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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cracking The Kracki Code

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A kind reader forwarded the following recruitment letter from one of the Bhagavan Kalki's minions in Austin, Texas. He bailed out when they began talking "about having an enlightenment beyond Buddha and Ramana." We commend her on the wise decision, but we've also got to give the Kracki credit for the brilliant, American-style marketing play. You don't want the same, ordinary, old-fashioned enlightenment that the Buddha and Ramana had. That's just plain uncool (besides allowing you to see right through all the Kracki's bullshit.)

As a service to our readers, we will attempt to read between the lines and show you what is really going on as the Kracki and his pseudo-Amma consort attempt to bring about the Golden Age (as in gold in their bank accounts:)
Love to you All,

The first line from the Cult 101 textbook says, "Make it all about "love" and you can't go wrong." It's a classic obfuscation to use against your critics. "It's perfectly innocent and about love. What could you possibly have against love?" We love love, we really do. But the nondual truth is quite plain and simple. Love (or any other emotion) has as much to do with the truth of the Self as a dog's ass.

Well there is so much to much happening. I'll tell you a little now and more later with the next email.

The first taste is always free.

As you know, what is happening in Austin and in the world is a vital part of a huge world awakening by 2012.

We've appropriated Jose Arguelles' and Terrence McKenna's interpretation of Mayan prophecy [a whole other kettle of NewAge™ nonsense] for our own purposes, to con the unsuspecting into believing they are part of a global movement toward higher consciousness (for regular donations, of course.)

I truely know that we have been Graced to be a leading part of this world awakening.

The Kracki made me his bitch by flattering me with utter nonsense about the state of my realization, just like he did to Issac Shapiro and Ron Roth. Now I've got a ten mile-wide ego just like them.

The first step is to relax into your awakening until it is Our awakening.

You will be assimilated.

The program this Friday will give us a functional place to do that with one another. Meditation, Group deeksha, satsang, and being with one another will be brought together in this program.

We must reinforce the nonsense we are shoving down your throats.

Please consider are so important to all of Us. As your enlightenment process continues, we can consider relational enlightenment and what that looks like.

Relational enlightenment. A brilliant invention and deception to keep 'em in the Kracki's clutches. No such thing exists.

We will change Austin and the world as we change from the inside out. Currently, there are 7 from our group at the Oneness University in India.

We're a part of the pyramid now–and we want our payout!

You may have been experiencing a hightened [sic] state of energy or movement inside. That is because they are directly connected with you and our group.

In the fantasy spiritual scenario and emotional trance we are selling you as enlightenment, the power of deeksha is like a thread of love that ties us all together. The Kracki, me, you... and your bank account.

We have another 3 or 4 going in March with many more to follow in Aug and Oct. They will have a tremendous impact on all of us and the will you as you deepen here in Austin.

It better have an "impact" on our account balance after all the money we paid for this nonsense in India.

So my thoughts about deeksha are very much on a world level now....not just about you and me. I have had requests to go to a number of different cities and, until then there are people driving long distances to be with us in Austin.

I am an avatar of Divine Love. Didn't you know? This town is way too small for my awesome spiritual powers now.

These are exciting times that are being facilitated by the Divine in so many ways. It is explosive! You are a part of that.

We need your money you to help us bring riches to the Kracki enlightenment to the world.

You have some unique gifts that will be used toward world enlightenment as your process, also, deepens.

Here's a little somethin' somethin' to get you going on your own ego-inflation and grandiosity.

When I was in India the first time, I asked Amma directly what I needed to do to deepen my enlightenment and give powerful deekshas. She told me to do seva (selfless service for the benefit of others). For me, that is to give deeksha and support you in any way I can. I have structured the ever evolving programs toward that end.

They sucked me right into this scam with flattery and bullshit. Now I'm doing the same to you.

I found out today that two of my friends were worried that I was doing too much. I am touched by their concern and love. As I consider all of you and your friends who have not even been to deeksha yet, I know that I need help and now is the time for me to ask you.

They've got calls out to any cult-busters they can get a hold of, but I'm one step ahead of them.

We have a vital world role to play here in Austin and I am here to tell you that you are a key part of that. You have something you can contribute rather easily in an exciting way.

It's called your hard-earned cash.

I do not want to and will not ask you to be burdened.

Here, let me unburden you of as much cash as I am able.

I am asking those of you that want to go deeper by doing your seva to offer your services in a way that repects [sic] your path, time, energy, etc. yet moves the world to a better place. Time is we really have to act in the world.

This is the second lesson in Cult 101: give them something to fear and then present yourself as the only solution.

If you can put up 2 posters then do that, if you can do a bit more then let us know. [name redacted] has volunteered to facilitate this. We would like to keep it very simple and easy so if you want to do seva, you can do only what feels good in the way that you want and can stop anytime. If many of us do a little from time to time, no one will get 'burnt out". I say "many" rather than all because that may not be where you are now and that is respected as well.

We haven't quite sucked you all in yet. Don't worry. We will.

[Name redacted] will have a list of all sorts of things that would be helpful from singing to smiling and you can pick what you like. Or you may have a talent that we have not thought of that would help Us All. You could mention that to her. If you are interested in seva please email her at [email redacted] soon. You will bless Us and be blessed!

We will make you our slave. It all starts with putting up a poster or two.

Thank you!


Someone said that they wanted me to give an intensive so I will do that all day on Sat. 2/11 out at Lake Travis at [name redacted's] house. You can also go to the deeksha on Friday the 10th in Austin and/or Sun. the 12th in SA and really soak in your Self.

And herein lies the Kracki's deepest, blackest evil. We are never NOT "soaking" in our Self. The Kracki is lying right through his veneers about a lot of things, but especially about the idea that you are closer to the Self when attending his indoctrinations. There is a very hot room very deep in the pits of Hell waiting for the Kracki because of this.

I would guess that many of those that will have just gotten back from India will want to participate. It will be a great "deepening" experience and is open to all. I will send out more details in a week or so.

Come practice your newly acquired cult recruitment skills on any new patsies we can get to attend.

I really do hope you will come to Friday's program (1/13). I want to make it very easy for you and your friends to come....that is why it is by love offering for now.

What a great concept! A "love" offering. It's closer to a guilt-you-into-a-donation offering. "What! You didn't offer a donation? Don't you have any love?"



I am William, here me roar! I OWN Austin for the Kracki!
Fortunately, we don't believe the Kracki will get the kind of traction in the U.S. he has in India. Folks will cycle through his deception naturally, just as they do in any Ponzi scheme or pyramid scam. A bit poorer in pocket perhaps, and hopefully much wiser about flim-flamming avatars and the nincompoops who follow them for their own spiritual self-glory.


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