the more emotional indians. As someone living in america, i understand both sides quite well, mr.jody here is only trying to identify the gurus who think more divine of themselves than the rest of us. But whoever enters here in the comments column is on a blind guru bashing even without reading the posts and the purpose of the blog. This way the joy of seeing an authentic guru -as jody recommended in this post- is lost. Does it mean that there is no hope left at all in this life for an spiritual aspirant like you and me?

At 10/13/2007 1:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read both blogs by swami akshara as suggested here, and made a lot of sense reading them without the usual mumbo jumbo or the special jargons. To me, guruphiliac sets the standards for a good and the bad guru. thanx for the same.

At 10/13/2007 7:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the joy of seeing an authentic guru -as jody recommended in this post- is lost. Does it mean that there is no hope left at all in this life for an spiritual aspirant like you and me?"

You know, at some point, you really have to just sit down, be quiet and do the work on yourself, the same work the "authentic guru" had to do. Nobody can do it for saint, no guru, no teacher. They can only hand you the tools,give you their blessings and, in the best cases, offer a possibility of what it might look like to be awake.
the Buddha did it; so can you! You just have to want the "truth" more than you want to avoid taking responsibility for your own embodiment.


At 10/13/2007 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As i explored the aforementioned swami akshara's blog, i came across these lines, and this was truly impressive. His comparison of the real and unreal gurus is awesome. Incase anyone missed,,,,


Disciple : Please, will you hold my hand till i reach the end ?
Master : Boy ! you got to go there alone. Even two is a crowd there !
Disciple : I would not have come to you and wasted my time, if you told me this before hand !
Master : I'm saying the same even now. Stop holding on to me and move on !
Disciple : Then what for you are here?
Master : Just to tell you that !

That was the genuine spiritual master who is really interested in the end of the disciple's seeking. Despite earning
the wrath of the disciple. Sometimes, the master can succumb to the loving and ignorant demands of a disciple and
choose to play god and give the disciple the feeling of having reached the hot spot already ! But the truth is you don't need a master to reach the unknown, but you only need a master to tell you that ! Here is a sample of a promising master. Read on..

Disciple : I want to know the Truth !
Master : You have come to me, now no more searching !
Disciple : Yes ! I know, I'm so fortunate that my search is over !
Master : Indeed. Why fear when I'm here?
Disciple : Thanks to god for sending a master like you, my journey is complete!
Master : Indeed, now relax, I will take care of everything !

Such masters who can play god, always hit the top of the popularity chart among the seekers, by promising to play the proxy and assure instant moksha. It is the seeker's inherent wish to have someone, who can make such complicating things easier to him. Apparently even the seeker seem to feel the end to all his search, upon reaching such a guru and his ever growing organization. But not for long, when the seeker begin to feel the 'missing' factor somewhere deep inside, it can be somewhat late. It is a fantasy always for the seeker to make even the unknown to be a known. That's why he invented so many gods and temples and conveniently have forgotten the fact that what he really searched for is beyond his own inventions. Its only because, the seeker is lazy and suffer from fears of loneliness during the search. He wants everything on the platter. Some ' loving ' guru, who can spoon feed the karma cola, who can sing an alluring lullaby to numb the senses, always appeals to the childish heart and catches the fancy of the ignoramus head.

At 12/07/2007 8:39 PM, Anonymous griffith sandwel said...

Thanks. Excellent blogs. Where can we find this swami? does he have a setup in europe?

At 4/14/2009 1:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

true guru..... i have been watching & hearing him for years now & its my fortune to be with him. his teachings are excellent & gives you the real glimpse for truth. For he is only interested in the spiritual progress & answering the queries of his disciple. His blogs are really full of precious wealth which can't be compared with any assets of this world.

Even after going through all the written material by guru, you can't see the truth in it.... then my people you are living in the world of ignorance. From dark you are moving more into darkness & thus your vision can only see darkness. Try to identify the light, which is so clear & visible within you. The scriptures or work of guru can only show you the path... only you have to to walk & experience the truth :)

At 10/09/2009 2:31 PM, Blogger Shiv said...

akshara swami,is modern and to the point.Gosh truth is wonderful..

At 4/22/2014 8:02 AM, Blogger s s said...

please people...u dont need akshara or any other guru....what these indian guru's are speaking about has long ago been written down by sages of yore...and its free!...why do you want to pay for a discourse repeating the same thing the sages said!..maybe with a twist of words.

enough with with the wise man from the east!..take a leaf from paul brunton....he has been there done that...and has put together all that is essential in spirituality...the wisdom of the overself...and the quest for the overself are worth for more than any SO CALLED GURU can come up with...we dont need bearded fools to remind us that we are fools..

please get wise!

At 9/01/2014 4:31 AM, Anonymous Bare Knuckle Brahman said...

...we dont need bearded fools to remind us that we are fools..

If you still went and
asked him, he would
still call you a FOOL,

Just like you were
called on numerous
occasions before,
by even others TOO.


At 9/04/2014 1:59 PM, Anonymous Bare Knuckle Brahman said...

Certain older fool told his
foolish followers to ask
a foolish question
"WHO AM I ?"

And you went around asked
other bearded fools and
they promptly told,
"you are a fool".

What you did not know was,
it was a question meant
to ask yourself and
not others.

When you fool around with
the bearded fools you
better get ready to
be one yourself.



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