Guruphiliac: Rupee-less Guru Raking It In

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Rupee-less Guru Raking It In

File under Guru's Clockin' Dollars

Another bigtime guru is on the rise in India. Swami Ramdevji Maharaj saw over 10,000 devotees crowd the opening of his new health center in a Bombay suburb. The center is apparently an outgrowth of the Swami's morning television program, airing daily on the Aastha channel, which seems to be some kind of guru channel in India. The channel and the Swami are in a co-venture to bankroll the new health center.

Pressed by a reporter about his financial situation, the Swami replied, "I do not have one rupee in my bank balance." When asked about millions in donations, the Swami said, "Whatever I take I give back by way of health centres to people."

Who needs a bank balance when you've got a foundation. And putting all the donations into your business, brilliant! This Swami seems to be in the catbird seat right now.... for now.


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