Saturday, June 09, 2007

Indian Xtian Tries To Be Jesus To Stay Out Of Jail

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[Ed.note: On occasion, we get chastised in the comments for only picking on Hindu gurus. We dedicate this post to them:]

An Indian-born Pentacostal minister named Charles was trying to go all Jesus in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, by saving the decomposing body of his brother for re-animation:
Charles, a Pentacostal preacher, claimed he kept the body of his younger brother Selvakumar for the past 55 days in his house at Papanaickenpalayam here in order to "bring life" to it through 'japam' (prayer)...

Relatives broke the window of [Charles'] house and found a bad smell emanating from a room. They broke open the door and found the decomposed body of Selvakumar wrapped in a plastic sheet.
Charles is being held in the pokey until the police can determine if Selvakumar's death was a suicide, as Charles contends, or perhaps something more sinister.

If it was indeed a case of fratricide, Charles' attempt to raise his dead brother goes from wacky effort to preserve family togetherness to desperate endeavor to keep his ass out of jail, all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we suppose...


  1. The priests in India(perhaps around the world) certainly lack the charisma which is commonly found among these hindu gurus, hence, a christian priest is never newsworthy even if he quietly diddled and raped and molested children and women in his attic everyday and night....

  2. Spelling Police6/11/2007 4:02 AM

    The word in the title should be "Xtian," not "Xtain."

  3. The word in the title should be "Xtian," not "Xtain."

    It's shown in both spellings at the Urban Dictionary, but I made the change anyway. Thanks.

  4. Spelling Police6/12/2007 3:22 AM

    It's shown in both spellings at the Urban Dictionary, but I made the change anyway. Thanks.

    You're welcome, Jody.

    The Urban Dictionary documents what's being (mis)used, not what makes sense. You'll find nucular there, too, but you wouldn't want to use that form in your blog entry's title, either. (I hope.)

    As you can see from Google results, "Xtian" outnumbers "Xtain" by a factor of 577 to 1. (And many of the "Xtain" entries refer to a tannin blocker, anyway.)

    Which, of course, is logical, because "Xtian" stands for "Christian," not "Christain."