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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Maybe Ja To Moon

File under: The Siddhi of PR and Wackadoo Gurus

Beltway avatard Rev. Sun Myung Moon wants to go a recruitin' in Germany. Too bad it's been verboten since 1995. After all, it's for the good of the children:
Youth-welfare officials regard Moon’s organization as a sect that exploits the psychological instability of many young people.

Government officials say Moon’s political views are also contrary to the German constitution’s commitment to the combination of social security with free markets.
In other words, the Germans don't want to give Moon a venue to express his pathological narcissism as the sheer grandiosity of claiming to be the one world messiah. We'll add: get in line, loser. There are easily over 100 other so-called "only true saviors" vying for the affection of the poor, deluded souls who believe in such nonsense.

But since Germany is in the European Union, and since the E.U. wants to appear more tolerant than the States [Ed.note: And really, who can blame them?], a German court is going to decide whether to lift the injunction against Moon traveling there.

Since the ban was enacted back in 1995, Moon has bought his way into Washington D.C., even going so far as to control one of the local newspapers there. We're sure he's got many "friends" now with some heft to toss around in the diplomatic channels, making his visit rather likely at this point.

So, get ready for another nutbag who seriously believes he's going to rule the entire world, Germany.

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At 4/20/2007 5:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember when moon was in London in November 2005.He started talking about god, human values and all that then suddenly started saying that he wrote so many articles that he ought to be getting the noble prize for his scientific ideas. Then he started yapping how he can challenge anyone and that he can talk arrogantly in front of god. well according to his BS, everything is made from opposites like the yinyang B.S, women submissive , satan to blame blah blah true love and family values yada yada, and then holy wine (which is actually apple juice that looks like he peed in a little bottle), was given to everybody at the start.

OK, after that B.S,and researching, I have found out that the sun, which we can all see and the earth goes around, is only reacting because of proton-proton fusion, which is why we are existing. Oh dear moontard, looks like you are wrong here, unless satan is making it look like that.

Next time I meet a loony-moony this is the question I will give. Anyone in germany and anyone with family/friends going to the meeting if it happens, ask this question: WHy does repulsion turns to attraction when protons are closer than 10^-14m??

That is the biggest scientific mystery.....

oh btw, there were two meetings, a public one where I was and another one where only members with special passes or id could go to. Wonder what B.S was going on, at that time.

At 4/23/2007 12:25 PM, Blogger stuartresnick said...

God Bless America on this one. Having the German government dicate which spiritual/religious teachers are allowed to speak can't possibly be the best alternative.



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