Guruphiliac: D.L. Parties With Bush, Flips China The Bird

Friday, October 19, 2007

D.L. Parties With Bush, Flips China The Bird

File under: Backroom Gurudom and The Siddhi of PR

The Dalai Lama has been in Washington D.C. this week, picking up a Congressional Gold Medal while partying with that very bad dream known as the President of the United States, as well as pissing off the People's Republic of China in a grand manner. Now we know why they attempted that lame little potshot a week ago.

Of course, many are spying the D.L through glasses rosy like Bette Midler playing Janis Joplin:
And there it was: bottled enlightenment, released. The laugh is pure warmth and joy, filled with the happiness of a child and the wisdom of a guru. He laughs like that because he knows a lot of things we don't.
He's laughing because he's enjoying everyone eating out of his hand, girlfriend! All he has to do is smile and spout simple similes and platitudes, and everyone automatically assumes it's based in the highest wisdom on the planet.

You can't fault the D.L. for having a great gig. And he is working it, child! But unfortunately, the PRC is just not going to give Tibet back. That train done already left the station, honey!

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At 10/20/2007 1:21 PM, Blogger CHUCK said...

The only thang worse than a riled up German is a riled up Chinaman! When those yellow bastards come rollin out of the fog with their red banners flyin, I'm hopin that--like the Dali Lama-- I can get the hell out of Dodge!

At 10/22/2007 5:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Errm, guys, very nice blog you have here. An essential 'service' in many ways. Thanks.

I won't go into my long history and association with gurus and their paths, and my subsequent disillusionment with gurus (though not neccessarily the deep peace, compassion and contentment that arises through some 'spiritual' practices).

I have no connection with the Dalai Lama dude, but at what point does criticising 'gurus' & teachers become inane and counter-productive? The Dalai Lama is, imo, a remarkably nice and honest person (about his own shortcomings and unknowingness). Actually rather beautiful, imo, for somebody in his position.

Unles I've misunderstood this particular blog, I'm a little confused by the point? That the suffering, oppression, torture etc of people who wish to practice their faith is irrelevant, and that the DL dude shouldn't even bother with raising the profile? Perhaps if there was some oil in Tibet, we would be demonising China rather than allowing it to carry on it's merry way? I don't know?

Regardless, for me personally, this particular blog has underminded the rest of your rather wonderful work here? To what extent can I respect and trust your reports on other 'gurus' and teachers? Are you misrepresenting them too, just to fulfil the aim of this blog, even if it is not really warranted?

Just some thoughts, please don't take as anything more vindictive than that!



At 10/22/2007 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't exactly understand how you can fault the DL for being a "guru." Sure, he is the Vajra tantric master for an entire nation, and likewise a leading Bon shaman who trucks with demons, but unlike many gurus I will venture to guess that the DL probably provides excellent teaching in the care and operation of the mind and "self" to his students.

Does every hollywood celebrity forget that part? The one where the lamas capture demons and bind them to the dharma as "wrathful protectors?" Or that the Mongols established the Dalai Lama to keep the drunk, unruly Tibetans in line?

On the other hand, you've got to hand it to the one-man Tibetan Tourism Department operation. But being within a lowly "Hinayana" tradition, I'm generally okay with people launching broadsides against his "Free Tibet" celebrity schtick, and his books like "I Am Happy and You Can Too". He isn't blowing occlusive smoke up people's ass about "self-realization", but he is confusing the unenlightened with his incesscent conflations of happiness with enlightenment with peace with Tibet.


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