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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Illin' Lama Getting Served

File under: Gurus Doin' Time and The Siddhi of PR

When we last had a visit from the "Lama," Michael Lyons, aka Mohan Singh, he was just put under a warrant for his arrest on sexual assault charges in the U.K. Two years and some change later, he's getting it like he gave it from the press and the prosecutor:
Michael Lyons, 51, styled himself as spiritualist Mohan Singh and victims were convinced he was linked to the Dalai Lama, it is alleged.

But in fact he is a 'sexual predator' who raped and assaulted new or potentially new followers that he found attractive, a jury was told.

Prosecutor Philip Katz QC said: "We say the defendant, calling himself Mohan Singh, is a sexual predator masquerading as a Guru and healer.

"We say he has been systematically raping and sexually assaulting those new recruits into his group who he found attractive."
For any readers who've been closer to Mohan than they wanted to be, a reporter from London's Daily Mail is asking for help:
By way of introduction, I'm a journalist with the Daily Mail newspaper in London.

I have read with interest the many posts on your website.

Could you pass on my details to any of Mohan's victims who have contacted you.

I would like to speak to them for a newspaper investigation into him. I have been covering the court case which is currently running at Wood Green Crown Court in London.

Any other leads for investigating Lyons would be welcome. I would be particularly keen to try and track down his former wife.

Many thanks
We can imagine that woman has better things to do than get involved with her psychopathic ex-husband again, but all the best to anyone who wants to tell their story to Colin and the Daily Mail.

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At 4/02/2009 7:44 AM, Anonymous Prakster said...

lol, I saw this in 'The Sun' newspaper. But it was only a small paragraph.

I am not sure if it was near page 3 though.

At 4/02/2009 7:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well the dalai lama will be pleased to be associated by name to a pervert. arent all gurus perverts these days anyway?

it is kaliyuga afterall, if the student is balanced, you can bet the guru wont be!

you've got the lunatics running the asylum in kaliyuga!

At 4/04/2009 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally i find this news here, because ill been looking for this fake "Miami-lama" for a long time , but only a small news appeared a few years ago.
A woman living in Miami once told me about this guy, and how he claims to be close tho DL and a few lies in the same way..
she told me about this guy giving teachings in a Russian Spa & sauna in Miami(???)(i really dont know what does it means)

At 4/04/2009 3:41 PM, Anonymous Prakster said...

bull**** blaming every bad thing on kaliyuga.

guru is bad, guru is a sex molester, guru is a druggy or drunk. people who pray and have businesses and still ask for money for temple....hypocrites who pray and are arrogant and selfish........?Respect the elders even though they are stupid and backwards and think because they pray and believe and know fancy words, they are holy and special?

Blame kaliyuga? Do you really think so? I think they have been scamming kaliyuga since they started.

At 4/04/2009 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I mistaken, or is the Daily Mail a notorious tabloid...? Haven't read it myself; I know its politics aren't to my liking, at least.

Not that they're automatically disqualified, but I'd want to be careful lest they present my story with sensationalism more than penetrating or sympathetic understanding. Is there another more respectable rag covering the same story?

At 4/05/2009 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's an article in The Telegraph

At 4/11/2009 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

prakster said
Blame kaliyuga? Do you really think so? I think they have been scamming kaliyuga since they started.

well yes, i do blame kaliyuga.
it's because we live in kaliyuga that we are being scammed, you id##t! duh! and doh!

and couldnt understand the rest of your lingo....

At 4/20/2009 2:27 AM, Anonymous Mohan Singh - Justice At Last said...

Mo,Mohan Singh,Michael Lyons)is a Jamaican "Fagin" who used religion to prey upon vulnerable women and recruit them into his criminal operations which involved violence.

From the many stories, some in print and online, it is seems that he drugged his victims without their knowledge.

He preyed on spiritual communities claiming to know Osho, Dalai Lama, Steven Seagal and Bruce Frantzis.

In many ways he styled himself on Osho and invaded the sexual space of women for mumbo-jumbo reasons.

Is anyone able to report on the multiple rape charges case happening against him now at the Wood Green Crown Court, North London?

Please distribute this information and provide your stories.,15128,page=1

At 5/11/2009 2:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have watched this asshole for twenty years...... he is a cowardly bastard....who preys upon vunerable order to rape them.....with all this spritual bullshit.....that he mumbles.......he often falls in love mixed with heavy tangs of guilt because he raped the victim...spending hours on the phone.....convincing them long distance...that he is "liberating you from your parents"........he desreves to have his throat slit....he is such a despicable bastard....I hoppe he is locked up for life.....he often claims that he is "genghis khan"......himself a multiple rapist and murderer....he watches martial arts movies for hours with his gang of idiotic tranced out female devotees...who are all terrified and guilt ridden having been vicously raped at some point......his fate is the bristish prison system.....rapists are not very highly I am sure that his spritual babble wont protect him...from the great halls of divine justice......he has in reality spent the last thirty years...with a severe sexual /menatl deficiency...and has deluded himself that he is a great guru...and has put this ego trip to the detriment of hundreds of his victims....many of whom are still too terrified to come forward......he is filth

At 7/30/2009 6:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I was one of those victims, one he raped and tryed to convince me that he loved me, my family were evil, i was full of demons and i should never contact family and friends ever again. I was held hostage in his house with all his followers, eating on the floor in bowls with spoons, watching crazy fighting movies, or weird spiritual osho films. Sometimes we were made to dance naked to "free our demons". The place was absolute hell, the women are manipulating, psychotic crazy animals. Completly under Mohan's deluded spell. I thankfully was lucky to escape. His re-trial is being held 2010 and I hope that the universe serves this fuker with a life sentence for every woman that he has fucked over and stolen their soul!!!!!

At 8/25/2009 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't explain how I feel whenI read all your stories, I knew this guy when he was at school, he was not into religion then,he was so materialistic compared to the rest of us, He was into women (young girls) in a big way. Maybe he could not deal with evolving,you know normal growing up, it is him that needs to confront and question his demons, he sounds like an absolute monster

At 10/26/2009 6:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This man has also been a ring leader with the Osho cult where he gets much of his megalomania from. He is really evil and drugs his victims. His 'mobots' Mimi, Claire and Nadine are mad and addicted to him. They will lure women into a false sense of security and allow them to be raped. They are in on the rape. They support and enable this sex monster. Many people have been commenting that he is a police informant. Makes sense really. Why else would a serial rapist evade the law for all these years? Very serious questions need to be answered by the Tibetans in exile particlularly Garchen Rinpcohe, Tai Situ and Drukpa Rinpoche all have to answer questions on this about why they have been seen to support a serial rapist. Despite prostestations from the victims. He is also involved with Yogi Bajan cult. If he is awating trial and there are other victims they must get in contact with the saphire squad of the London police. They deal with rape crime. He knows his time is up. Tick tock tick tock. He is going down for a long time.

At 4/14/2010 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8/25/2009 said...

" I knew this guy when he was at school,"

Which school was that?

In the UK?

At 6/25/2010 3:52 AM, Anonymous Oueeza said...

He was NEVER big in the Osho movement. I remember him first from about 30 years ago, he used to flatter me in a 'psychic' mode... e.g 'hi, your 3rd eye's looking good today.' I didn't mind flattery and his comments usually coincided with something about how I felt; BUT it was OBVIOUS to me then that he was at least dishonest - I used to call him a 'spiritual used-car salesman'. Like it or not, Osho was NOT a small, a mean, or a dishonest person. His intellect was enormous and he saw what most people cannot. Many of Osho's 'main men' were distinguished authors, researchers, psychologists and workers in many fields; seriously - books written by his 'followers' have been groundbreaking and subsequently classics in a number of disciplines.
To mention this petty criminal with a massive ego and a tiny mind in the same breath is to insult the possibilities that humanity affords. HE WAS NEVER SIGNIFICANT AMONG OSHO'S PEOPLE.


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