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Friday, July 06, 2007

Charles Cannon: Master Of Crazy

File under: The Siddhi of PR and Wackadoo Gurus

There must be a dearth of newsworthy events to report in Virginia, because for the second time in a month, another seemingly reputable news org is reporting on the wackadoo nuttiness of "Master" Charles Cannon and his "blessed Mother" as if it's a bona fide miracle:
A devout follower of meditation, Master Charles has been seeing the apparition since the age of three, but only made that public knowledge nine months ago.

"The blessed mother said to me, 'don't talk about this, don't share this a time will come when you will,'" Master Charles said.

That time was his 60th birthday. Today, he claims he is able to bring the apparition to the masses, and each month, delivers a monthly message from her to his followers.

Though she only speaks to him, those there say she is visible to believers.

"I picked up some faint gold around the face of the statue and of course some auras, the white light and auras," Sandy Beebe said.

"It's like a vibrating shadow around the statue, and it's also these tiny, tiny particles I saw. It's like snow crystals," Martin Thambert described.
Oh, the humanity of it all! You know things are headed to hell in a hand basket when seemingly reputable purveyors of current events news lower themselves to the bottom of the barrel by reporting on a matter like this.

Cannon must be offering kickbacks to local reporters to cover this nonsense. He gets more dupes, they get some cash, and the nondual truth gets to take it hard right up the backside. Greed wins as self-realization is crushed in an avalanche of superstitious fancy and mind-clogging, occluding expectations, all having as much to do with any actual spiritual truth as an episode of the Debbie Does Dallas series of fine motion picture entertainments.

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At 7/06/2007 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jody and Blog Readers,

Yes or yes, swami muktananda really had what it took to pick 'em to put on the orange and red robes right along side of himself, didn't he?

Chuck and the other misguided ex-sy swamis who have tried to form some type of a triad, are all in this delusion together.

When critical mass was reached in regard to muktananda's life of abuse, lack of celebacy, unsavory tantric practices (of which he taught his male swamis a thing or two, please don't think these bafoons are for real), then this triad tried to push past the muktananda link and sell themselves as having done sadhana (their spiritual path) with Nityananda, Sr.

muktananda claimed Nityananda as his teacher/guru. I'm not at all convinced Nityananda claimed muktananda as his loyal student. Certainly no evidence that Nityananda left any lineage to muktananda or anyone else for that matter.

So these yahoos try to bypass their very sorted association with muktananda and go to Nityananda as their teacher. LOL, LOL, LOL; no way was this the case.

Chuck then has the saggy balls to try to claim visons of Mary.

Like I said, muktananda really knew how to pick them, didn't he. his most unfortunate legacy continues to sputter and vomit its way through the western world, as his spinoffs (claiming him or not) continue to operate in life in the true style of his misguided and untruthful ways.

May we all wake up and see this con for what it is. May these cons not make another dime of of any misinformed person. May no one else suffer abuse at the hand of a muktananda spinnoff.

May former muktananda swamis whoe who attempt to write about dharma in US publications wake up and have the courage to come clean about the life of deceit it all was.


At 7/08/2007 2:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it that "master" (lol) Charles has been having these "visitations" since the age of three but (oh so conveniently) was told by "the divine mother" not to say a word until, by some bizarre coincidence, his recent attempt to team up with the infamous Chetananda, the appalling swami what's his face from Australia and the "drumming mahamandalehswar" of Walden, NY...seems to have fallen a little flat. Just then, like a MIRACLE, the divine mother tells charles, "time to speak out and reveal our connection". Uh, could it be "synchronicity"...wasn't that the name of his org?
the most authentic part of "master" charles is his hairpiece.
Does he really think people are so stupid? apparently so.

At 7/08/2007 11:11 PM, Blogger stuartresnick said...

> I'm not at all convinced
> Nityananda claimed muktananda as
> his loyal student.

I spent 2.5 years at Muktananda's ashram. At one point I spoke to a local in Ganeshpuri (where Nityananda Sr spent much time), and he said that he'd been present when Nityananda died, and Muktananda's story about having been there and gotten special recognition from Nityananda was bogus. Muk's ashram sold photos of the two together, and they were pretty crude fabrications (pre-Photoshop).

It's not that it matters whether Muk was Nity's successor... Muk's teaching falls on its own, regardless of who he claims as his guru. It's just that this whole issue shows that what we commonly call "truth" wasn't honored so much in Muk's organization.

I also knew "Master Charles" back in the day. Always a little flakey, though he didn't seem sinister.

I've always marveled at the Biblical story of how Moses went up to the mountain, came back claiming that God had appeared to no one but him, and even though he had no evidence, people believed him!! I used to think that this was an example of how much smarter humanity has become since then. I mean, no one could pull off such an obvious scam any more, could they??


At 7/11/2007 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! What triad has been going on? Since SNit, jr. has been in Austrailia? They tried to hook up for SM 100th birthday year? Also, where is GM in all of this? Any word from her ashram these days? Why the total and complete silence? Is it just me or does it seem as though SYDA needs to come clean, "out of the closet" and just once and for all deal with the rumors, cover-ups etc?

At 7/11/2007 8:33 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 7/13/2007 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! What triad has been going on? Since SNit, jr. has been in Austrailia? They tried to hook up for SM 100th birthday year? Also, where is GM in all of this? Any word from her ashram these days? Why the total and complete silence? Is it just me or does it seem as though SYDA needs to come clean, "out of the closet" and just once and for all deal with the rumors, cover-ups etc?

Go through Jody's archives here at Guruphiliac for a few months back. You will see his write up of this triad.

Please don't hold your breath that Syda will come out of the closet. Gurumayi has left the gig, imo, and the nature of her being a narcissist to the extreme, will never allow her to admit to anything of this sort.

Swamis and management are trying to make a go of it (mainly via Internet venues and some swami hosted intensives). All in all, the swamis pull weeds at the once devotee lavishly maintained grounds and gardens of Atma Nidhi.

There have been stories that Anugrana is all but shut down and that Lake Nityananda's 'Trees of Immortality' have been left to die if nature cannot provide them with enough rain water to last the seasons. The grasses grow high around the lake, unmanicured as was not the case in the groovin' money making days of Malti and George Afif. But that's when they destroyed the environment so completely at the lake, wasn't it?

Hope you made it out alright, and that life has been going alright, after SY.

It's so bizarre to think Nityanada Jr. has imagined it alright to go on any tour touting Muktananda's 100th anything. He was a crazed, greedy, undharmic tantric who raped females of all ages. Why would Nityananda Jr. think it is alright to celebrate anything to do with this tragic history? Maybe because he has no other way to try to make a living, he's locked into the guru business.

Too sad, better to sweep floors than do the guru gig.

At 7/14/2007 9:11 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

Hi Jody,
How come there are little garbage cans under some of my comments? I pressed the button and eliminated myself from the list of comments. Am I not human?

At 7/14/2007 10:14 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Am I not human?

You might want to ask your mule...

Those little trash cans are there to save you from yourself, Chuck. They'll get you out of having to 'splain yourself by nuking whatever offensive words you may have published that you're having second thoughts about.

At 7/14/2007 11:22 AM, Blogger CHUCK said...

Jody, I have enough trouble with thinking to start with to have 2nd thoughts! I did however take the question of am I human to Da Free Jack, and the durn mule stood mute!

At 7/14/2007 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the comments about nit. jr....he is an opportunist of the kind one sees all over India. There are mahamandaleshwars and priests who prop each other up and "authenticate" each other's spiritual cred no matter what the sorry story is...It's too bad because there are some really good folks in this crowd but, unfortunately, once you've got the "nametag", you can do no wrong and all the "brothers" are pretty much committed to defending you. Nit jr. isn't a "bad" guy...he just goes where the wind blows him; better than his lunatic sister, I guess but that's not saying much. I, personally, think he's alot less sinister than Shankarananda or Chetananda....brrrr!

At 3/29/2008 7:48 PM, Blogger tukaram said...

To the pure, all things are pure. The world is as you see it. I prayed to God for a teacher, and God sent me Gurumayi, and Baba Muktananda. What I was given was beyond anything I had ever imagined. No words of others can lesson that unending gift. When your heart's yearning overpowers your petty mind, this gift can come to one. Ask, and you shall receive.

At 5/30/2008 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been aware of "Master" Charles for twenty years because a much-loved relative has bought completely into his "spirituality" with all of its technological gadgets and idiotic jargon ("sourceful"). To get a private session with this creep can cost up to $250.00; of course no true teacher would ever sell his spiritual insight. Apparently he does have some bottom-feeder occult powers with which he seduces gullible people. I've seen a photo of the Divine Feminine which is making appearances in Virginia. It looks like an Etch-A-Sketch struck by lightening. Demonic. Completely horrible. This idiot is fooling around with phenomena he is incapable of understanding, and he's doing a great deal of damage in the meantime. Not to mention fleecing the sheep.

At 7/28/2008 2:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This so called Miracle Mary of Chuck's would have to be the biggest load of total and utter garbage.

He being an ageing homosexual with a Catholic and Hindu belief system, which both promote men as more "elevated" in spiritual status and practice no matter what crap they spout about the feminine principle, probably finds himself dismayed that the new age movement is moving more into the awareness of the Goddess.

All of a sudden his wang is an incredible inconvenience.

What he would know about the Goddess defies belief, that the Goddess would bother channelling through him is totally laughable.

As one who touted women as totally negative, lesser beings, who publicly castigated women as inferior because of their monthly menstrual cycle, whose disgraceful psychological manipulation of female followers whereby he categorically claimed that they were incapable of "enlightening awareness" due to their monthly cycle in the mid nineties, it is wholly dubious that he can relate to women at all.

Let alone a manifestation of the Goddess. Unless his version is a shape shifting demon, which is more likely the actual case.

He would have to be the most malevolent, manipulative, mentally intrusive demon riddled low life ever to don the robes.

Nit jnr seems to think the same thing, after the power of three in Melbourne Australia Nitty has decided that due to Chuck's verbal diarhhrea foul mouth "jokes" there will be no more little get togethers for that threesome.

This time Chuck has no one to point the finger at but himself for that "career faux pas"

Thank God for small mercies.

At 11/29/2008 4:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! "Master" Charles thinks he's hot stuff because he occasionally sees the Virgin Mary but I see her every friggin day!
No lie!
She's standing in sort of a bathtub enclosure in front of my neighbor's house.
She doesn't talk, though, at least not yet.
But I have high hopes for a spiritual breakthrough because I could swear she winked at me a few times and yesterday I got the psychic message that she wants me to bring her a pack of Marlboro Lights.
I'm thinking of starting my own "spiritual retreat" (aka Big Fat Moneymaking Scheme) in a former bra factory in Toms River, N.J, There, my disciples will pray, chant, wear weird clothing to annoy the neighbors and, most importantly, give me tons of money.
My "spiritual leader and guru" Akababa,who works at the gas station on the corner, said I am nearing a state of spiritual purity known only to the very greatest swamis.
So get ready, "Master Charles" it's gonna be a throwdown over who has the most mystic mojo!
-Love and blessing from,
Krisna The Almighty Hot Damn Swammy-wammy
P.S. Send money. The bra factory needs some solid gold bathroom fixtures and a Bentley or two for me and my wives to tool around in.

At 2/15/2009 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guruphiliac gives high credibility to everyone on their "whacko" list. If they weren't the real mccoy, you would not be out there.

At 2/15/2009 12:42 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

If they weren't the real mccoy, you would not be out there.

Or, I wouldn't be out here if those we trust to transmit the truth about our divine nature weren't lying about it like used car salesmen.

At 10/27/2009 11:11 PM, Blogger oneinthemany said...

Master Charles Cannon is delusional and ruthless. master charles is out for the $$$. i have first hand knowledge of his 'it's all done with smoke and mirrors' attitude. he charges hundreds of dollars and gives his high tech empowerments to those he chooses and does nothing for others. and then collects from everyone.he bad mouths his disciples and treats them like dirt. making them work for him to support his empire while he sits in his mountaintop home and charges 500 dollars for his teleconferences and his one on one in person consultations. he knows this is not going to help anyone but continues to charge for enlightenment.i had to know for sure so i went to his shaman catherine. i had to know where his heart lies. she told me that several of master charles disciples had given her 60 thousand dollars to 'keep in her presence' she gauranteed the removal of the negativity that surrounded me. and, since i was the 11th of the 12 members that would be needed to ward off the negativity of the ancient egyptian king'Emutah. i too would be required to give her 60 thousand dollars to keep for 'awhile' --oh it would be returned to me just as it was to master charles. it was her "company" who gave her this information to pass on to me. her company visits her in her meditations . She of course is clairvoyant. I will give her that. She hit topics spot on and uses this gift to rape the confused. if master charles is so enlightened , why did he need to hand over any $?. i wanted to know the truth, I gave her $555.00. I needed to know if i was right about my concerns regarding master charles cannon. He keeps her close due to her ability to give very exact readings out of her charlottesville va business on route 29. since her contact with master charles he has guided other wealthy women to go to her for this money making scam. She named names of people i know. . She now owns a mercedy's-benz paid for by master charles.she told me unprofessional and personal info about how she would leave her husband in a minute if she could. this shed light on her true nature. some may call me stupid for giving her any money but i had to know the truth. and it was money well spent. master charles is no different than any one out there who is exploiting his followers with the belief that enlightenment is theirs with the proper tapes and cd's. i have felt more 'light ' since i have all of the information that i now have provided to you. he chooses his assistants for 'his amusement' and has said in confidence that'it's all entertainment.' he preys on other's disillusioned beliefs that their lives are crap and worthless and can only be 'cleared' by constant meditation when not working for him and making money for him ,naturally. he also attempts physical relationships with men that he places in the number one spot next to him as his 'assistant'. all of his followers do not live on the synchronicity property. but the ones who do are pathetic. They belief so much in this false person that they will do anything for him. they are lost to him. Master Charles is no better than they are. but... he has them bamboozled and they are still waiting for enlightenment. i am so sad that the negativity that supposedly surrounded me was really surrounding Master Charles and his shamen Catherine. i had really hoped that i could find some true guidance from someone who was pure at heart. Wrong again! I will rely on my self. I know who I am. I know where I am headed. thanks to those who took the time to read this posting and i hope that you too will stop believing in others. You are all you've got. Let it be.

At 12/28/2009 6:32 PM, Anonymous Robert said...

I was one of Charles' personal assistants and a member of his "administrative council?" back in the 90's. I was a totally dedicated disciple back then and I believed totally that Charles was enlightened. As you can probably tell, I now see him for who he truly is, an egotistical maniac. Charles always had grand plans. He saw himself as the next big thing in the guru/disciple business. He came close a few times. A widely read article in the L.A. Times promoting his "high-tech meditation", endorsements from Ally Sheedy and appearances on some highly rated morning talk shows. Charles could never capitalize on his successes because he could never allow anyone other than himself to take part in his world of 'oneness'. His version of oneness was, "I am the one, the rest of you follow." Yes, Charles will continue to make a decent living being a self professed enlightened guru. There are always enough people out there yearning for direction to fall into his little web. He will never be big time. He is a failure. He knows this. He will keep giving his 'spiritual initiations' to the young men he calls his 'personal assistants' and he will live his little delusion that he is "the one". That's his idea of oneness.

At 2/09/2010 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles has always been a fraud, even when he was known as Swami V. I have known this for the past 32 years.

People are sheep and as such will be conned by folks like Chuckie.

At 2/11/2010 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep well he sure knows how to drum up a whole sh*t
load of bad vibes to cause low level siddhi pressure on those who leave to keep their traps shut.
But I have a really big gob. And a whole heap more to say. So if he wants to send any more mind controlling shite my way, all I will do is post you all. This after getting on for 15 years since I saw the light and left, is about the only way to get him to STOP. Because he's PARANOID about bad press.
Yet in places like this he only gets reflected back to him what he deserves: the frickin truth of his deluded self aggrandizement: the joke is on him with facebook too: now everyone just has to have a look for themselves to see what a creepy lookin[' feella is lurkin behind those maniac eyes.
As for any kick back for posting this? Yep I'll le toyu all know.
Thanks to this site for giving some of these ex devoted people including myself some space to expose his fraud for what it is.

At 3/14/2010 7:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the joke is on him with facebook too: now everyone just has to have a look for themselves to see what a creepy lookin[' feella is lurkin behind those maniac eyes".
He obviously read your comment. I see he's removed his Facebook page. Couldn't stand the pressure. A birdie told me he was getting asked very awkward questions about his sexual exploits with young disciples in his Ashram. Bit too hot for him to handle me thinks! I also understand the aforementioned sharman Catherine got a bad rap too. Bad publicity Chuck? Wadda ya gunna do now?

At 3/25/2010 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"A few weeks ago some of you may have seen that I asked Master Charles Cannon from the Synchronicity Foundation in Virginia - who I was in Mumbai with when our good friends Naomi and Alan Scherr were killed, a few questions regarding his sexual misconduct with some of the male residents of Synchronicity Foundation, who were his disciples.

This had been brought to my attention from several quarters and I had asked Master Charles Cannon about this - not to be awkward but merely to clarify the situation for myself. I have followed Master Charles for several years and needed to know whether I was on the right path.

I sent this to Master Charles as a personal email, as I didn't want to embarrass him but wanted to know the truth. He did not respond to my email - thus I put the question to him on his Public Facebook page. Within 24 hours, the Facebook page had been taken down and I have still not had a reply to my question.

Surprise surprise, today I received a letter from McGuire Woods, Master Charles' lawyers in Virginia, telling me to Cease and Desist from "statements that were untrue". Also that they were "malicious" in their intent. Interesting. He has managed to forgive the terrorists in Mumbai for killing two of his disciples yet he needs a lawyer to shut me down for asking a couple of questions? Where is the Mastery in this?

Your comments would be appreciated - If you dare! But expect a letter from Master Charles's lawyer - unless your comments are cheesey!"

At 3/28/2010 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please note that the above Facebook comment was cut and pasted from my facebook page without my permission. I have since deleted these comments from my Facebook page and have offered Master Charles Cannon a public apology. I do not endorse the comments that were written above and I am very annoyed that somebody cut and pasted them from my page without my permission. I would remove them if I could but I can't.!

At 9/11/2010 5:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the problem with facebook. Once you post something, it doesn't go away. You only retracted it because Chuck sent you a threatening letter from his attorneys. But you have already admitted the truth, that he likes to have sex (sexual misconduct, as you put it) with his male students. Thank you for sharing that with us. By the way, I noticed that Chuck closed his facebook page just after you exposed him. That just confirms what you have said even more.

At 5/06/2011 9:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed some very detailed questioning of his employees in the sales department of late. Just ask them to explain the difference between a surge protector and "magical" one they sell for five times the price.

At 7/23/2011 11:20 AM, Anonymous Paul said...

I lived at the Synchronicity Foundation "Sanctuary" for many years and studied with Master Charles Cannon during that time. I was one of his closest disciples. I have gone through much therapy since barely escaping their cult's ashram. I can assure you that:
1. He sexually initiates his young male disciples.
2. He has several personal bank accounts that he deposits "royalty checks" into.
3. He keeps his disciples penniless and on Valium, Seroquel and Prozac tablets, so they won't try to escape his ashram.

At 7/24/2011 7:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back in the 90s, some of my pot-growing pals persuaded me it was a good idea to go see Master Charles. Five years later and about twenty grand poorer, I was 'enlightened'. Amazingly, a couple of my pals that I thought were um, a little off the planet from too much smoke, MC said to each that "they had arrived." Why didn't he tell me I had arrived? Ptooey! One time when I'd paid for yet another 'High Tech Empowerment' (when you lie in a cell listening to MC music while meditating and he comes along and fiddles with your 'third eye') well, afterwards he spoke to the group (of 70 or so) and complained about somebody had farted shortly before he showed up and he walked right into the stinking fog. That is not supposed to happen to any guru. Two dudes of different nationalities asked in a semi private ($180 each) as to why they felt vibes to each other. MC explained they had been monks in the same Asian monastery in their 587th incarnations on Earth, together; and that was the reason for their dejavu. MC explained to me one time that I was once a rich and successful but crooked gambler who fleeced everyone in sight and got away with it. That was why I like gambling in this incarnation. (Cost $450). Damn it, my third eye that MC 'opened' (250) must have shut up shop again. WTF? My Blue Pearl still has not float up into my consciousness. My awareness that expanded so much seems to have gone kaput as well. This was after meditating my arse off for years. My German pal Karl, spent 12 hours a day for one whole year before he finally woke up and got on ecstasy instead. MC, you sneaky SOB. I want my money back. PS... The Mumbai tragedy, wouldn't you have thought a true guru would have kept well away from that place, at that time. Surely those pics and images of Saint Francis you love so much, not to mention Mucky, would have dually helped in that regard?

At 8/23/2011 6:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha. Good poin!!

At 9/30/2011 5:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't a shame when a man puts himself up to be a Master he always ends up having clay feet. Wheres the humility and the truth?

At 6/15/2012 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have known all the SYDA, Synchro, Shiva School gurus. All have imparted intense spiritual experiences that have nothing to do with fakery. I will detail all in due course.

They are human and fallible as anyone else in
power. I have surpassed them and moved on. SS
has never been anything but humble and kind if silly
at times.

All of them have achieved enlightening consciousness they just are confused about the proper use of magical powers and screw up everything:)

Love to all who read this...

At 7/24/2012 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's true about the drugs. I was approached by one of the Administrative Council and was told that Charles had ordered them to give me the message that I had to use Ritalin, a drug used against depression. From what I knew about these kinds of drugs, they contain chemicals inhibiting parts of the brain that enable psychic awareness.

He was demanding that the more "aware" people use these drugs in order that they not be privy to aspects of his personal life such as his homosexual liaisons with male personal attendants. I did not use the drugs at all as it completely goes against my belief in using natural remedies to address perceived imbalances. The most natural thing to do in this scenario was to leave. So I did.

He forced people to divulge deeply personal details on paper and then sign it. This was an effort to get dirt to defame them if and when they ever left the organisation as part of a well planned strategy of terror to mentally/emotionally/psychically harm members.

One girl who used to be an artist complained that she was a victim of psychic/astral attack on a number of occasions since leaving. I did not believe her at the time. Other woman were telling me similar things whilst I was there which I dismissed as delusional, however as the same things were happening to me after I left, I finally knew what they were saying was right all along.

The paranormal terrorism was extensive and went on for many years. It may not be politically correct to say such things because people around him died, however I believe that he attracted such negativity to him in Mumbai because he by this time had terrorised so many people on so many levels himself.

He is not welcome in this country. There are many people who ended up in psych wards in hospitals and alot of people who wish to see him exposed. All the healers I went to see in order to recover from the extensive abuses all ended up going crazy due to psychic attacks designed to shut them down as energy healers.

To spare other healers suffering, I learned Reiki, went through to Reiki Mastery, did Theta Healing (TM) and taught myself a branch of astrology that enables the subconscious mind to override whatever malefic intent he is broadcasting to ex members.

This branch of astrology can also be used in manipulation of the subconscious mind. Anyone who knows anything about Charles, knows he is into astrology, once he has your birth data he manipulates these astrological/subconscious pathways.

Anyone who has been on the receiving end will understand completely what I am talking about when I say he uses low level siddhis to demean, humiliate, degrade and undermine the lives of those he targets in every way possible.

However once the subconscious mind locks him out, there is no way he can be of any more influence. The abuses against my good self done over a very long time will have to be paid for. He must be exposed for what he really is: a ruthless predator driven by antisocial subconscious drivers who will stop at nothing to dominate those he pulls into his sticky web and destroy those who see the light and leave, let alone what he does to those who speak out in an effort to simply protect others from the same abuse.

One participant in Sychronicity told me that it was his job to call everyone on Charles list of connections to ensure that people who left could never find employment post exit. One woman I know of committed suicide after leaving. It is not good enough to come up with a book about forgiving the unforgivable in others when he has not addressed the human rights violations that he has perpetuated via the fraud of his "enlightening mastership".

At 7/02/2013 7:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, well, well....I am not alone! I was with Charles for 10 years. Master "Charge like a wounded bull". Still, nobody could have loved him with a totally open heart more pure than mine. I know what went on in the temporary Australian sanctuary at Bangalow then being run by a drug taking nutter who had been crowned his "regent". It was not pretty. After Australia folded because there was no money to be had, this regent was given free range back at the Virginian property, as one of the chosen ones. Then along came Charles' shaman Catherine. She appeared to offer so much. But if she had anything to offer, perhaps the innocents who died in Mumbai could have been warned. Anyway, in her wisdom she recommended that the regent be dethroned, which was done incredibly ruthlessly, immediately and with quite a bit of fallout. Absolutely no compassion...that's what struck me so strongly at the time. Meanwhile all the other plebs in Virginia worked endlessly for their frugal keep, had cult restrictions placed on their personal freedoms, and in the name of growth were abused psychologically and pushed to their physical limits. Up at the predawn, work till 10pm, no contact with any family or friends, working in extreme conditions, no time even to interact with each other at all, eat in silence, work in silence, restricted diet, no coffee, no personal relationships... definitely no trying to help someone. The upline had all that in hand! Oh really? Having your e-mails read without your knowledge. Being watched by someone who's not very good at keeping the fact secret. Not being able to be one's bubbly self. Too much. But as with any organisation the very privileged few were given much more freedom than we ordinary folk. For example a few were allowed to smoke, a couple to have a sexual relationship. To have days out with the family. I saw all this while I was in Virginia at the time he started going on about the divine mother. It just didn't ring true to me. He had been teaching me that I should take full and complete responsibility for my creation, and now he was telling me there was an authority outside myself (some bloody delusional vision of HIS, not MINE) giving me advice which I should take. I should go to the grotto and try to see her. I knew it was his catholic indoctrination manifesting itself. But dare anyone express any doubts about what was going on. Dare you expose your most vulnerable soft spots. I dared and in doing so put a bullseye on my pure and loving heart. And when the energetic shotgun blast hit me I died a death, emotional, nervous, psychological and very nearly physical. I only just survived. I began to see that a true enlightened master would not ever, ever, ever treat someone who had come to them with pure intentions with such a lack of regard, with absolutely no compassion whatsoever. Oh yeah, the appearance of caring was made for others to see, but I was the one who knew what was being offerred, and it did not include any compassion. It was like I'd become a bit of a nuisance, a bug and he simply flicked me off his shoulder without a second thought. It took me a while to truly accept what I knew in my heart the moment the bullet hit...that my journey with him was complete. So I tried to get help from him one more time when the three clowns came to see if there was more money to be had in Australia. But nothing. I must have been dreaming, having a delusional vision perhaps, when I had held him in such high esteem. That we were journeying together in oneness. I've had to learn to protect myself from negative energies and psychic attack. But I tell you what, I am not dreaming now! I escaped with my life. And a very very strong heart.

At 7/29/2013 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I feel for you and I think you know that I know who you are, for I lived at the Virginia Sanctuary for many years as one of the "top tier" administrators. I left in disgust as I had observed Charles having illicit sexual relationships with two of his male house servants up at his house on the hill. What also disturbed me was his insistence on the twice daily usage of his meditation tapes, what he called his "sound technology". They still sell those horrid tapes through their website and not only are the soundtracks laced with dissonant tones of binaural beats but also subliminal affirmations that try to brainwash the listener into believing that Charles is the "new" God. Repeated listening to his meditation music caused lasting damage to my psyche, including nightmares, anxiety, depression and seizures. Charles literally tests these CD's on his followers and the unsuspecting public. As you would know, Charles put several of his staff on anti-depressant medications to counter the effects of the continual bombardment of the subliminal overload and horrid binaural tones that ironically were meant to bring peace and tranquility. Those of us who lived there remember that one of the resident staff, who after listening to those tapes for years, was then placed into a mental hospital, per Charles.

At 11/24/2013 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is for the couple of people who have been in this cult for years and left. I have a friend in this cult and has been for over 10 years. I would like to hear your views on his status and depth in this thing. Can you contact me at cannoncult at gmail dot com?

At 9/22/2014 7:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well he must be reading this blog. Meditating in the Theta Healing centre in Mexico? More like using low level siddhis to block those who left Synchro from healing using this modality, so that his shitty little behaviour doesn't get exposed in the healing scene. Demon AC/DC skull on his fb page? So now he's trying to manipulate people's destinies through the birth chart via the ascendant/descendant line? Ha hahahaa. No that's not enough for him. Tuning into frenemies and tricking them into painting derogatory images of his detractors, hoping that life imitates art. What a wanker. One day he will be fully exposed for the fraud he is. Oh I forgot to mention. Since the homosexual enquiry, causing him to close down his fb page, he has made sure to have himself posing with lots of nubile women to give all and sundry the impression he is straight and married. Ahahahaaa!! He is homosexual. Not that there is a problem with the lifestyle choice, however tricking women into thinking he's straight so he can drain their energy, hook into their sexual energy systems and negatively cord them for the purposes of ongoing manipulation and control is definitely not OK. Thank goodness the rest of the alternative healing scene has caught up and these kinds of gross infringements of personal boundaries can easily be addressed. His time is coming where HE will have to address the ongoing abuses in the name of his deluded idea of enlightening mastership aka crapshute.

At 9/23/2014 2:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not long before I left Synchronicity back in the mid nineties, I was sitting in a group core intensive, when MC announced the following to the group: " I am going to kill you. For some murder is meditation, nothing causes their eyes to glaze over with bliss more than the thought of plotting your death" Since leaving there has been nothing but astral attack from him and his group. Some people have suicided post exit. It's about time he was stopped wouldn't you just think?

At 10/19/2014 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have known Master Charles for over 20 years. I know him quite well, the man and the Guru. As a teacher he has sacrificed his humanity to allow the maximum flow of Shakti. I don't claim he is perfect, I don't think anyone is. But, he is authentic in his capacity to awaken Kundalini. I know he was deeply interested in music as a means of deepening meditation since his early years. I don't justify Muktananda's actions. It may interest you to know that there are Hindu scriptures that support what he did and frankly that disgusts me. It seems clear that the "power" of the Guru role is very seductive. However even Muktananda transformed thousands of peoples lives. Perhaps the message is that "even tho you are not perfect, even tho you may still have many normal, or even abnormal human issues" It is still possible to awaken to your own True Nature. Master Charles could quite easily step down from the Guru role and live a secluded life of peace. he has the means. His life is a constant service to his students. Many of the "means' may be imperfect but the essential flow of Shakti is not in any way limited by any of his mistakes. He is open to saying sorry when he makes mistakes. I think the homophobia on this site is rather disgusting. For the record I never slept or engaged in any "initiations" of a sexual nature with MC. How we love to fault find. Like Jesus said, "Let he who is amongst you cast the first stone" Do you think that more famous Guru's of old did not themselves make similar mistakes? If your criterion for a Guru is "perfection at the human level" you'll be waiting a long, long time for that to show up. By Grace alone, upon first sight of Brother Charles some 20 years ago, the Oneness of Being was revealed. So, I acknowledge that on the human level, he is just like anyone else, good points and bad points. Yet I know for a certainty that he is a Siddha at the spiritual level. Living in an Ashram is intense. I have a close friend who lived in a Japanese Zen Monastery for 10 years. She found out that the Roshi (very famous guy) was sleeping with the young woman there. She chose to 'get over it" as she knew he was a genuine Jnani. Find me a "perfect" guru and I will show you a man or woman who is hiding the lesser evolved aspects of their humanity. I will leave you with one of my best loved Hafiz sayings "Forgive the Dream" Peace and Love, may you each discover the Peace that surpasses all understanding.

At 10/19/2014 12:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the moderator, please include the post I just added. I feel it is balanced and I would like the chance to have a say. I am not justifying any behaviour of Master Charles that may have hurt people. I am just saying "none of us are perfect at the human level" I don't live in the Ashram and am more of a friend of Master Charles than a student. Our connection goes way past our personalities, we have often disagreed on many things and I have often discussed difficult topics with him. I was always amazed by his openness with me. I am married with children and so cant imagine being gay but I do know how deeply hurtful it is for MC to hear that people are vilifying him for his sexuality. I can assure you, heart to heart that he is always working on improving himself and is open to honest feedback. He has been a true friend to me over many years and stuck by me through some very difficult periods. His destiny is such that he is "into" everything "high-tech". I think having awakened teachers who are intent on finding ways to use technology to enhance Consciousness and the Planet is a dam good thing. My final word on MC is don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

At 10/19/2014 12:54 AM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

The paradigm of gurudom employed by Cannon is as ineffective as it is outdated, not to mention usually the result of a personality disorder.

At 10/19/2014 1:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Further comment, I am just kind of reading this page here and there. Ammachi survived many attempts on her life but those who tried to kill her, soon ended up dead. When asked to expain Ammachi said:"There are subtle Beings who protect me, they do as they wish. They are prone to go after people who intend to hurt this body- I "Ammachi" cannot control these beings. I have a very close friend who underwent a titanic Kundalini awakening, in later years he was the victim of a series of attacks of various kinds. To his dismay (This is the God's honest truth) strange things started happening to those who attacked him. one women who had damaged his property in the night, trying to destroy his medical business, was to have a serious car accident that very same night. Another person who was spreading gossip of a horrible nature about him, was approached by my close friend (I was present) My friend said how would you like it if this happened to you. (It was causing my friend a deep depression) The guy in question said "bring it on" the very next day at work in a medical facility (unnamed) he made a radical mistake during a back procedure and fractured a womans spine. He was sued and left for another state. These things are mysteries to me, I cant claim to know how the universal Law operates. But it does seem that when there is Kundalini active, karmic consequences can show up unusually quickly. I seriously doubt that MC uses so called "low level Siddhis" with any conscious intent. He would know FULL WELL that such would boomerang straight back to him. We also have to realise and really grasp the fact that there are dark malevolent beings as well as angelic beings, interacting with humanity. Tantric scripture, including Tibetan Buddhist warn of these dark forces, which seek to draw the Shakti out of Guru's like Charles. Also, this is manifestation, everything and I mean EVERYTHING has a shadow. I have met my own Shadow self and it was very disconcerting. How to protect oneself from such forces should be a serious area of study for anyone damaged by any Guru. In the West we are in our Spiritual infancy, there are bound to be costly and often times truly deeply regretful mistakes. The idea is to be "conscious" of them and learn in the process. I also know MC ruffles feathers of his close disciples, in-order to bring up their egoic defences, which the Shakti that abounds in the Monastery can work to dissolve those psychic blocks. Ghandi has his own stories involving young women, as I said many in the West seem to be unaware of the different model of what is right and what is flat out wrong, is VASTLY different. Girls Marry very young, sometimes at the age of 9. Muktananda was (as a human being) a part or product of another culture, very far removed from our own. I am not pardoning his behaviours regarding young girls, but if you do a little investigation you will soon learn that many Eastern Guru's are born and raised in a culture that condones such "un-ethical" actions. The Guru's role, in the Tantric systems, is very different than it is in the Advaita tradition. In the Tantric system, the Guru needs to keep the disciples "open hearted" to receive the Grace of Shakti but also be able to "intuitively" disrupt the ego-structure enough to make the opportunity for a breakthrough more likely to happen. You will find similar abuses in Business, in the Church, even in the most prestigious Buddhist temples. Overall, I think or rather feel that this "open discussion" is a very healthy thing. I am sure its having an impact. If you really care about Master Charles and his students, then pray for them, send them Metta (Loving Kindness)

At 10/19/2014 1:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jedi Jody

I respect your view.
However it is more than a mere "mental concept or paradigm"
The Guru disciple relationship is literally a natural universal 'spiritual" law. It will never be outdated. Jesus was fully engaged consciously in the Guru disciple relationship. its a "principle" inherent in Consciousness. It may be seen to be "outdated" by you and that's perfectly fine with me, as I would see that as the natural flow of your own spiritual awakening. But, this "principle' of the Guru/Disciple relationship is not a mere concept. There was a famous study done by Maxwell Cade (spelling may be off there) Where a Yogi with a deep awakening simply touched a test subject on the ajna area and their brain went straight into the awakened mind patterm. Not to mention the subjects report of a sudden recognition of Onensss. (I paraphrase. To be sure, the Guru/Disciple relationship is by no means the ONLY way. Ramana Maharshi had a mountain as his Guru, the Guru/Disciple relationship "spontaneously" manifested in his life in that way. To imagine that due to our Western intellects being so clever, that we have "figured out" that this "Function in Consciousness" is no longer valid is your right and as it is arising in you, its right for you. However, the Guru Principle or the awakening function, is a natural aspect inherent in Consciousness, not a man made "paradigm". It was Present thousands of years ago and will be present a thousand years hence. Many are the ways. A universal Theology is impossible but a universal awakening to True nature is not only possible but vital (IMO) for the continued survival of the human race, or how about we re-phrase that "The Human School" God Bless

At 10/19/2014 12:30 PM, Blogger guruphiliac said...

Note to readers: I published those last two comments because they perfectly encapsulate the superstition and ignorance that this blog refutes. These antiquated myths about nondual realization and those who claim to possess it actually do more to prevent realization than all the brothels and drug dens in the world combined.

At 11/12/2014 2:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is interesting how the last few posts from Synchronicity Foundation / Master Charles Cannon supporters no longer deny the numerous reports of sexual exploitation, money fleecing and downright abusive behavior that this man committed, but are now instead ADMITTING that Master Charles Cannon may have "abnormal human issues", that they are "...not justifying any behaviour of Master Charles that may have hurt people" and are making reference to another guru, who was attacked and several detractors ended up dead, as if that is supposed to scare former Synchronicity Foundation Disciples (with this masked threat) who have come forward on this thread, to tell the truth about Charles Cannon's narcissistic and predatory habits. As was already mentioned, several past disciples HAVE committed suicide and one disciple was put into a mental institution, at the direction of Master Charles Cannon. We, as survivors of the sexual abuse, the being denied food for forced fasting rituals and LITERALLY being locked up in cages with farm animals at one of Charles' "source-filled meditation intensives", owe it to the others who didn't make it through these ordeals, to come forward and disclose what this man and his organization really are, a money-gauging sex-cult, hiding behind the IRS' non-profit status. The "Shaman" mentioned by another poster, who co-led programs with Charles at the Synchronicity Sanctuary, has had her house raided in Albemarle County Virginia and the FEDS are now investigating her for alleged tax and immigration offenses. And just one more thing. One supporter above mentioned that, "Master Charles could quite easily step down from the Guru role and live a secluded life of peace. he has the means." Charles has the means alright. The monies that are supposed to go to his non-profit foundation, Charles siphons off (a nice chunk, as music royalties) to be deposited into his personal bank accounts. How do I know this? I was trusted enough to make several of those deposits for him, when I was a member of his cult.

At 8/02/2015 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2/06/2016 5:01 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

I lived at Synchronicity for five months as a "resident." They made me fill out a form every day that detailed where I was going to be at all times throughout the day and what I was going to do. When I asked Thomas why I had to do this, he told me that it is just the way we do things here. I didn't know that I was joining a cult so I also asked about contacting my friends, he got weird and mumbled something that implied that that was a bad idea. I was given a computer & everything I did on it was monitored by Thomas. That was not hard to figure out. I also believe that my phone calls were being listened to as well. They restricted my food. They restricted my sleep. I was not allowed to rest when I had painful menstrual cramps. Once I was going to pass out from lack of the pain & I simply went to my tiny room in a moldy trailer to lay down on the bed. Minutes later Bobbie Is pounding on the door, demanding to know what's going on. I told her I was resting because I was in so much pain. She told me that monks don't rest. I started to realize that this place was not what it claims to be. I was told that the master said I had a severe menstrual disorder and that if left untreated it would ruin my life. I was told that I needed to go to the doctor ( of their choice ) I went and within 5 minutes the doctor was writing a prescription for Prozac! I didn't think I needed Prozac! The doctor assured me that it would help. I was being so deeply manipulated. I knew this was not right. I knew things were all wrong & I was doubting myself anyway. I was thinking that maybe I just wasn't applying the teachings enough. I was very conflicted. It was a crisis . Bobby and Dr. Phil both pressured me very hard to take the Prozac. I pleaded with them to let me try some alternative therapies to help me with my menstrual symptoms. They told me that was not acceptable and that I had to take the Prozac for the doctor prescribe me. I remember Dr. Phil leaning in very close to my face with his weird eyes and literally saying to me, you have to take your medicine Ruth. I felt like I was in a loony bin. This was almost the end. I wrote to master Charles a few times explain to him how distraught I was. He did not respond. I felt that he did not care about me at all. I began to see the place for what it really was, corrupt and fake. Now I was deeply emotionally traumatized, heartbroken and confused. I really felt I was losing my ability to think for myself. That scared me so much that I called a friend, not caring if anyone was listening to my conversation and I told her that I needed to get the fuck out of here ! She was very pleased to hear this and she told me she would be there at 3 o'clock the next day to pick me up and she was. I was so relieved knowing that someone who loved me was coming to take me out of this crazy mad house. I packed my small amount of things during the night. In the morning I announced that I would be leaving the sanctuary at three o'clock that day. People then seemed to turn on me. Some of them tries hard to convince me to stay. Telling me how bad it was karmically for me to go. Others stop speaking to me altogether. I even heard Bobby Garvey say to someone that I had gone to the Darkside. Lol! What a fucking joke. It's a few years later now and i'm healing and processing. I'm still very upset about my experience at synchronicity foundation.

At 2/08/2016 5:23 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

I want to expose the truth about that place & about Charles Cannnon. Im not scared anymore. They are pathetic. I would also really love to talk to some of you fellow Synchro survivors on the phone or through email. Please contact me.

At 3/17/2017 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Cannon would refer clients, some of whom suffered from emotional distress or mental disorders, to Marks, who was then expected to return significant portions of their money to Cannon and his organization."

At 3/05/2018 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back in 1994 I was a resident in Charles house in Australia. The residents had to meditate every morning in his bedroom whilst he was back in the States. My participation in this exercise was short lived, due to one of the residents developing a farting habit thus fouling up the space. One day they were all at the River Street venue getting it set up, so I decided to use the opportunity to meditate in the relative safety of a fart free zone. I went into a very deep meditation very quickly. I had a vision of a pig demon which was unmistakably Charles. It had stringy long black hair, a bald patch and gappy teeth. It wore dirty patchwork garments and had a heavy oppressive vibe. It didn't see me so I just got the hell outta that space and brought my awareness back into the room. I did seek counselling at the time, which was what was expected of us when having meditation experiences using the technology. The counselling did not help to uncover the cause of this deep meditative exposure of the dark side of the so-called guru. One day, after all the nonsense at the River Street venue, I upped and left. The catalyst for this was being harassed by Charles Administrative Council members to go onto prescription drugs, which have a side effect of shutting down psychic faculties. A few days later I received a visitation from this pig demon in my sleep waking threshold. It was very intimidating and angry with me for leaving Synchronicity. I just brought myself out of the sleep waking threshold and got on with my day. I didn't share my experience, as I didn't wish to alarm my friend who had also left the organisation. A few days later my friend tells me that there was a visitation from this pig demon that was unmistakably Charles. It was angry and accusing this person of being mean to him for leaving Synchronicity. The entity was told to eff off and that was that. Not long afterwards Charles tresses start thinning out and he gets a bald patch just like the pig demon entity from the visionary experiences of both myself and my friend. He gets a haircut and has since covered the bald patch up with a hair piece. Nothing unusual in that or so one would think. The centre leader here in Australia had a brush over. One day I saw him storming down the street with his thin hair waving in the breeze as his brush over was playing up on him. One could easily have been duped into thinking that this was a clone of the pig demon entity. Nothing that amazing about male baldness as it happens alot. Roll forwards a couple of decades when Charles is trying to infiltrate Australia all over again. The centre leader has thinning hair and a bald patch. Quite unusual for a woman. Coincidence? Perhaps the fools enabling Charles are manifesting what he has been trying to suppress for all these years.

At 3/05/2018 7:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading this blog/links about Catherine she had much more to do with Synchronicity than as an external community member. After Sean Michael (Charles over-worked and excessively privileged resident full body trance channel) left, apparently she took over his position as Charles trance channel/oracle. There was an oracle hut on the hill at one point for the delivery of these bogus transcendental truths.

At 3/06/2018 4:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In fact it was Catherine who first called Charles "Master" Charles because she felt he was more of a master than a brother to her. She didn't have much education and felt lesser than the more educated disciples. Charles loved this sort of thing, absolutely bathed in the energy of women with low self esteem giving away their power to him like that. Knowing this about him, he more than likely elevated her status as an important community member. Why would he refer cashed up clients away from his coffers? No, there was something else going on there. Playing someone's involvement down after the exposure is also a red flag.

At 6/29/2018 12:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to talk to the people who were at Bangalow and posted on the 7th of Feb
2013 beginning "well well well" and who posted 29 th July 2013 if you are still reading this forum. Also if there is anyone who was associated with said organisation perhaps you could answer through this site. Thanks

At 1/22/2019 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As this site may be semi-dead, MC is now near death from Kidney and other issues. Imperfect person to be sure. I feel his true enlightenment was corrupted by desire for money and power. He could have used his power and money for good (nothing wrong with having both of those or having relationships with either sex...) but instead he got a bit fat on the hog while his people ran around and did his bidding or their own. A wasted opportunity for so much goodness.

At 1/30/2019 7:28 PM, Blogger stuartresnick said...

"... and of course some auras..."

At 2/25/2019 3:44 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Is Stuart Resnick the same Stuart thawas Charles cannons sec

At 9/07/2020 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just now discovering this site after many post years of living @ Synchronicity. I was affiliated with Muktananda prior. I am glad people are able to vent and share their experiences. I lived at Va. for 1 1/2 yrs and was an administrator until Thomas turned me in for looking @ porn on my computer (after he had given me a thumb drive of his own awesome porn collection). This was when things went down hill for me as a rock star with MC. I share this as one of 100's of examples of devious behind the scenes shit that goes on in an Ashram. MC was totally misogynistic, calling women cunts is one of many examples. So, the idea of him having a holy mother apparition was ludicrous. I always questioned the bull shit hypocrisy and cult like idealization people had for MC, but I felt like I was really benefiting on a spiritual level from being there. I have a perfect personality for cults, which is embarrassing because I'm a psychotherapist. I can offer hope to those who feel victimized by Sych. which is to take full responsibility for your experience and don't think anyone can give you something you don't have. I don't regret living there, it helped me become a better person, and I've lived an extraordinary life helping others for some 10 years now. Thank-you for creating this site.

At 4/19/2023 9:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow reading all these earnest reflections f to I'm genuine from genuine souls and good humans, I am reminded of my time with MC in 1995.
In fact I left my wife and kid and house and country and career to be there in Faber County.

I can relate to do much of your disclosures. I feel very sad reflecting how massive psychic experiences led me to 'believe' in the genuineness of MC and his underlings.

I left there deeply distressed exhausted self-doubting and completely confused. How could I throw away my life for a mirage?

It was a genuine series of awakenings for me. However the bullying, manipulation and the harsh 'slavery' style 7 days a week 12 hours per day hard labour of the Virginia 'compound' crushed the integration of such growth in awareness.

I eventually broke the rules had a beautiful day at a nearby lake with a wonderful woman visitor. That was so deeply human and fun.
I was made to face the music the next day and marched off to MC.

There seemed genuine alarm that this could even happen at the compound.

I remember the interview with MC. He was obviously supplied with all the details of the day because they had interrogated the woman and isolated her from me.

To this day I've never had contact with her. She was from East Germany her family suffered at the hands of the STASI. As had her educational opportunities.

I was actually defiant in that 1:1 with MC. He asked imperiously, "So you and ...... were lovers?"

I was suddenly angry at the loveless dimensions of his whole setup there. It was like I had psychically separated myself from it. I had reclaimed my authentic and sovereign Being.
Do I blurted, "No Charles, we were fuckers!" Then I walked out and packed up and found a lift to an unaffordable hotel in Washington and borrowed money then found a flight home.

I still shake my head at the power of revelation juxtaposed with such inhumanity in his organisation and the recklessness of his psychological disintegration regime.

My love to all on this thread 🐬

At 1/08/2024 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a great deal of information concerning the
Mumbai terrorist attack. I speak with first hand knowledge for my son who has been at Sync for
20 years gives me an insight many people never
hear about. In October of 2008 I checked the
State department bulletin for travel to Mumbai India. The State department had 2 postings. One said. "Terrorist attack in Mumbai was
imminent. I wrote to Be and MC with phone numbers to call the State Dept. and the full
warning. There was more than enough time to
call and check. To add insult to misery I called
Sync. before they left I was immeadiately hung up on. I called my son, Ben he hung up on me.
So my son was trapped in the room with MC and Steve. It's very hard for me because I knew
I was totally ignored. I have not heard from my son Ben for 20 years. Not a letter or a card or a call. Sync. is a psedo cult. There is a strong
tendency to gloss over what many consider to be MC's "Pedofile tendences throughout his
tenure. I am still wondering how and why my
40 year plus son lived with him and was with him when he died. I believe there may be good aspects to Sync. however I have hoped others might come forward and shed some insights
about MC and for that matter my son Ben.
At this time a Restraining order has been in place for 20 years saying your not welcome here. There is a strong need for the truth to be
said. Having my son at Sync. has left me wondering what was the interaction between
my Son and Mc. Mc named my son as the new Spirtual head, Ben declined after his death.
Thanks for the opportunity to say a few words.

At 1/22/2024 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I entered a long comment Dec. 2023 Steven Levine
Ben Radtke's Father where is my comment!


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